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How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Business Litigation

November 19, 2015 - Author: steph

Finding the best attorney for your lawsuit or other legal need could be the difference between winning and missing the opportunity to obtain a favorable outcome. It is vital to perform a thorough research in order to pick the best attorney for your legal issue. There are numerous things or factors you need to think about whenever attempting to compare or select the best legal representative for your needs.

Find a legal practitioner with ample experience in the particular area of law you are seeking help. You don’t want to pay an attorney who does not have a good knowledge of the type of case you are dealing with. Don’t hire a personal injury attorney for a company lawsuit; do not hire a tax attorney for a personal injury suit.

You need to evaluate and compare the lawyer’s history of results and verdicts. You are looking for an attorney who constantly wins for his/her clients. Look for news items about their past lawsuits, honors, awards, client rankings, comments and references, and peer ratings from various other attorneys.

Schedule appointments with a minimum of three top choices. On appointment day, make sure that you arrive a few minutes early and bring all the information you need to relay to the attorney. Don’t forget to bring a list of questions to ask.

It is essential to understand the cost and also get a rough estimate of what you can expect to spend, so that you can budget properly. Charging by the hour is the most commonly used fee structure for business litigation. It is important to keep in mind that the number of hours one lawyer works and bills can actually vary greatly from those of another lawyer for the same lawsuit or case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well respected litigation lawyer and has handled numerous cases in Brazil. For many years, he has achieved great courtroom success, as well as negotiation proceedings. Mr Ricardo is well versed in the laws and legal issues pertaining to business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto represents a wide variety of clients, including financial investment enterprises, multinational companies and some other high profile clients. Client reassurance isn’t some empty slogan, Mr. Ricardo Tosto has made a habit of preparing for client needs, immediately returning phone calls, and following up to provide total total satisfaction. Find him on Facebook for more information and news.

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Skout, The Traveler’s Dating App

- Author: steph

Skout is an interesting social media app that allows people to connect with others all over the world. The unique app is intended to open the perfect social media portal for those on the go. How so? Skout is designed for use on mobile devices and this helps ensure anyone who enjoy traveling or is otherwise on the road can always connect online to meet new people, chat, or even set up a date. The date does not even have to be one nearby or for the weekend. Some may choose to make a connection with someone across the globe. Dating and relationships does not have to be the only reason for trying to contact someone on Skout. Simply trying to make new friends around the world is a perfectly fine pursuit and many of the members of Skout joining for just that reason.

Meeting people from around the world can be a lot of fun. It never hurts to have new friends nor is it a bad idea to have a large number of people who you know. Each and every person has their own interesting and unique stories to tell. Listening to them can be a lot of fun. Of course, there does come a need for a particular device that allows for actually making a connection. A social media app designed for people on the go is perfect for this pursuit.

People who spend a lot of time on planes, trains, and automobiles surely are going to limited in terms of how they communicate with others. Access to a mobile device is the only they are able to connect with others with any ease at all. Thanks to the availability of the Skout app, making new friends becomes even easier since the app merely has to be downloaded and installed. Once the app is installed on a phone, using it is extremely simple.

The word “simple” is not used lightly. The app and its associated social media site are extremely easy to use and navigate. No one has to be a tech genius in order to get the most out of the app. And getting the most out of the app could make traveling far more fun.

Meetings someone new and interesting is fairly easy and, most intriguingly, it is possible to meeting someone from thousands of miles away. Knowing people all over the planet makes travel for business or fun a lot more engaging and a lot less lonely.

Download Skout and give it a try. This might be the perfect dating app for the world traveler. Even those who spend a lot of time in their hometown are going to like it, too.

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How Writing Can Help Everyone: How it Helped Yeonmi Park

- Author: steph

Those who know about Yeonmi Park know that it can be very hard to recover from half of the stuff that she has gone through. One thing that helped her recover from all of the trials that she has underwent from her childhood up was to write a book that shed light on the problem in North Korea. North Korea has been a dictatorship for a long time. Yeonmi Park was born as someone with no rights as she has written in her book “In Order o Live”. This book provides some of the most gruesome pictures of what happened.

The book also talks about her escape with her mother which turned out to be just the beginning of her nightmare when she ended up being trafficked. She spent a good chunk of her life after that trying to fight off her owners and keep them from violating her. The book also has gone into some of what she has had to do in order to survive.

While it was hard for Yeonmi to experience everything that she has experienced, it was also hard to write it down and to talk about the current state of North Korea. When Yeonmi Park at appeared and made her speech, she did find it hard to keep her composure. However, other people in the room were breaking down. For one thing, it has proven to be a bit challenging for Yeonmi to adjust to her new living conditions. She has learned what it meant to be free. Yeonmi has just looked forward to watching what she wants without getting in any kind of legal trouble. However, she was also allowed to express herself freely.

