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The Many Faces of Cyrus Moghadam

June 16, 2019 - Author: steph

Cyrus Moghadam is a Stanford University student with hopes and dreams of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Besides his academic prowess, he is also team member of the Men’s Lacrosse team. He is a force to reckon with and is known as #26 Attackman. He is originally from San Francisco, CA.

He has volunteered for Amigos de las Americas. During his time in the Dominican Republic he raised funds to assist the community with a new aqueduct and other much needed construction. By assisting the community he has made it possible for an adequate and reliable water resource for a community. Read more at about Cyrus Moghadam.

He has completed his internship with Bridge33 Capital, here he had the opportunity to learn about retail real estate field. He witnessed and learned the beginning and ending phases of property management and leasing do’s and don’ts. He was able to absorb the different types of software needed in the real estate industry to assist and service prospective clients. He has definitely found a way to parlay his academic life with his career life.



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Talkspace and Oren Frank For Work

June 15, 2019 - Author: steph

Planning is important in daily life.


We might for the most part have a daily routine, but you still have to make decisions such as what clothes to wear,what to eat and how to get to work.

Some people have ten year plans where they picture what their career will be like in ten years or how much they have progressed with education. What if someone told you they had a three hundred year plan? You might look at them and then start laughing because you think they are just joking around.

But having those sorts of plans can help to reduce mental health problems. Oren Frank has been quite aware of the problems created by mental and has seen that fixing these issues or preventing them would be of great use. By using Talkspace, individuals can plan ahead and minimize issues by taking it one step at a time and having peace.

Working in a company with a manager that just does not seem to understand what your goals are and does not help you,but seems to cause daily problems is a flashing red light meaning it is time to look elsewhere. See more on Wikipedia.

It also means that it is necessary to use an application like Talkspace to minimize stress.

Work environments will vary from job to job. You might not have the best fellow employees,but a manager that is at least good at being a manager is essential.

Just keep in mind to fulfill the responsibility that you have as an employee, a co-worker and a creator in your life. Bring about solutions to people that really matter, and which could bring a difference to their lives.

Doing so could help you scale not one but multiple ideas down the line, which would further cement your reputation as a true creator within your sector.

Remember, that this is done not for your self in general but for your mental health overall as well.


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Agera Energy Educates About Conservation Through Facebook

June 14, 2019 - Author: steph

According to Agera Energy’s Facebook page U.S. households use 51% of their energy for heating and air conditioning. This is one of many nuggets of information the alternative energy supplier posts on its social page. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Active in several states with deregulated energy markets Agera is dedicated to offering lower prices, better options, and educating users on conservation. In fact, Agera will work with its consumers to turn their homes and offices into energy efficient spaces.


Forming in 2014, Agera Energy began its service by taking over a number of local utilities companies. It has since grown into a prominent force in the alternative energy market. It is known for its conservation efforts as it does its level best to aid consumers in lowering their output. Logging onto their facebook page one can see the various posts that Agera uses to educated about power. The service also offers alternative energy sources as well. Follow Agera Energy on

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Luke Lazarus – Guiding Start-ups and Small Businesses to Success

- Author: steph

Luke Lazarus has been a business consultant for over a decade now and a successful serial entrepreneur for over two decades. From the beginning of his career as a business consultant over a decade ago until now, Luke Lazarus has been able to build a solid reputation for himself by developing successful business strategies for his clients.

Not only has helped many businesses achieve their business goals, but provided them with a vision to follow as well to help develop a narrative around their brand that establishes a connection with the target audience.

Luke Lazarus understands the struggles and the challenges that start-ups and small businesses face these days and can provide customized solutions for the same through his innovative and unique business strategies. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus | Interview

When a client comes seeking Luke’s help, what he first does is assess the target market and its audience and then does a thorough analysis of the clients’ business and current business strategies in place. It helps in understanding what the loopholes that are pulling the business back are and what can be done for the correction.

One of the factors that Luke Lazarus believes is very powerful in the success that companies achieve these days is the influence of social media marketing and how companies use it to their advantage. It presents a new and more interactive way to communicate with the target audience and increase brand visibility.

Luke Lazarus helps the start-ups to gather finance for their business by developing impressive yet objective presentations for the investors and venture capitalists. It helps in getting the funding the company needs to grow and increase sustainability. Most of the new businesses fail in a short period after starting up due to capital drying up quickly, and the concepts never leave the papers to become a reality.

Luke Lazarus has started many companies himself and understands the importance of the consistent flow of cash in the business, especially when it is still in the infant and developing stage. Luke also provides sustainable financial and business models that the clients can follow to improve consistency in the growth rate as well as implement effective marketing campaigns simultaneously.

To grow in today’s competitive business arena, companies have to constantly evolve and modify their business strategies from time to time. Luke Lazarus stands by his clients, starting from developing and conceptualizing personalized business strategies to implementing them.

