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Securus Technologies With Video Visitation Commercials

December 7, 2016 - Author: steph

Securus Technologies is doing a great service for the public. They are making several commercials in the next month that allow people to know how beneficial the video visitations are for the correction facilities. The inmates want to have some way of speaking and hearing their loved ones during the holidays, and this is good way to do so. They can take part in the holidays, watch them open their gifts and talk to them too. This makes them feel better about everything, allowing there to be a great atmosphere in the facility. This, in turn, allows everyone to be safer.


The video visitations save the facility, and the visitor to the inmate money. This works for everyone, so the video visitations are a huge success, and more and more facilities want to use them. The commercials will help to get everyone on board with the process. Securus Technologies will keep making more technology that will give the facilities even more of a safety backing so all the people can be comfortable in them. This is protect the visitors, as well as the prisoners, in case violence were to break out.


Securus Technologies is known for its public safety work. They are the leader in their industry. The government contracts them to do work in their facilities because of their expertise and their technology. Secures Technology deals with over a million prisoners every year. They are involved in both the criminal and civil sectors of justice and safety. In the future, they will continue to have a lot of success.


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Adam Goldenberg’s Opinion On JustFab’s Change Of Name

December 3, 2016 - Author: steph

The recent decision to change JustFab’s business name to TechStyle Fashion Group has left many people with questions. The public has been seeking to know the reasons behind the bold move. JustFab Inc is known for owning many fashion companies and brands. Some people believe that this change may affect the company’s performance. Recently, Adam Goldenberg visited CNBC to clarify on the decision to change the company’s name. He is the chief executive officer of TechStyle Group.

The CEO said that the new name indicates the company’s love for textile and wordplay. Several high levels meetings were organized to discuss the potential effects of changing the name. The management team agreed that its impact would be minimal since the company would still be selling its products under its respective brand names. The team recognized the many operational decisions that the company has undertaken to enable it become a successful global e-commerce company. Currently, the company enjoys a large VIP membership base made of over 4 million clients from around the globe. Adam reiterated that the change of name would not affect the company’s vision for continued growth.

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Goldenberg also reflected on the JustFab growth for the past five years. JustFab started out by selling women’s shoes. Over the years, the company has increased the number of its brands to five. They include JustFab, Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, FabKids, and FL2. The company offers a wide range of products, including shoes, bags & accessories, jewelry, and clothing. Moreover, it has been able to open five offices in Europe. Its products are available in over ten countries. TechStyle is more than a fashion company. It is involved in developing promotional contents and videos. These services have enabled the company to broaden its sources of revenues and operate as a going concern.

Adam Goldenberg’s leadership has not only been critical to TechStyle’s success, but also Fabletics, which is one of his most successful brands. According to a recent article on Forbes, the business is currently worth over 250 million dollars. Like JustFab, Fabletics is using the subscription-based mechanic to sell active wear to its clients. This strategy has proved to be successful as it is convenient and cheaper to customers.

About Adam Goldenberg
Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur and fashion business guru. Together with Don Ressler, they founded JustFab and led the company to become a global e-commerce company. Adam is also the founder of Gamers Alliance and Fitness Heaven. He sold both companies. At TechStyle, he is in charge of operations undertaken by the various brands, which are owned by the firm.

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Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

December 2, 2016 - Author: steph

Being good at what you do is something to be applauded for, but being good in multiple subjects is an exceptional feat. Eric Pulier is proud father of four whom lives in Los Angeles, California. Without any more information on the subject, Pulier would be just another average guy, but when you dig deeper into the root, you’ll see why this man is so great of a person.

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, published author, technologist, and philanthropist. He’s has major success across the board and has done work in a variety of business sectors. Pulier has been the founder/co-founder of over 15 companies and he’s raised large amounts of funds for many of these companies. Not thousands of dollars, but more so millions. When it comes to practicing what you preach, this guy personifies this notion perfectly. His huge success has allowed him to invest in venture capital funds such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. Pulier also spends time investing in start-up businesses in the media and technology fields of work.

