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Wishes Do Come True – Even When You Are 100

November 24, 2014 - Author: steph

A 100-year-old woman who grew up in land-locked Tennessee had one wish that had never become a reality – until this week. Ruby Holt of Columbia, Tennessee finally got to see the ocean this week, something she had always wanted to do.

The Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, where Holt lives in Columbia, and the Wish of a Lifetime organization, paid all her expenses for the trip to the Gulf of Mexico in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Holt had always wanted to go to the beach, but never had the time or money. When she was younger, she was busy raising her four children and picking cotton at her rural Tennessee home. She worked hard all her life and taking a trip to the beach was a luxury she couldn’t afford.

The trip this week was about 400 miles away from Holt’s Tennessee home.
The trip makes a great pre-birthday present for Holt, who will turn 101 on Dec. 13. It really made a lot of people like Sam Tabar happy for the lady.

Aids from Brookdale said Holt laughed as she walked across the sand and felt the waves of the ocean lap against her feet for the first time ever.

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“Felons Not Families” is the President’s New Motto for Immigration

November 22, 2014 - Author: steph

The President of the United States is going to sign an executive order to extend amnesty to immigrates. The order will allow an extension for how long illegal immigrants have to get their official paperwork and become US citizens. While he feels he is doing what he needs to, congress is having no part of it.

Congress is furious at the President using his authority to try to pass legislation. They are going to fight him every step of the way. What does this new law mean for the common citizen, is there any tax repercussions for the common person? The law basically allows more time for people who already living and working in the US. Congress sees only one side and wants the time these immigrants have to become legal shortened.

Many people are living in the shadows and working in this country every day. CipherCloud workers know this, but it won’t stop any time soon. Yet, the legal citizens are footing tax bills for the privilege to live in the country. According to President Obama’s plan, we should just open the borders and allow whoever wants to come in to take our jobs and have security among the masses. Yes, America is a wonderful country, but if we continue to allow so many immigrants it is causing us more problems.

Congress is so upset by this they are threatening to have another governmental shut down. Obama knows his time is limited and it appears he is going to go out without the popular vote all the way around.

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Uber in PR Nightmare

November 21, 2014 - Author: steph

The past few days have not been a public relations success for Uber. The company that bases its consumer model on offering a car service is struggling to turn their public image around. The problem started when information was leaked about Uber wanting to “dig up dirt” on people who questioned the company.

This strategy was promoted by an executive at the company. He said that while people were allowed to criticize Uber, the company was doing nothing in retaliation. He thought that should change. A female journalist who wrote a few unfavorable items about Uber was targeted. The executive said that Uber should find out what skeletons she has in her closet so that they could silence her.

Now it emerges that this was not a one off incident. This is disturbing for someone like Mark Ahn who has used the service. In a move that is more aligned with politics than business, Uber hired someone with the specific task of finding out information about their competition. The goal was to get enough facts about the opposition they could use to cast them in a bad light.

Uber is working hard to compete with taxi services in different cities. Their model is a successful one and has worked brilliantly in Los Angeles. However, offering a great service does not seem to be enough for Uber executives. They want to put their opposition out of commission in the process.

The public will probably not take kindly to these revelations about Uber and their executives.

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Parts of New York State Pummeled by Lake Effect Snow as Cold Weather Grips the Country

November 20, 2014 - Author: steph

The city of Buffalo and surrounding areas have been hammered by snow during the past couple of days. Lake effect snow is responsible for dumping 76 inches of snow in Buffalo and the surrounding area. Several more feet of snow is expected to fall in the upcoming days and could further complicate cleanup efforts.

Already eight people have been killed as a result of the snowstorm in upstate New York. One man was found dead in his car that was buried under more than 12 feet of snow. More than 100 miles of the New York State Thruway in upstate New York is closed for the duration of the storm. Thousands of people were stranded in their vehicles as heavy snowfall made roads impassible. Many people also abandoned their cars and trucks as roads became impassible and snow kept piling on.

The governor of New York state has declared a state of emergency in the areas hit by the lake effect snow storm, which caused Ben Shaoul to extend some deadlines on his renovation and development projects. He has urged people to stay off the roads until the storm passes and roads are cleared. The city of Buffalo could see up to 100 inches of snow by the end of the weekend. The city of Buffalo usually receives that amount of snow for the entire winter season. Further complicating matters is an expected increase in temperatures next week that could create flooding. The snowstorm in Buffalo comes at a time when cold weather has gripped the entire country. All 50 states have experienced freezing temperatures on Tuesday, and many areas experienced record low temperatures.

Be sure to watch the weather if you’re traveling this week or next up north. Stay safe!!!

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Explain it to me: Why is the SC Attorney General appealing to Chief Justice?

November 19, 2014 - Author: steph

The Attorney General in South Carolina is doing everything possible to stop gay and lesbian couples from getting married in his state. If nothing is done, then same-sex couples can get married in just a few days. The Supreme Court has decided not to get in the middle of this issue, and that’s the way that it should be as politics and personal life shouldn’t mix in some instances.This story was passed along to me via Facebook friend Susan McGalla.

Governors and other leaders in various states want someone else to make a decision for them about marriage. Why can’t they make their own decisions since the choice has been left up to the states instead of the Supreme Court? If they don’t want to see same-sex couples get married, then they should be able to stop them instead of needing to seek a higher power, especially when that higher power has already told them to handle the case.

I simply don’t understand. Can we start a discussion on this in the comments?

