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Book Your London Stay With an Experienced Online Booking Accommodation Service

October 9, 2015 - Author: steph

Those seeking a vacation rich in history, art, and admirable landscapes, are destined to find it in London, UK, as an escape to London promises endless architectural views with breathtaking gardens, rivers and waterways to match. Here, visitors will find inspiration in beautiful attractions such as the British Museum, Tower of London, The London Eye, award winning musicals, vivid royal gardens, exquisite dining, the infamous Big Ben that stands proudly erect at the Westminster Palace, and more.

No trip is complete without a cosy place to return to after an invigorating day of exploration. London offers some of the most welcoming places to sit back, relax and take in the day’s experiences. Whether guests prefer the spaciousness of an apartment, the luxury of a hotel boutique or the affordability of a hostel, there’s a place for everyone.

London Apartments

An apartment rental allows to visitors to experience London in a unique way. London apartments are located across all areas in London and offers a little something for groups of all sizes and budgets, including luxury vacation apartments. With a London apartment rental, guests will enjoy exciting features such as private terraces, galley style kitchens, plasma televisions, and more.

London Hostels

London hostels provide a clean, comfortable budget friendly place to stay. When booking a hostel, guests have their choice of fancier private rooms or cheaper, shared dorms and facilities.

London Boutique Hotels

London boutique hotels allows visitors to unwind in luxury with fascinating interiors bathed in contemporary style and elegance, and more. Book a room, suite or apartment as part of your London experience.

Bed and Breakfast

For a more homely experience, many guests turn to London’s bed and breakfast establishments. As part of their bed and breakfast stay, guests will enjoy a quaint, cosy environment complete with English breakfast every morning.

About WorldEscape

WorldEscape is the best resource for London vacation rentals. Whether it’s an apartment right in the heart of London, just minutes away from many famous attractions or a cosy stay in a bed and breakfast, WorldEscape prides themselves on offering the perfect location for your group.

WorldEscape, a family-run company, is highly experienced in online accommodation booking. For years, they have been booking accommodations for a variety of guests, and they always have people on the ground, so guests can rest assure that they know their offerings.

If you are planning a trip to London and would like world class service, book with WorldEscape today.

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Skout Will Transform Your Circle of Friends

- Author: steph

Sometimes you just need a new way to find friends. The friends that you have may be okay, but they may not be the friends that are going to get your to another level. There are people that may just be at your level because they are local to where you are. They may not be able to tell you anything else because they do not know any more than you. For these times you have to consider an app like Skout.

I have made it my business to acquire the Skout app because I wanted to move beyond the apps that were just for socializing with people that I knew on a localized level. I needed some guidance from people that had done something different from what I was always doing. This is how I made the decision to switch to Skout. I have met people with different careers that have been instrumental in helping me find a new career. I have been able to start my own business thanks to friends that I met on Skout. That is the great thing about networking here. You can find a great number of people that are going to have more experience than you. This is something that is very important. I can’t grow or learn anything new from those that have never done anything more than me.

What Skout has done is give me access to people around the world. This is a wonderful app because it has expanded my network circle. I can pick people from around the world that may have heavy experience as programmers or system administrators. I have a desire to do this for a living and I have expanded my circle with people on Skout that know about these things.

Sometimes I just want to chat with someone that has a different perspective on life. There are times where I can be going through something and it may seem like the end of the world. I can start chatting with someone through Skout and develop a totally different perspective on life. This makes me happy. I like it when I can find a friend on Skout that sees the world through different eyes. I believe this is one of the things that attracts a lot of people to this site. Sometimes there are people that may want to find friends that enjoy what they enjoy. It is a lot more common, however, to be attracted to those friends that can provide something that enhances your perspective on life.

I certainly have grown thanks to all the friendships that I have made online. This is what makes Skout one of the most valuable apps on my phone. I have certain been able to meet some new and interesting people with this app. I am sure that there are other people that feel the same way that I do. I have managed to meet cool friends that have given me a better outlook on life through Skout.

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Mrs. Susan McGalla, Prominent American Businesswoman

October 6, 2015 - Author: steph

Mrs. Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman who is best known for her rise through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, until she became the Chief Merchandising Officer of AEO, Inc.