This Teaneck, New Jersey native started from a humble beginning, but who knew that he would provide so much greatness during his adult years. Pulier has an extensive range in education as he attended both MIT and Harvard University. He majored in English and American Literature, but also studied computer science and by 1988, he’d graduate Magna Cum Laude. Eric Pulier was now on his way and destined for greatness. Here are some of his many achievements:

  • ServiceMesh Inc-Co-Founder
  • XPRIZE-Innovative Board Member
  • FLY-Managing Partner/Founder
  • StarBright World-Co-founder
  • Media Platform Inc-Co-Founder/Director
  • US Interactive Inc-Co-Founder/Chairman
  • And many more

This article only scratches the surface of what this man has accomplished and hopefully in the future, he’ll continue on path to greatness.

For more information please visit

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John Holt Addresses the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunity Convention in Louisiana

November 30, 2016 - Author: steph

NexBank is a Dallas based financial company. It has its headquarters in Texas. The bank provides its services to its clients through three business platforms namely; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Investment Banking. It has provided its customized banking services to several leading financial institutions, institutional clients, and individual members across the nation. Nexbank is driven by its mission of absolute commitment and leadership to its customers. For years now, the company has strived to deliver exceptional value at every opportunity to its members. It has acquired professionals with years of experience in the banking industry with the aim of providing custom tailored solution to every single client that seeks their services. This customization and a proven track record has ensured customer satisfaction and guaranteed the banks growth and expansion.

Under commercial banking, the institution works closely with its clients to better understand their needs. Whether the customer seeks to cover seasonal needs or capital to expand into the new business market, the bank offers an unmatched lending capacity with a broad range of finance options. These guaranteed options ensure the clients can capitalize on opportunities in time.

In the mortgage banking, Nexbank knowledge and experience in this industry ensures a fast and streamlined process. Their speed gives mortgage brokers the ability to grow and compete in the business. Of late, the bank has also introduced online banking services that make it easier for every customer to access their money.

On November 7th, 2016, the CEO of NexBank, John Holt participated as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This Forum brings together several bank leaders, advisors, and consultants. The main aim of this convention is to discuss the challenges affecting banking community and to explore opportunities that can contribute to the growth of their industries.

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Why You Should Try WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Products

- Author: steph

If you stay up late at night, you most likely have seen at least one commercial for hair care products by Chaz Dean. This is the commercial where a number of women are all talking about their hair and what their hair was like prior to becoming a promoter for the product. They shake their heads and this allows you to see how healthy their hair is now since first using the hair care line. Wen by Chaz is one of the most used products by people in Hollywood because of how healthy your hair turns out to be once you begin using it.

On the Bustle website, Wen hair care products are talked about extensively. They research how the hair care products helped them overcome obstacles in everyday usage and what their hair become since using the products. If you feel like you want to try it and have never wanted to spend the money not knowing if it would work or not, this will help you to see what an everyday person experienced from using the hair care products. At least this way, you have an unbiased response from someone who had nothing to gain from spending their own money on the product and giving it a try.

You will hear about how someone with hair that was unmanageable and simply didn’t shine was able to gain back the shine as well as the bounce. You will begin to see how the difference in their hair is easily spotted because they now have beautiful hair that was restored from damage simply by purchasing hair care products by Chaz Dean. The products are Sephora available and can also be purchased thru

If you are still not sure whether or not you want to spend the money, imagine all the money you are spending on everyday shampoo’s from your local store and how they have failed to help you over time. Think about how much money you will continue to spend by purchasing these items and then imagine all that money being in your pocket because you switched to something that will help you instead. That’s why people are switching to Wen by Chaz.



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Equities First Holdings is the World’s Greatest Equity Lending Institution

November 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Equities First Holdings is a private financial company established in 2002 by Christy Jr. The company leads in capital allocation, financial services, and alternative finance solutions. This company is famous for providing unique packages to small and mid-sized businesses that, in turn, solve economic issues.Services offered by Equities First Holdings (EFH)

Equities First Holdings specializes in providing solutions to entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals interested in the non-purpose capital. It exercises transparency in supplying liquidity and does this at favorable terms and rates. This company takes pride in closing over 625 transactions and looks forward to working with more clients. Equities First Holdings give their customers a variety of financial alternatives.