This is one thing that Yeonmi Park has found rather encouraging. She has seen that people were able to talk freely about anyone and anything including their president or the one in charge. This is what helped inspire her to make a change for more people. She has seen the blessing of her freedom. She wants others to truly experience the freedom of other countries. She understands what life truly is and she wants that for others as well.

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Top Notch Business CEOs Trust Madison Street Capital

November 13, 2015 - Author: steph

Innovation is the cornerstone of success in America. In order to compete in the global market place, businesses and individuals are continuously striving to stay ahead of the game. Moreover, massive changes are happening in the financing world. Recent events have resulted in the entire industry being left with credibility problems. This becomes tougher for new starters and often even long established companies to find capital funds. Moreover, many CEOs do not understand what drives the value of their own business. Hence they rely on reputed and respected third party to pave the way for any meaningful financial dealings. One such company is Madison Street Capital.

Their motto is all about client service
Madison Street Capital believes in integrity and it plays an important role in their business. The advisors go above and beyond any required legal disclosures, to make sure their clients fully understand the nature of their relation. Many clients are unfamiliar with financial and investment world. They don’t even know some key services exist. Hence, the advisors take the effort to gain a thorough understanding of their client business model. Advisors at Madison, would tell the prospective clients, what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. The clients will hear best possible advice regardless of if they are comfortable to hear them out.
Madison Street Capital
A prominent investment bank in the global market is Madison Street Capital and is committed towards integrity. Moreover, the banking form has merger and acquisition expertise, gives financial advisory services, valuation services to private and public business firms and other financial opinions. They have offices in Asia, Africa and North America. This financing firm was started in 2005. In addition to that, they analyze the requirements set by their clients and try to establish the best match between the sellers and buyers. Plus, they even suggest appropriate capitalization structures and financing advice which optimizes their client’s potential.
More financial industry is working under the cloak of confidentiality reluctant to discuss business failures or successes. Hence one needs to take right financing advice from those financing and consulting firms which believe in the idea of transparency. The means of doing business in America has changed.

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Harrowing Journey of Yeonmi Park

November 12, 2015 - Author: steph

Yeonmi Park is a South Korean citizen who was born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, North Korea. She works as a human rights activist and hails from a nuclear family made up of her father, mother, sister and herself. She has been great encouragement to most people by openly sharing her painful stories while in North Korea. According to the standards of North Korea during most of Parks’ childhood, their family was among the wealthy. Both her parents were earning a living. Her father was a civil servant who worked as part of the Workers’ Party at the town hall in Hyesan, and her mother was a North Korean Army nurse. Later on, Parks’ father moved to Pyongyang to seek for greener pastures. Here he started operations in metal smuggling that in turn led to his incarceration since the business was illegal. Park narrates saying that life changed after her fathers’ incarceration. They had to struggle to ensure they survived. When Parks’ father had a reunion with his family, he gave advice to the family to escape to China. Eunmi, Parks’ elder sister, escaped earlier to China without notifying the family. Park and her mother were smuggled by brokers who did the business of moving North Koreans to China. Parks’ father did not accompany the two to China because he was suffering from an ailment that he thought would slow down their movement. While in China they tried asking the traffickers about Eunmis’ whereabouts but all was in vain, so they concluded that she had passed away. In October 2007, Parks’ father was smuggled to China where the family was living secretly. Within a short period Parks’ father died and this added more pain to the family. Mourning him was a problem hence Park and her mother avoided it so as not to be discovered by the Chinese authorities. By good luck, Park and her mother found a shelter at the Qingdao port city that was led by South Koreans and Chinese missionaries. Evading the authorities’ attention was possible since the city had a large Korean population. In 2009, Park and her mother moved through Gobi Desert headed to Mongolia after Christians and human rights activists offering aid to them. It was a very difficult situation for these two when they arrived at the Mongolian border. Guards threatened to report them to the authorities for them to be deported back to China. The pair pledged to commit murder by stabbing themselves. They were able to persuade the guards through their actions. Therefore, they were left through. Later on in April the same year Park and her mother flew to Seoul after being sent to Ulan Bastor Airport by the authorities. Park narrates on BBC that on reaching South Korea they had difficulties in adjusting to the new life. Park and her mother secured job opportunities as waitresses and shop attendants, and this was able to sustain them. Park saw the need of continuing education and so she joined Dongguk University where she majored in criminal justice. In April 2014, Park and her mother reunited with Eunmi by the help of South Korean intelligence.