Susan McGalla came from humble upbringings, where her father was the local football coach in East Liverpool, Ohio. Upon graduating high school, McGalla attended nearby Mount Union College and earned a degree in business and marketing. After earning her undergraduate degree, she started working at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. Susan kept working at Joseph Horne until 1994, when then company went under. After having to transition from Joseph Horne, she started working at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer of clothing for women.

After a few years with American Eagle, she became the President and CMO of the American Eagle Brand. Shortly after, she earned the title of President and CMO of the entire American Eagle Outfitters Incorporation. She stayed there until 2009, because she wanted to open doors in her private consulting career.

She currently runs her own consulting company, P3 Executive Consulting. Mrs. McGalla lends her services to all types of businesses, mostly larger businesses. McGalla is also currently involved with the NFL Team, The Pittsburgh Steelers, and serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Assuming the responsibilities of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and P3 Executive Consulting is a tough responsibility, especially for a businesswoman in today’s day and age.

Mrs. Susan McGalla is also very involved with women’s rights and helping young on, aspiring American businesswomen in succeeding in overcoming the gender gap. The gender gap in the United States workforce is not nearly as wide as it used to be, when Susan McGalla first entered the business world, it was hard for a woman to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder.

The gender gap in business executive positions in the United States is still very much existent, unfortunately. Mrs. McGalla was able to overcome this gap through a strong worth ethic and not pulling the gender card. Susan attributes her success to being raised by a football coach and living with two brothers. Susan was treated just as equally as her two brothers were, which greatly helped her enter the top-tier business executive realm.

For any young, aspiring women who want to join the management industry, please consider the gender gap, and the things that you can do to get past it.

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Doe Deere, Leading the Cosmetic Business

September 27, 2015 - Author: steph

Women are in the frontline in lots of industries, encountering setbacks and grasping positions of leadership. An increasing number of women are becoming CEOs in many various businesses. Ingenuity is a key prerequisite for victory in most sectors. Business as well as technology executive Doe Deere, initiator plus Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics according to has worked so hard to express her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Doe is planning as an executive in the cosmetic business to provide women her exceptional collection of cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics give women the liberty to confidently express themselves by wearing their make-up rather than only hiding their blemishes. Doe allows women to feel natural venting their magnificence in a manner that feels appropriate to them rather than just appearing smart by concealing their flaws.

Lime Crime Cosmetics are confidently magical as well as extremely pigmented, lively and also being animal responsive. Doe’s much loved pigment is lime plus her motto that “make-up and nail polish should be so bright is a crime”, made her call her business Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe tributes her accomplishment to her capability to pursue her goals and she ardently backs women industrialists. She requests women to ask her queries and she frequently talks at public functions sharing her accomplishment tales and inspiring women to get their own say and pursue their ambitions.

Precursors like Doe have led women as heads into a sphere of intricate as well as massive businesses. Lime Crime Cosmetics unapologetically provides make-up for men plus women who have a preference to bravely express themselves using delectable colors of nail pigments, eye shadows alongside lipsticks to make better that grimace, all at extremely reasonable and inexpensive prices. Lime Crime lipsticks are properly pigmented and a person applying a single layer firmly shades the lips using opaque color, which is conspicuous and long-lasting. Not just does the pigment of these charming lipsticks standout yet they give a custom-made appearance with gratifying aromatic fragrance. The scheme is furthermore customized with great care channeled into the packing. For the affordable prices, Lime Crime Cosmetics are remarkable rivaling high class cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics gives extraordinarily creamy opaque make-ups, which are frivolous in quality with beautifully pigmented shades that don’t desiccate out the lips plus face.

Doe Deere is a frontrunner in cosmetic business, not only providing women an assortment of make-ups that offers them confidence, yet she is an executive that offers women the audacity to face setbacks as well as express their ingenuity to attain their ambitions.

The future of Doe Deere alongside Lime Crime Cosmetics looks so bright. Her consumer base has continuously grown exponentially. Doe’s products adore gorgeous faces in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Her challenge currently is to steer her businesses appropriately enough to get sustained accomplishment. However, Doe Deere does not lack vision. She has a number of products she is prepared to release. The corporation was highlighted in Nylon magazine. The insane shades in her Candyfuture Lipsticks plus Magic Dust eye-shadows have numerous of fashion enthusiasts raving mad.