Luke ensures that the outlines and guidance he provides meet the results in his clients seek. Getting an edge over your competition is tough, but when you take the advice of Luke Lazarus, it is going to be fruitful for your business in the long-run. Luke Lazarus is based in Australia and is always looking out to help start-ups and new clients to achieve their business goals.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:


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Nicolas Krafft’s Grand Contribution To L’Oréal’s Success Globally

June 12, 2019 - Author: steph

Nicolas Krafft is a sales and Marketing Executive with over two decades of experience working at L’Oréal. He has been a key contributing factor to the unmatched presence of L’Oréal across the world. Nicolas Krafft has had unparalleled success in his career spanning over three continents. He studied in Switzerland graduation with an M.B.A in finance. After graduating, he joined L’Oréal in Germany and successfully kicked off his career.

Nicolas Krafft started the product manager for the company’s professional hair care and hair coloring products. He quickly worked his way up the ranks. In no time, he was promoted to oversee L’Oréal’s brand launch in Asia. This meant that he had to relocate to Asia. The Matrix brand successfully launched in Asia because of Nicolas Krafft’s expertise in product marketing.

Over the next few years, he was promoted several times, prompting his relocation to several countries. He eventually settled down in Paris. He was tasked with leading and managing marketing and sales operations in London. Today, Nicolas Krafft is the International General Manager of L’Oréal’s Pulp Riot brand. He has been successfully leading the introduction of new products to new markets across the globe. The most recent show-stopping event was the catwalk on river Seine that left social media a buzz.

The catwalk on river Seine

L’Oréal held its annual fashion and beauty show on a floating catwalk on river Seine. The star-studded event was one of a kind. The sheer ingenuity showcased at the event goes a long way in showing how L’Oréal is dedicated to making fashion and beauty more accessible to everyone in the world. The event was open to the public and was attended by some of the most famous actors and fashion moguls.

The event was held during the spring summer fashion week and featured some of the latest styles and trends in the fashion industry. The event featured large screens outside the venue so passersby could get to see what was happening at the event. L’Oréal made every effort to impress, even outsourcing the most elegant models in the industry as well as the best hair professional in the markets.

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Raffaele Riva Impressive Career

- Author: steph

Raffaele Riva is not new in the corporate section. The business executive has been moving from London to New York, trying to ensure that his investments in the global market are doing well and earning him a significant amount of wealth. His startup missions have paid off so well, and his recent idea of becoming an angel investor have also started to become very fruitful. Raffaele Riva success doesn’t come by luck. According to his very powerful portfolio, the businessman has been in the market for more than ten years, and he has been involved in many early stage investments that have turned out to be very successful. In his new career venture, the community leader has shocked the world because of the huge strides he has made in angel investing. There are many businessmen who have been assisted by Raffaele Rivas in making their stand out from the competition in the modern times.

Although his accomplishments are known by all people in the international community, the personal life of Raffaele Riva is not known. The businessman is a British native, and he boasts for having a couple of degrees which he got from top universities found in London. His MBA is from the University of Oxford. Studying at the prestigious school helped Riva to get the excellent business skills he has today. According to the executive, his first business venture was founded in the year 2006 with the help of some of his schoolmates. The dream of becoming a prominent professional started when Raffaele Riva was still working in the tech firm. The small company did well and got new partners, and it left Riva with a plan to invest in the business ideas of other newbies in the global market. Riva believes that there are millions of young executives who have great ideas but lack the capital they need in business.

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The Knowledge Of Matt Badiali

June 9, 2019 - Author: steph

While hard work and dedication are great qualities to have as a professional, perhaps no other quality is as important as being knowledgable. No matter what industry a professional is in, knowing more than your peers will put you in a better position to succeed. We have seen this time after time with some of the most successful individuals in business and investing. Speaking of the business and investing fields, perhaps no other professional has been as successful with their skill sets as Matt Badiali has. As we can imagine, his success has largely been a result of his vast knowledge and expertise in his field. As a science and geology major by trait, it might seem like a far stretch to think he ended up as an editor and strategist of wealth in the investing field. Yet again, it’s a sign of the power of specializing and having the knowledge to succeed in a specific area. In fact, Matt Badiali has put himself in a position of being able to teach others what has made him successful. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the career of Matt Badiali and how he is teaching others how to succeed. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

How To Profit With Matt Badiali

One of the many benefits of always knowing more than you need to is that you learn how to profit. This is especially the case in the fields that Matt Badiali is a leader in. Given that business and investing require knowledge of money and how to make it grow, it’s no surprise that Matt has found ways to maximize profits in his own ways. Speaking of which, a good example of his expertise can be seen in an article on how he teaches others how to profit from undervalued stocks. In the article, more than anything we see why people listen to Matt in the first place. As far as how he helps others profit, it comes with a combination of being in a constant state of learning. This is the main quality that has kept Matt on the top of his profession.