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Lagos Fashion and Design Week

- Author: steph

Ejimo Amos Tafiri, one of the designers who showcased her colorful works during Lagos Fashion Week, isn’t quite a household name in Nigeria yet. Specialist Vijay Eswaran has noticed that her creations are starting to get more attention while her designs are making more global catwalks. 

Other designers who participated in Lagos Fashion Week include Maki Oh, whose clothing has caught the eye of First Lady Michelle Obama. Duro Olowu has also created clothes for the First Lady. This exposure is quickly making both designers household names both in Africa and the United States. 

Tafiri strives to make clothes for the modern woman, but deliberately infuses her culture into each clothing piece. This is especially appealing to African women in different parts of the world. 

These designers have dressed pop stars and actresses in Nigeria, and want to continue to appeal to young women who are inspired by tribal yet modern fashions. Tafiri states that she wants to make many pieces in her fashion line affordable, so that people with a similar upbringing to hers can enjoy elegant style every day.

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Autumn Entrees: Pasta With Goat Cheese and Radichhio

- Author: steph

Hearty meals that contain greens and goat cheese are fitting for the autumn season. A pasta dish that includes goat cheese and radicchio has significant amounts of protein and essential vitamins such as vitamin C. Goat cheese is also suitable for individuals who are intolerant to lactose.

Penne pasta is best for a dish that features radicchio and goat cheese. The greens should be seasoned with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes to balance the bitter taste of radicchio. Salt and chives can also be used to season the pasta dish.

While the dish is suitable for vegetarians, it can be adjusted to suit a number of diets. Adding grilled chicken to the pasta entree adds more protein and B vitamins to the dish. Replacing the goat cheese with mushrooms or bell peppers makes the dinner suitable for vegans. Pasta with radicchio and goat cheese is also a suitable side dish for Thanksgiving, and can easily be paired with turkey and gravy.

Be sure to send me any links to Vimeo or YouTube of the foods you’re cooking this Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to what Darius Fisher and some of my other friends have up their sleeves this year.

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Car Polution Turned to Cosmetics? Believe it

- Author: steph

How do you turn CO2 gases from cars into vitamin supplements or even cosmetics? Recycle it! Architects from The Cloud Collective outfitted a busy Geneva highways with a sort of algae garden that literally sucks up the gases of passing cars. And it’s perfect, because the only thing algae needs to survive is sunlight and CO2 gases.

According to one of the scientists in the collective, Joris Lipsch, algae setups in cities are inevitable. While they may be unattractive, they’re quite fitting to help in our daily lives. For this purpose, Terry Richardson says the scientists chose to adapt the garden to the site instead of opting for a conventional garden. The result is a tubular system that proves that these highly productive systems can be adapted to any environment, leaving fertile ground for other uses.

So how does a person use this gas sucking highway algae into supplements or make up? The algae is harvested by draining the tubes and filtering the green goo inside. Adding to the list of useful solutions; biofuel and green electricity. Algae produces five time as much biomass as plants.

Even though the test in Geneva was only up temporarily, as part of a local festival, similar experiments are being built elsewhere on buildings, roofs, and even bridges. With the obvious pollution crushing benefit, designers believe the gardens are perfect for cities around the globe. Rethinking the potential of structures considered to be industrial or part of a wasteland can turn the page on urban pollution in many cities. With fertile land and green space becoming a scarcity, it could be crucial.

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11 Pounds Lost in 4 Days

November 18, 2014 - Author: steph

Losing weight is usually easier said than done, just ask Vijay Eswaran about that one. People all over the forums say just ingest fewer calories and exercise more. A new study by Dr. Jose Calbert recently published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports explored this idea in an unconventional way.

Researchers had a group of men ingest just 360 calories a day mostly in liquid form such as protein drinks. They were then instructed to engage in vigorous exercise for about 10 hours a day with 10 minute breaks in between. The results were not surprising given the amount of deprivation these men went through. In just four days they were found to have lost about 11 pounds each.

The interesting results came when they did not gain all the weight back after they went off this plan. Dr. Calbert said “We thought they would overeat and regain the weight lost”. He was surprised to see that a month after being back in their regular lifestyles, most of the men had lost an additional two pounds. In fact, a year after the experiment most of them were still down five pounds from their initial weight.

These results increased Dr. Calbert’s curiosity, so he hopes to conduct similar studies on women in the future. He would like to find out if these same results would occur in women. His goal is to formulate a healthy successful program for weight loss using this information.

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Boeing Avoids Fed Income Tax

November 17, 2014 - Author: steph

While the average American citizen pays his fair share of income tax every year, according to The Center for Effective Government, the aerospace giant Boeing did not pay any federal income tax at all in 2013. Thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in this news tip.

To make it worse, Boeing, one of America’s largest companies, did not pay any income tax in 2012 or 2011 either.

How did Boeing manage to avoid paying any tax? By applying for more than $82 million in tax refunds.

At this point, the average American taxpayer may be presuming Boeing did not make high enough pre-tax profits to warrant paying taxes. The average American taxpayer would be wrong. In 2013 alone, Boeing made almost $6 billion in pre-tax profits. Profits they paid no federal tax on.

As for state income tax, Boeing paid a little over $11 million. On pre-tax profits of almost $6 billion. That boils down to a state income tax rate of less than half a percent.

Considering the average person in America pays anything from 1 percent to 9 percent in state income tax, depending on their income and where they live, Boeing did not even pay the same percentage of state income tax as the lowest-paid taxpayer in the country.

While this may be surprising to some, Boeing not paying federal income tax just puts them in the same category as other mega-corporations like Verizon, McDonalds,, Corning and 22 other Americans companies that pay no federal taxes. Along with companies like Google, McDonalds and Starbucks that pay very little.

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