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Beautiful Eye Make-Up Tips Using Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics

September 22, 2015 - Author: steph

Your eyes are your most soulful feature. Flawless eye make-up can play up your natural beauty. When you think about how much your eyes say when you don’t utter a word, it feels only natural to accentuate them. Your eyes express so much, so follow these few tips to ensure that your eyes look intriguing.

Make sure to utilize primer, because it will help your eye shadow stay in place. Whether you are naturally inclined to have dark circles because of allergies or you are trying to cover the tell tale bags of a sleepless night, a concealer that reflects light can brighten your eyes.

Many women make the mistake of just applying mascara at the tips of their lashes. In order to achieve length, you need to apply the mascara at the root and lightly wiggle the mascara wand out to the tip. This helps to extend your lashes. If you want to make your lashes look longer, consider applying individual falsies. The individual falsies are more natural looking than appealing an entire fake lash line.

Your brow line is important. A thick natural brow line in associated with youth. Use a brow pencil that matches your brow line to fill in areas where the brow might look a little thin.

Use the the darker color in your eye shadow palette to play up the point in which the bone of your brow meets the center crease of your eye. If you are a beginner to applying eyeshadow, you may like the technique of using a cotton swab to apply the darker color of eye shadow along the crease and as well as a very fine line along the upper lash line. If you apply a bit of white or very light neutral shadow in the corner of your eye and directly under the brow bone, it helps your eyes to appear more awake.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime on offers “Venus: The Grunge Palette” which has an excellent selection of neutral colors and earth tones. “Shell”, a feminine light pink color, is especially flattering on lighter skin tones. The earthy terra cora brown color of “Creation” is flattering on medium and darker skin tones. If you have blue eyes, try a color that has a hint of orange or coral such as the Rebirth eyeshadow. Even shadows that have the lightest hint of orange will look striking against blue eyes, because orange and blue are complimentary colors. Green eyes look best when framed against shadow that has a bit of purple. Brown eyes can look amazing against a very broad spectrum of color. Lime Crime’s “Venus: The Grunge Palette” is great for a beautiful day look. The “Zodiac Eye Glitter” collection can be a fun option for a playful evening look.

If eyes are the window to your soul, don’t draw the curtain closed. Showcase your beautiful eyes so that people are able to see you for who you are. When you feel confident and beautiful, it glows from the inside out.

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Slyce Inc Is Slicing Its Way Into Mobile Application Technology

September 21, 2015 - Author: steph

Slyce Inc is a company that specializes in image recognition and search technology, and it’s based out of Toronto, Canada. The visual recognition technology that the company specializes in was first launched in the beginning of 2013. The visual search portion that Slyce specializes in caters to consumers, and it allows for the identification of products on just pictures, and the picture allows consumers to search for an item using an application on a smartphone. In order for the visual search technology of the company to be successful, Slyce has been able to forge business relationships with six top United States retailers to juice up the use of its mobile application. Slyce has achieved enough success to be traded publicly on TSX Venture Exchange which is stock exchange based in Canada that does all of its trading electronically so there is no trading floor headquarters.

Slyce was born out of a business consulting firm that was founded by Erika Racicort and Cameron Chell in the start of 2012, and Slyce was founded by Erika and Cameron as well. Originally, the company had its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, but then it later moved its main offices to Toronto, Ontario. Slyce also has additional satellite offices in Nova Scotia, New Waterford and its United States office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the company officially launched its visual recognition and search technology for retail products on smartphone applications. Between the launch of the the visual search technology and the end of 2013, the company was able to raise approximately $6 million. It was also able to acquire a visual search technology startup company called, and that helped expand its operations.

Through the acquisition of the visual search startup company and Series A funding, Slyce was growing nicely, and the company had raised close to $11 million in early 2014. Further into the year, the company was able to add another acquisition to its business history when it bought a company called Buycode which was based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Buycode was a mobile application development company, and Slyce needed it to help grow its Pounce retail shopping application. The company kept growing by acquiring yet another company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that specialized in application development called Drivetrain Agency. Through these acquisitions of smaller tech companies, Slyce was able to add two key people to its team. Dan Grigsby, the former CEO of Drivetrain, joined Slyce in the capacity of chief technology officer, and Buycode’s CEO, Avital Yachin filled the new position of chief product officer. There are high expectation of Slyce in the tech community that Slyce will likely deliver on.

