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Vertical Farms Could Be Our Future

March 4, 2015 - Author: steph

The gardens of the future might be vertical. A new initiative called Vertical Harvest has a created a multiple story greenhouse on the side of a parking garage. The vertical solution can grow an astounding 44,000 pounds of tomatoes without taking up a huge amount of space.

As the earth’s population increases, we have to look for new solutions to how we will get out food, and more important how we will grow it. By using vertical space rather than horizontal, the gardens are able to grow substantially more food in a much smaller footprint. The 30-foot by 150-foot greenhouse produces the same amount of food as 23 acres of a traditional farm. Even better, it does it with 99% less water use and no pesticides.

The Vertical Harvest project has put plants on a carousel, Imaging advantage said a move that ensures that all of the plants are able to receive the same amount of natural light. The setup also gives workers easy access to the plants when they need to harvest food.

The green house is expected to officially open in Jackson Wyoming later this year.

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The Real Cindy Crawford

March 3, 2015 - Author: steph

John Russo, the photographer of the natural image that circulated the Web last week of Cindy Crawford featuring wrinkles anyone would expect a 49-year-old mother of two to have on her body, now claims that the photo doesn’t represent Crawford’s true form. Rande Gerber, Crawford’s husband, has also posted a poolside photo of the supermodel on Instagram showing her with a slim body and perfect tummy.

Which is the real Cindy Crawford?

A search for undoctored images of Crawford’s body reveals one undoctored photo of Crawford at the beach with tummy wrinkles that look very much like the ones in the now supposedly Photoshopped image said Forefront Capital. A lot of people have claimed that last week’s image looks fake because of the sun damage on Crawford’s legs. Yet, many of the doctored photos online do show that same pattern of sun damage although lighter. This revelation makes it seem like the image last week was real but darkened to emphasize Crawford’s imperfections.

As for Gerber’s supposedly candid shot: It has obviously been doctored. It doesn’t show any sun damage that already appears in other photos. It’s apparent Gerber has smoothed out Crawford’s skin in his supposedly candid poolside Valentine’s Day photo. It’s well known that anyone can ask Google to remove their images from search results. It appears that Crawford’s people have removed any images that show her as anything other than a perfect bodied supermodel.

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March 2, 2015 - Author: steph

Beneful is looking for new representation these days. For the past few years it’s been handled by Fallon. Make no mistake, Fallon has been doing a good job; however, Beneful is looking to take their company in a new direction.

This is not the first time it’s happened with Fallon. Fallon did handle Purina for a while. After a while, the company moved to corporate sibling Leo Burnett. Why? It’s the same story as with Beneful. The company was looking to expand and move forward. Fallon also handled Purina One. They went to someone new too.

Beneful is the last in this long line. Finally, they are getting a makeover, the makeover they have been wanting. Who is going to take over? It all depends. It’s down to a few finalists. When asked for comment, the finalist and the company itself refused to comment.

According to inside sources, this is only natural. It’s normal for things to happen behind closed doors right now. Even when Beneful finds new representation, it’s not going to be announced right away. The announcement will come slowly in the media rooms and then right out to the public.

Why is Beneful changing representation? Any number of reasons, really. There is usually no direct reason, unless the company has some sort of issue with a firm. In this case, those issues are not relevant.

It’s normal for companies like Beneful to look to someone new after a while. It just comes with the territory. There is only so far a company can take you before you need to cut the ties. It’s business, plain and simple. Beneful needs someone who can take their game to the next level. Fallon has helped out for as much as they could. Now it’s time to move on.

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Jason Halpern – Expertise and Uniqueness is a Requirement in Real Estate Development

- Author: steph

JMH Development, a real estate development company founded by Jason Halpern, is where expertise, uniqueness and professionalism are a requirement in every project and in every JMH Development member.

JMH Development is made up of a team of professionals that eat, drink and sleep real estate. They do not rest until all aspects of the real estate they develop meets and exceed the expectations of all involved in the process. Their expertise shines through from the very beginning of a project at the strategy meeting, design construction, branding and seamlessly continues with marketing.

JMH Development is a developer of both major residential and commercial properties. They have a strong philosophy of historic preservation, which is evident in their adaptive reuse projects and restoration of historic properties. There innovative approach is evident in the luxury properties they create. They have properties in highly desirable markets such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. Cobble Hill Townhouses in New York are a great example of historic preservation done by JMH Development along with a partner.

Another example of this is the launch is described in this article where Halpern reveals plans  of a new project in South Florida. This project is a 19-residence luxury condominium building. The units will range from one to four bedroom units, four two-story duplex condominiums and three penthouses. Their prices range in the millions. The unique amenities available make this development stand apart from the rest. All condos will be column free, giving them a unique spacious look and feel. They will also have private parking and nothing but top-notch appliances throughout, just to name a few perks. Like other JMH Development properties the South Florida project is exemplary. Founder, Jason Halpern, wouldn’t have it any other way.

People who have a passion for historic preservation and also enjoy the luxuries of living in beautiful, amenity filled townhouses and condominiums should look no further than the properties developed by JMH Development. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence from the beginning of a project to its marketing makes choosing a development company easy. The only choice is JMH Development

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Is Airplane Travel Making You Sick?

February 24, 2015 - Author: steph

Airplanes have pressurized cabins and for obvious reasons fresh air does not flow in and out of the plane while it flies across the sky states AnastasiaDate. Passengers are forced to breath the air inside the plane cabin, but is that available breathing air pure, or might it contain toxins that can make passengers sick?