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The Financial And Managerial Icon- Mr. Brian Bonar

November 11, 2015 - Author: steph

In the world we live in today, business and finance are the two major things we require for life but above all, one has to be educated, for it’s known that, education is an essential element to success, and in so doing, there have risen great icons who have motivated achievement and success. Among them, is Mr. Brian Bonar who stands out as one of the heroes who have countersigned to success in various managerial posts he has held in the experience of a finance executive. It is evident that Bonar’s success came out of hard work and endeavor through his attainment of Bachelor of Science Degree in mechanical engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland. He later received his MBA and Ph.D. in international business development studies from Stafford University in England.

In his career path, Mr. Bonar has been the chairman and chief executive officer of Trucept, formerly known as the smart-Tec solutions from March 12th, 2010, besides that, his struggles and hard work made him the president of tradeshow products from March 2008. He has served as the CEO of warning management services from February 4th, 2004 to January 2007; and later served as the principal accounting officer until January 2007.In addition to that, Mr. Bonar was once a CEO at the Solvis Group. He has a long history of 18 years with IBM in continents such as Asia, USA and Europe. Besides that, he has a two- decade experience in high growth firms both private and public in different locations both in USA and UK. Mr. Bonar also established AMS outsourcing from 2007 September to 2009, it is a PEO that focuses on transport and market place, and he went as far as founding an international presence in Czech Republic and Mexico.

Mr. Bonar has served in high level posts in various companies among them the Dalrada financial corporation where he served as the director of the company from August 1995 to December 1999; he became the chairman of the board of trustees. Later in September 1994, he became the company’s executive vice president. His leadership skills and hard work made way for him to be the company’s president and chief operating officer. From 1991 to 1992, he was the vice president of a California-based manufacturer of laser printers, the worldwide sales and marketing of Beizer Systems. Overally, Mr. Bonar has assumed several offices in levels of high ranks. To sum up, over his career, Bonar has developed a good reputation as a leader who is inspired to achieve the goals of his clients and project partners.Bonar’s hard work and remarkable skills have led to positive impact including employment creation, Bonar deserves respect and gratitude for his productive work.

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Who to call to Protect Your Online Reputation.

November 5, 2015 - Author: steph

If you or your company’s reputation is under the scrutiny of the web, you may need someone to ensure that your reputation as a company or individual does not get damaged by rogue internet users who can post negative comments, leave negative feedback, and generally make you or your company look bad online.

This is where Darius Fisher and his Status Labs comes into play. Status labs is a company which is run and was founded by Darius Fisher, with the goal of protecting people’s reputations online. It’s called online reputation management, and Darius Fisher is at the forefront of this industry whose goal it is to protect your online presence from negativity.

Online reputation is a huge part of business these days. May people look at reviews of products and services before they make a purchase or decide to go somewhere. Having an appealing image online is a necessity to drive sales and to bring new business to a store or company.

The people at Status labs know the remedy to online reputation problems. This smart company is helping other businesses all over the world protect their online image. Led by Darius Fisher, the company sweeps all online negativity under the rug.

Aimed at improving the perceptions of a company, Status Labs has the formula for clearing away the clouds of negativity that can envelop a business from the web. It may require a clean slate, or a fresh starting point, but Darius and his team have fought for many companies to keep their image healthy on the web.

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A Brazilian Voice: Jaime Garcia Dias

- Author: steph

It’s difficult to get an idea what another culture is like from without. Even another city in one’s own country becomes impossible to understand unless some local sheds light on the situation. A man from Wyoming going to New York isn’t going to come up with anything integral to the New York lifestyle if he only spends a few weeks there and talks to the people around him but scantily. In the same way, a New Yorker probably won’t get a good idea of Wyoming if he just spends a few weeks out there. And neither of these Americans will have any idea what to make of Brazil from a short trip or perusal of available internet materials. It either takes living in the area, or absorbing information from those that have lived in such an area, to truly understand it. But thankfully, it isn’t impossible to get an idea of these regions, because authors like Jaime Garcia Dias exist.

Jaime Garcia Dias has been writing for thirty years, and producing videos for almost as long. Born in the seventies, Dias grew up in Rio de Janeiro and was able to observe its diversity firsthand. Dias’ father was already a very well-respected writer in his own right, and his mother was an architect of no little quality. Between the two, Dias got the education he needed and the voice which would eventually become so prolific in the Brazilian literary scene. By the age of fifteen, Dias had already embarked on his first fictional writing. By the age of twenty-five, he was tweeting about Brazilian literature, and teaching literature at a prominent Brazilian literary academy geared at teaching kids out of high school how to become good writers. He taught there five years, and eventually became president of the same institution. During that time, he authored some twenty books. Books which have become famous across Brazil.