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Atlanta Hawks Set Eyes on Bright Future

September 18, 2015 - Author: steph

The NBA is one of the most dynamic professional sports leagues in the entire world. In many other leagues you’ll see continued dominance over a prolonged period of time or the converse, prolonged lack of quality play. In basketball you can see franchises turn around with the drafting of a single player or the acquisition of a single targeted free agent. With that in mind it has become all too easy to go from best to worst or worst to best. The Atlanta Hawks are a perfect example of this NBA exclusive phenomenon thanks to their turn from a middle of the pack Eastern Conference team to the second best regular season squad in the NBA last year. Now Atlanta fans have their ears perked up and they are expecting another huge season. The question for Atlanta is pretty simple: Can the team repeat last year’s success?

To put last season’s success into perspective let’s bounce back to just what they accomplished in a seemingly quick fashion. Owner Bruce Levenson spent the 2013 – 14 offseason racking up ways to fill out his roster without busting the bank wide open. He needed a way to fill out his roster while adhering to Coach Budenholzers complicated offensive game plan. So in a single offseason we saw Levenson sign Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, and Dennis Schroder — All four of these guys would go on to become key cogs in the Hawks ECF run. Budenholzer’s offensive plan went well and it resulted in four Hawks making the All Star team, a far cry compared to the past few years of the team’s talent level.

Before the Hawks made it to the Eastern Conference Finals they had one of their most satisfying regular seasons of all time. The Hawks had the second best record in the NBA, behind only the Golden State Warriors. Atlanta broke the 60 win threshold, scored the top seed, and made it to the ECF for the first time in nearly half of a century. Not bad for the first year with their new line up, right?

Bruce Levenson on prnewswire then sold the team for a wowing $825 million, nearly double what the franchise was initially valued at. Antony Ressler stepped into the owners box and will now begin the road to pushing forward with a team on the edge of prolonged success and a fanbase that will quickly be demanding it. Ressler had to make a splash right away and he didn’t hold back, opening up his wallet and pushing Atlanta toward the future.

The first thing that Ressler did as new owner of the Hawks was commit to resigning his core pieces. Paul Millsap got a three year offer for max money with the third year being a player option. The Hawks ownership passed on overpaying for swingman Demarre Carrol and then they went ahead and signed some solid veteran pieces. Now the Hawks are filled out and healthy, ready to go for a deep playoff run once more.

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Toronto’s Slyce – an App Building Company with a Vision

September 17, 2015 - Author: steph

The marketing technology periscope is up with an eye on “visual search and recognition purchasing,” thanks to a new Toronto-based company, Slyce, a visual image technology builder. Slyce owns a mobile app that can provide product details on and cost by image recognition – no labels or branding – point and click. Smartphone users can quickly make “button tap purchases.”

This did not start with an initial business decision to acquire BuyCode, a Tel Aviv app building company, for $5 Million, which includes ownership of Ponce, the mobile app ‘visual’; Slyce was well on the way to developing a product with similar capability. However, timing created the ideal business decision. Ponce, already perfected, will reduce some current and on-track development by Slyce of a consumer facing app that identifies, via smartphone, shopping for retailer deals, print ads and catalogs. The acquisition also includes a talented team of Tel-Aviv developers.

Slyce is raising funding and a retailer base to use this technology, similar but more technologically developed than Amazon’s Fire Phone and Amazon’s Flow. Amazon’s visual recognition app, its Fire Phone, gives a consumer the advantage of pointing and snapping an image of a product that will engage an online Amazon search/buy. Amazon’s Flow is another visual recognition app that has sophisticated scanning ability on a smartphone. Flow identifies items and stores them, from book covers to product packages. It has the capability of scanning business cards, phone numbers and URLs that can be dialed and/or added to contacts.

Slyce is on target in pioneering and cultivating visual search technology which gives Slyce a commanding lead in the industry. It is the “image of the future.” Visual searching by simply identifying an item, wherever it is, and not having to supply (say) a logo, packaging, OCR or other visual cues is a considerable advantage for Slyce, retailers and consumers.