Related Real Wealth Strategist: Marijuana Investment Symposium By Matt Badiali

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Asian Bezos

June 4, 2019 - Author: steph

Richard Liu Qiandong is one of the best e-commerce CEO’s . At a young age, he started as a computing executive at Japan life and has grown into one of the most powerful men in Asian business. He was born into a family of coal shippers and has grown into a multibillion dollar mogul. At an early age, he finished his degree in Sociology before going onto what he was interested in. This happened to be computing technology and coding. He honed his unique skills and became a force to be reckoned with, the experience allowed him to be placed in a position of authority at Japan life.

During that time, he increased the company’s reputation and was a major player in the profitability of the system. His business growth has been remarkable and something every entrepreneur should learn from. After his time there, he took time to understand what he wanted. He then went to the European school for business management and obtained an MBA equivalent degree. Five years after working at Japan life, he decided to open his own shop and this was very healthy decision. His company went on to be very successful and he became a man of his own. His impressive success let them to open more retail shops around the region, by the time he was done, he had about 10 retail shops in the area but as every company knows, it always comes a point of challenge.

Around 2002, the SARS outbreak hit China and its effects were borderline catastrophic to the company. People are scared to come into the shop because of fear of infection, as a result, profitability was reduced. The shop wasn’t making as much as they would under normal circumstances, as a result Richard Liu Qiandong had to look for new ways to bring in income. He decided to sell his shops, and use all the money gotten from them to build an e-commerce platform that would benefit him for decades to come. Currently, JD is one of the biggest companies around Asia. They are steadily reaching the levels of Alibaba as time goes. Click here.

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Jason Hope Knows The Future

- Author: steph

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Many people consider him to be a futurist due to his brilliance in understanding where the future of technology will become. When hope has advice about technology, people listen because he has studied technology for a number of years.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He earned a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has a grant program that helps young people to get their ideas of off the ground. He knows the importance of helping young minds to expand because they come up with some of the most amazing ideas. Learn more about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope knows the importance of having a routine. That is how he is able to keep his day on track. Every day he usually starts off with some breakfast and a form of exercise. After that is completed is when he checks his emails and goes on with other tasks. He also makes sure that he takes breaks from his computer. He thinks people should keep things as basic and simple as possible. No one should overcomplicate anything. It wastes time, and nothing can get accomplished by doing that. Whenever he has an idea or is working on an idea, he is always sure to get advice and feedback from others. This sometimes helps him to think of things in another way. He thinks that one of the main things that have kept him inspired is always looking at the bigger picture and longterm effects of things.

Jason Hope believes entrepreneurs should focus on one thing at a time. They should never neglect the main thing they are wanting to accomplish. Networking is key to him because it is great to connect with people.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been able to have great success in marketing and leadership. He will continue inspiring others. Read more:

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Luke Lazarus, the Reputable Consultant Who Helps in Building Successful Companies

June 3, 2019 - Author: steph

Luke Lazarus track record as a consultant has been earned through the two decades he has spent helping businesses to succeed by partnering with them to manage growth, build business plans, and by even offering advice to CEOs.

He holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School which he earned at just 24 years old before embarking on establishing four successful firms but later sold them to concentrate on helping businesses achieve their goals. As a seasoned veteran in the business world, he helps to bring businesses back on track and to redefine their projections.

The forces that are unleashed in the market make it difficult for all startups to thrive and from statistics, 90% of them succumb to these market pressures. These are the companies that Luke Lazarus is dedicated to saving using elegant solutions.

He developed a unique approach to consulting for startups that puts emphasis on establishing an emotional connection with all stakeholders and focusing on systems and analysis.

So far, he has helped many struggling companies to become multimillion-dollar IPOs. In his efforts to help these companies to survive, he has earned a reputation of directness and straight shooting such that some have found it overbearing. His response is that his responsibility requires him to be brutally honest and realistic. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

One area that he has severally confronted entrepreneurs on is lack of skills and knowledge. He expressed that although many entrepreneurs are intelligent and talented, it is only a few of them that have skills in arts of high finance, seeking out investors from around the world and brand messaging. \

What Luke Lazarus does is help the startups shape their operations in such a manner that they can attract venture capitalists and angel investors. The venture capital engagements are not as entrepreneurs think they are and is the reason it has remained to be an area of challenge for those companies that want to grow. The fact remains that without capital, it is almost impossible for a new company to grow to a mid-sized level.

He expressed that startup owners just engage in reading business articles about businesses securing financing and they incorrectly conclude that securing financing is all about putting together a speech, setting up a presentation and organizing a meeting and when this plan fails they give up.

According to Luke Lazarus, self-financing is a myth, and companies that are incapable of securing the capital are facing a risk of insolvency in the near future. Therefore, Luke Lazarus helps to shape a startup in a manner that it captures the attention of a venture capitalist and the deal gets closed. He compares this endeavor to highlight videos, in that they have to be attention-grabbing, otherwise, the opportunity to seal the deal will be lost.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant


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