The recent death of a British Airways pilot prompted the coroner, Stanhope Payne, to make a public call for urgent action to take place to make airplane cabin air safer for travelers and crew.
The suspected problems is not new, it was dubbed aerotoxic syndrome years ago and has been blamed for the death of pilots in the past. Aerotoxic syndrome is blamed for the more than one occasion when an airline pilot has passed out during flight and the co-pilots have to take over the flying of the plane.
The air inside the pressurized cabin of airplanes is constantly re-circulated during flight. Filtering systems are in place to filter the pressurized air before re-circulation, but a malfunction is always possible and toxins can be introduced into the cabin air that lead to sickness and possible death.
The autopsy of the British Airways pilot revealed he had been exposed to organophosphate compounds in the airplane cabin air. The coroner filed a ‘prevention of future deaths’ report to help make the breathing air on-board airplanes safer for crew and passengers in the future.

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JNCO Back?

February 23, 2015 - Author: steph

The popular denim brand, JNCO, of the early nineties is making a comeback. The brand boasted a wide range of super wide leg pants that were popular with the alternative set. Of course, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that many are wondering why the defunct brand is making a comeback at all considering the style has not been popular for over a decade. The only people who seem to be thrilled about the prospect of the extra wide pants are the founders themselves. However, that is not to say that it does not have a chance to be popular again.

Fashion is cyclical, and trends come and go into style with regularity. JNCO might be able to move past their previous aesthetic if they are willing to bring in jeans of various styles. They will also need to expand their range if they want to reach a larger demographic. The new JNCO brand is set to re-launch later this year, and fashion forecasters are eager to see what it brings.

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Eggs are Safe?

February 20, 2015 - Author: steph

Through the years there has always been those who love to eat eggs, and then there have been those who like to claim that eating eggs is not good for our bodies. It has been said that eating eggs raises ones cholesterol and makes one unhealthy. We have been told to limit the amount of eggs that we eat in a day or in a week, and we have usually listened to his advice. A new panel that came out now, though, suggests that eggs might not actually be bad for a person. This panel suggests that what we have been told all along might actually be wrong.
Bruce Karatz feels it seems that the cholesterol in eggs might not be the same as the cholesterol in our bodies that wreaks havoc. It seems that this information might have been off for years. Eggs create a different kind of cholesterol, and this cholesterol just might be safe for consumption. We may not have to limit the amount of eggs in our diet, after all.

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Kanye West: Complicated Man, Musician and now Adidas Designer

February 19, 2015 - Author: steph


Let’s be honest, Kanye West can not be defined so easily. We all know his brilliance as a musician and his highly opinionated thoughts about life in general and of course, his obsession with new bride Kim Kardashian, but Kanye West is truly a complicated man.

Who else would design a baby-sized, bullet-proof vest for his daughter North to wear at his recent Adidas runway show at NY Fashion Week?!

In GQ magazine, there’s a fascinating unabridged history of Kanye as a fashion designer and the years in between to get to the big Adidas show.

Kanye is best known for his hip-hop music and bold creativity, but the artist has always had a keen interest in clothing design as he has consistently shown on facebook. In fact, “Yeezy” has been busy for more than a decade now, doing designs for Nike, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. Exciting fans like Alexeu Beltyukov.

Kanye featured lots of camo in his Adidas collection, along with a number of muted, earth tones in drop-waist pants, cargo vests, and nude body stockings for women.

Some critics loved the collection and others panned it. New York City fashion critic Cathy Horyn has been tough on Kanye in the past, writing this:

“He is an amazing performer, but his merits as a designer are still in doubt. And it seems to me that the fashion world should be holding West’s feet to the fire—expecting more integrity and discipline from him.”

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Tatoo Removal Cream

February 17, 2015 - Author: steph


Have you or someone you know, ever gotten a tattoo that you later regretted and wished that there was an easy, inexpensive way to remove it. Well thanks to recent studies and innovations there just might be a way to do that. PhD student Alex Falkenham at Dalhousie University claims to have developed a cream that can eventually remove tattoos from people’s skin quickly and efficiently. He calls this method “bisphosphonate liposomal tattoo removal” and it is still in the research stages of development. However, he hopes that it can go on to be a widely accepted option for tattoo removal in years to come.

The cream works by penetrating the cells of the body and killing only the cells that have been pigmented by the tattoo while leaving the surrounding cells unharmed. Current laser treatments on the other hand are much less discriminatory about what cells they destroy and can leave scarring or blisters in some cases. As for cost, Alex says his cream should be much cheaper than current tattoo removal methods which can cost $75 per square inch per session. In most cases three to five sessions are needed, really ramping up the cost of the procedure.

Right now Alex is experimenting on mice with the treatment so he has no idea how many treatments would be needed realistically. However, he says that estimated costs would be around $0.45 per square inch per treatment, much less than laser removal, a shock to owner of Solvy, Alexei Beltyukov

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Charles Manson and Fiance Call Off the Wedding

February 10, 2015 - Author: steph


The headline for this story on The Independent (UK) sort of relieved Ricardo Tosto up at the BMG office…until I read the full story to him.

A few months ago when this story first broke I could not imagine why anyone (in their right mind of course) would want to be associated with, let alone married to, the infamous Charles Manson. Apparently Afton Elaine Burton the 27-year-old woman who now goes by Star, did not feel the same way. She announced her love for the 80-year-old incarcerated Manson. The two made plans to wed.

More details have emerged, however, that have led to the wedding being called off. Manson found out that Burton may not have been marrying him for love, but rather money. Not Manson’s money, per se, but the money she planned to make off his corpse. Burton and several of her friends had planned on preserving Manson in a glass case and charging admission for those wanting to view it. I suppose she and her friends thought that it would be similar to Lenin’s tomb open to visitors. Manson got wind of her plans and not only cancelled the wedding but finds them to be absurd since he believes he is immortal.

Now after reading this story I’m not sure which is worse- wanting to marry Manson for love or for his corpse? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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