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Amazing Mascara Tips that Every Girl Eeeds

September 14, 2015 - Author: steph

If you are like most girls, mascara is just one of the top few beauty products that you need in your arsenal. Although you probably believe that you understand everything that is possible to discover about applying mascara, I predict that you will likely uncover a few new techniques in the next few moments to lead to your ever-expanding plethora of knowledge. Here are five new, brilliant techniques on how best to apply mascara in the way that New York’s finest makeup artists apply there’s.

1. Industry professionals always instruct women to apply their mascara in two separate steps. This technique will give you the coverage you are after. The first step is to use the wand in a sort of vibrating motion and paint the eyelashes from root to tip. In step two of complementing your already amazing eyelashes is to pull the wand in a perpendicular fashion, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper. This little trick will prevent clumps of makeup from sticking to your lashes and ensures flawless separation.

2. Water-resistant mascara can put an excessive amount of strain on your lashes for everyday use. When you rub the mascara into your lashes, you risk breaking them and when you wash the mascara off, it is very difficult to loosen the color from your lashes. Never use waterproof mascara unless you know for sure that traditional mascara will smudge. Please bear in mind that most regular formula mascaras will wear well through the day without smudging, and are readily removable with soap and water or makeup remover.

3. Do you have droopy lashes that will not remain curled? Here is how to curl them. First you curl them before any mascara is applied, then curl your lashes a second time after applying the mascara.

4. If you are going to volumize your lashes with falsies, apply them after you apply your first layer of mascara.

This way it’s very easy to see just where you need the extra fullness. After this process, apply an additional layer of mascara to to bind your natural lashes and your falsies together as one pair.

5. Tinted mascara looks magnificent in the light of the night. Apply a few coats that are black, than layer only the very tops of your batting lashes with a lighter-colored tint of mascara. Heavy blue mascara looks magnificent on girls of every eye color.

Miss Doe Deere conceptualized Lime Crime during the summer of 2008 when she finally discovered that it was practically impossible to find any palette of cosmetics brilliant enough to keep up with her enigmatic creativity. So when all cosmetic firms were nowhere to be found, Lime Crime took over. Famous for Doe Deere’s slogan on observer“So Glowing, It’s Illegal!” The label amazed customers with their high-impact, loose eye shadows such as Circus Girl, Shoe Junkie in addition to her signature lipstick, appropriately named Lime Criminal. Instead of ducking behind the façade of normality, Lime Crime took on the task of becoming the first aesthetic line to establish themselves through innovative strategies and offering a truly captivating and groundbreaking product. Within a few months of opening their doors, Lime Crime became an indispensable line of products with their famously bright makeup known for its unapologetic brilliance.

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Wikipedia Writing Skills

September 9, 2015 - Author: steph

In today’s world it is more important than ever to have good writing skills. People may need to instantly communicate with others multiple times during the day. They may also need to craft an email that is read by many people who are seeking to communicate with them in turn. Improvement in the ability to write can be done in various ways. One way that people find very useful is by writing articles for various places on the net. A site such as Wikipedia welcomes writers who are looking to write articles on various subjects of all kinds for professional Wikipedia service.

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most widely read websites. Millions of people visit the each day in order to learn as much as possible about a given topic. Someone may want to know about a butterfly they have seen while on vacation in Costa Rica while another person seeks out information about how many letters are in the Russian alphabet. All of them can find the answers to such questions on the site as well as additional information about all kinds of related topics that may also be of interest to them when researching about any given topic.

The potential writer need only to register at the site and provide a valid email address to be able to write for it. Writers must write all articles for the site in a way that conforms to the site’s guidelines and allows them to submit articles that are accurate and will be on the site without correction from other users. Any writer can also register on the site and correct inaccurate information they find there. If the writer sees an error, they are able to correct it and then insert information that is more accurate on the site for others to read.

People can also write articles about themselves on the site. Those who need help with such articles will find it from Get Your Wiki, a company that provides people with a listing on the site. Company staffers write articles for users that allow them to put their best foot forward and show off their skills to others. The company can help even those who are unfamiliar with all of the site’s various and sometimes complex guidelines master them and put up an article about them here that will be accurate and easy to read at the same time.

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