EFH is an international business entity and has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sydney, Bangkok, and Perth. It also has exclusively owned branches namely Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore, as well as Equities First London Limited. Since they serve a diverse clientele, EFH’s financial solutions are customized to suit the needs of the borrower.

Beneficiaries of Equities First Holdings’ services

There are two forms of loans offered by Equities First Holdings: share-based loans and margin loans. Individuals starting up businesses can also secure stock loans from Equities First Holdings. Stock loans are the innovative way for accessing financial assistance for starting up businesses. Equities First Holdings began providing loans to small businesses at a time when commercial banks had put in restrictions prohibiting issuance of loans to certain individuals. People who do not qualify for bank loans now have a chance to get loans at fair rates from Equities First Holdings. However, their shares must show signs of growth.

The Equities First Holdings target individuals interested in stock-based loans, margin loans, and are seeking a working capital. According to company’s chief executive officer, Christy, stock-based loans are better compared to margins loans. This is because stock-based loans offer a higher loan value ratio and provide confidence throughout a transaction. Additionally, stock-based loans provide an edge during market instabilities and are non-resourceful, allowing a borrower to abandon it in the case of depreciation. If a borrower abandons the loan, she or he is allowed to keep their first earnings without any obligations. Borrowers that opt to take margin loans must clearly state what they intend to do with the money, which is a disadvantage to the undecided borrowers.

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Markus Rothkranz Debunks the Myths Surrounding Alkaline Water

- Author: steph

In order to clear up the hype surrounding alkaline water, health and lifestyle guru Markus Rothkranz sat down with a medical expert in the area. James Sloane has decades of experience in the medical field and decided to give up his license to pursue more natural ways of healing such as herbs and other remedies. To debunk the myth that alkaline water is healthy to drink, Sloane begins by explaining that the body has multiple different pH levels, or levels of acidity. Some organs such as our stomach, intestines and even skin require a certain level of acidity to properly function.

The common misconception is that acidity promotes pathogens, when the exact opposite is true. Acidity on our skin and in our stomach helps to kill pathogens that we come into contact with through different kinds of bacteria.

Another myth that Markus Rothkranz and James Sloane help to debunk is that an individual can impact the pH levels in the body. The body’s tendency to remain at a homeostatic balance will always readjust its pH levels to compensate for any external efforts to change it. Therefore, not only is alkaline water potentially dangerous, it is also ineffective.

Sloane also explains that alkalinity is more dangerous to the body than acidity. This is because the body has several systems in place to balance and control the levels of acidity. However, the body doesn’t have near as much capability to handle varying levels of alkalinity, making it much more sensitive to changes.

In the end, Markus Rothkranz and James Sloane help to describe to their viewers how dangerous it can be to drink alkaline water. The acidity levels in the body that are present naturally are there for a reason. To try and create a more alkaline environment within your body by removing acid can have negative side effects. It is a matter of realizing that your body needs a certain level of acidity function properly. Messing with this optimized level of pH in any form is not healthy.

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Sam Tabar As COO Is Creating Incredible Industry Sector Environmental Awareness

November 24, 2016 - Author: steph

Educating the global population about energy use awareness is a difficult task. It is even more difficult to influence companies to change production methods to meet new standards for energy efficiency and minimal waste production.

The various worldwide campaigns dedicated to this effort include projects big and small. Bigger campaigns focus on generating government actions to regulate industrial waste output and disposal. Smaller campaigns are more savvy and individual-minded. An extremely pinpointed example of this is feminine hygiene. What does it take to make women all over the world aware of the impact their hygiene practices have on the environment and waste disposal efforts? As the new COO of the Full Cycle Energy Fund LLC, Sam Tabar has had to become intimately familiar with how the smallest details affect global environmental conditions.

A recent campaign by the Full Energy Cycle Fund LLC concentrated on the affect that women’s hygiene products have on municipal water and waste systems. In partnership with SheThinx, an environmentally-conscious women’s hygiene product manufacturer, Sam Tabar was able to open new discussions and trigger new arguments for precise earth-friendly industrial methods.