Dias writes in a number of capacities, too including his WordPress blog. He’s not bound strictly to fiction–though, realistically, fiction is the best translator. People understand fiction better than fact because obliquely it brings its truths before their eyes such that consciousness can’t immediately reject them. A good plot is bound in solid truths the author is working very hard to teach the reader. Now these truths can be communicated in non-fiction, but it’s often more difficult. That said, Dias excels at this too. His most recent book is a compilation of articles he wrote on a weekly basis for a prominent newspaper in Rio de Janeiro. The articles deal primarily with his childhood, and really show the truth of Brazil and Rio in a way no northerner or westerner could ever fully understand, were it not for Dias’ exceptionally profound style of writing. Jaime Garcia Dias is truly a brilliant Brazilian voice.

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Factors That Make Sergio Cortes The Greatest Michael Jackson Impersonator

- Author: steph

Michael Jackson was a superstar in his own right. That is why he was referred as the Pop King. His talents were not only in singing but he also had electrifying dance moves. Michael Jackson’s shows were filled to capacity with his fans thronging the venues in thousands. As a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, Michael Jackson inspired many people including impersonators. Currently, there are several Michael Jackson impersonators but there is none that can be compared to Sergio Cortes.
Sergio Cortes is without a doubt the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Just like other great Michael Jackson fans, Sergio Cortes was so heartbroken by the death of Michael Jackson. For a while, he contemplated quitting performing but started again after overwhelming requests from fans. Sergio Cortes started the art of impersonating Michael Jackson when he was a child. At the time, his mother recognized and told him that he looked like Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes grew up loving Michael Jackson thus imitating everything he did. He started out as a fan singing and dancing to the broadcasts of the Jackson five. He realized that he could make impersonating a career owing to his similar looks to Michael Jackson.
There are several reasons that make Sergio Cortes stand out from the rest of the Michael Jackson impersonators. His singing ability is similar to Michael Jackson’s and he is able to hit all the voice codes of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes also dances like Michael Jackson and because of exemplary performances; he has been invited to perform in many shows across the world. His shows are well attended because of his ability to stage a complete show with a band having backup singers and dancers. Within the social networks, Sergio Cortes has the highest number of followers when compared to other Michael Jackson Impersonators.
With a career that started when reporters requested for photo session when he was a teenager, Sergio has gone on to build a strong brand as the best Michael Jackson Impersonator. He has been invited to make appearances in several television shows. Sergio has appeared in the American Idol television series in many countries. He has also been interviewed by leading television shows. His successes have been made possible because he has appealed to many people across the world with his similarity to Michael Jackson. Michael may have passed away 6 years ago but Sergio Cortes makes him live on through his performances.

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Learning from Contributors of Wikipedia

November 4, 2015 - Author: steph

When providing Wikipedia pages on any given topic, it is important to do it in an ethical way. Many people who have never contributed a Wikipedia page do not know how to do it in a way that is appropriate to Wikipedia and the topic that they are making contributions on. For this reason, it is important to find sources that one could learn from. There are fortunately a ton of sources of information on Wikipedia contribution. There are many pages that talk about creating and editing a Wikipedia page. They are rich sources of information in which one could learn all of the do and don’ts of contributing to Wikipedia.

There are many different pieces of advice on contributing to Wikipedia publishers. They will tell new contributors where to start, what they are up against, and how to work around their obstacles. Before one could edit a Wikipedia page, he does have to be signed up to Wikipedia. He also has to make sure that he is logged into an account. Among the pieces of advice is for one to choose topics in which he has no strong feelings.

Even one who is an expert of contributing and editing the bets Wikipedia pages will find himself overwhelmed with what goes into editing a Wikipedia page. Therefore, he is going to need help with editing and maintaining his own page. Get Your Wiki can provide the needed assistance to people who have a full schedule and can’t provide and maintain a good Wikipedia page due to having to deal with other aspect business. Get Your Wiki is specialized in refining and keeping the Wikipedia pages of their clients in good shape.

Due to the free nature of people being able to edit Wikipedia pages with any type of comments, Get Your Wiki has seen a need for some assistance in making sure that the Wikipedia pages are representing the topic in a way that the original contributor wants to have it represented. If there is one thing that could be frustrating and even scary, it is how one could check Wikipedia and find that some strange piece of content that is either irrelevant, inaccurate or outright insulting has been added to the Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki takes care of that issue right away.

Wikipedia writing is one of the most popular online activities since Wikipedia is one of the most popular sites for any type of information. It is considered an authority on a wide variety of topics.

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