On the grand scale, Full Energy cycle Fund LLC aims to influence radical changes in huge industrial production sectors. Their focus is to introduce production methods that utilize ultra-modern technologies at all corporate and manufacturing levels. An extremely important technological innovation that is being promoted is waste-to-energy conversion. Sam Tabar, using his influence as a new COO, is widening the support of this innovation throughout the world’s heavy industrial community. Tabar’s experience and strong dedication are garnering the support of some of the world’s most outspoken financial institutions. This network is becoming a powerful influence on the industrial community.

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Lime Crime: Where You Are Free To Be You

November 21, 2016 - Author: steph

Doe Deere is a force to renown with in the cosmetics industry. With her unconventional attitude and philosophy, she has been able to leave her customers wanting for more. Three days to the 2008 Halloween, Dore Deere could not find make up and cosmetics to match her outfit. With her revolutionary ambitions, she decided not to sit and wait for someone to come to her rescue and established the Lime Crime Makeup.

The makeup company is centered towards being free and unapologetic. It encourages all its stakeholders to be wild and comfortable. Doe Deere’s love for colors is seen through the way she plays with them to come up with the most incredible lipsticks and makeup. The self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen ensures that her customers get the money’s value and worth.

Doe Deree is passionate about animals. In respect to this, the company is cruelty free. The products manufactured are not in any way tested on animals. As a matter of fact, the company has a certificate from PETA. The company is committed to launching products that are vegan. More importantly, is the fact that all the company is focused on ethics and thus, all the products are all respectful of animals.

The company has authentic retailers from which all their clients are advised to buy from. Customers can get older and latest products at:

  • Dollskill
  • Beauty Bay
  • Lime Crime Amazon
  • Urban Outfitters

Also, the company has outlets in Russia at ILOVEMAKEUP, Mexico at Vorana Cosmetics, UK at Love Makeup and also in Australia at Pepper Mayo.

Additionally, you can contact us @limecrime on Twitter, and on Lime Crime on Facebook for our magical products.

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How Brown Agency Came into Existence

November 14, 2016 - Author: steph

The Brown Agency is headquartered from Dallas, Texas. The company mainly specializes in identifying and training some of the best talents in the United States of America. It’s Texas leading company in providing the best commercial talents to their clients. Brown Agency deals with some of the biggest brands in the United States such a Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton as well as L’Oreal among other brands. Brown agency has been in existence since September last year, and the current Chief Executive Officer and President is Justin Brown. Brown Agency was formed when Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent –South. Previously, these two firms were the best modeling agencies in Austin. The joining of these two agencies meant unique capabilities and strength. For this reason, Brown Agency has managed to become a full-service agency.

Wilhelmina Austin was founded by Justin Brown in the year 2010 and managed to become the best and most respected agency in Texas. On the other hand, the Heyman Talent-South was one of the best modeling agencies before the two companies merged. What resulted from the combination of these two companies was a broader portfolio that has experienced talents. The two companies agreed that the new agency would be headquartered in Dallas. Also, they would maintain an office in Los Angeles, California. During the acquisition, the two agencies also agreed that Heyman Talent-South founder would be in charge of the theatrical division of the newly founded agency.

In an interview, Justin Brown said that the acquisition was in reflection of the company’s growth commitment and strategy to becoming the best agency in Texas and ensuring their clients have the best talents in the market. During the ceremony, Michael Brownie acknowledged that they were thrilled by the acquisition and are happy to be part of the Brown family. No financial detail of this transaction was made available to the public and a party to celebrate this occasion was set on a later date.

Becoming a model can be difficult especially if you are coming from a remote area. However, here are a few tips from the Brown Agency on how to become a model. First, the key to becoming a good model is choosing the right agency for you. Successful models have been recruited by modeling scouts who go around looking for fresh talents. This often happens in shopping malls as well as clubs and even on school yards. You can also send your pictures to a modeling agency. In this case, Brown Agency advises prospective models to send few simple photographs instead of trying to come up with an expensive portfolio. Finally, Brown Agency advises prospective models to focus on open castings for an opportunity to be signed by an agency. The best way to achieve this is by calling an agency reception desk.

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