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The Journey of Kevin Seawright to Newark, NJ

February 12, 2016 - Author: steph

Kevin Seawright transitioned from public service to private enterprise as Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. His years of experience and unique talents are having a positive effect on the city of Newark. His ability to think outside the box allows him the flexibility to take advantage of Newark’s natural assets. Working directly with city officials his economic growth plan is showing results.

The plan involves using financial funds as a stepping-stone to city growth. It includes extending small business loans to individuals, expanding high-speed internet access and building on the cities strategic location with improved port railroads and highways. Over 3,000 students benefit yearly from an aggressive summer employment program that sets the stage for them to get more involved in future development projects.

Kevin Seawright has a long history in economic growth and development. At the age of 12, living in Philadelphia, his family encouraged him to become involved in a Philadelphia youth program to better the community. He experienced the satisfaction of changing inner city lives for the better. That satisfaction and sense of accomplishment remains his strongest motivation in his current position.

Prior to his transition into the private sector, his interview with Local Talk News showed Kevin+ served in a variety of government positions in Baltimore, Maryland. His experience in operational management, human resources and recruitment efforts helped him develop his straightforward management style. He worked on revamping account management programs, engaged in collective bargaining, created educational programs and managed millions of dollars.

His broad spectrum of management expertise taught him to embrace traditional programs that prove successful. However, it also taught him the flexibility to develop and use creative new solutions that work better and more efficiently than the old ones in spurring city growth. Kevin spoke of his willingness to continue participation in formal and informal educational opportunities helps keep him on the cutting edge of management practices. Creative new methods and advanced technology keeps him at the top of his game.  In addition to everything else, Kevin is a huge lover of music, and that continues to fuel his creativity in his job.

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Lacrosse Training, Flight Experience, Photos And Videos Of Jon Urbana

- Author: steph

Jon Urbana is a man who has achieved great success and prowess in many industries. The list of his accomplishments is long. It is worth taking a moment to think critically about his life because it is an inspiring journey that Jon has taken us on with his videos and photography documenting his journey each step of the way. Jon Urbana has received recognition for his experience and training in aviation by the FAA. He has also led incredible business ventures, such as the training camp for lacrosse that he co-founded in Colorado.

Video And Photography

Jon’s short films are available on his Vimeo account. They document some of the most extraordinary sights that Jon has seen, so it is worth taking a look at because you will definitely see something new on his Vimeo. His Twitter content ranges from natural sights of moose and flying through the clouds to more artistic videos that are creative and genius in their design.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Photography is one of the many creative outlets that showcase Jon’s skills in perception and visual imagery. He showcases his work on his Instagram. If you are interested in seeing his visual imagery, his Instagram is chocked full of delightful pieces. He has an amazing way of capturing the simplicity of cooking and foods that no other photography can match.


Aviation Career

Few pilots are lucky enough to receive the same recognition as Jon Urbana received at a young age. He was acknowledged by the FAA, which is one of the highest acknowledgments that a pilot can receive. How Jon found the time and patience on Product Hunt to get his pilot’s license while keeping busy with so many other engaging activities is beyond understanding. He was recognized by the FAA for his safety procedures and background clearances, giving him a spot in the Airmen Certification Database.

Business Ventures

Lacrosse has always been a joyous pastime for Jon Urbana. He played lacrosse growing up. He found that a lacrosse training camp was needed in his home state. He founded the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youth training opportunities.

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Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG on the Forbes List of Top American MBA Schools

February 11, 2016 - Author: steph
Getting your MBA is a way to tell future employers that you value education; you intend to lead a respectful life and you’d be an asset to their organization.

Many students choose to study for their MBA degrees in the United States at prestigious Ivy League schools, because professionals recognize these credentials all over the world. However, these degrees are expensive and the coursework is challenging. Students must also pay $110,000 to $140,000 per year to attend these schools. They must also pass their Graduate Management Admission Test, (the GMAT); with scores of 720 or higher.

However, you can enter a cheaper, less prestigious American school with a GMAT score of 700 or higher. Unfortunately though, you might sacrifice some name recognition and other benefits if you choose the cheaper route.

The most respected US business schools in order of status are:

1. Stanford Business School: expect to pay $126,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 7% of students graduate from Stanford Business School.

2. Harvard Business School: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from Harvard Business School.

3. The Booth School of Business: expect to pay $128,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Booth School of Business.

4. The Warton School of Business: expect to pay $137,000 every year, and have a 728 or better on your GMAT. Only 20% of students graduate from The Warton School of Business.

5. The Haas School of Business: expect to pay $110,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 13% of students graduate from The Haas School of Business.
6. The Tuck School of Business: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from The Tuck School of Business.

7. The Yale School of Management: expect to pay $124,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Yale School of Business.

8. The Kellogg School of Management: expect to pay $127,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Kellogg doesn’t make graduate percentages public.

9. Columbia Business School: expect to pay $136,000 every year, and have a 716 or better on your GMAT. Only 18% of students graduate from Columbia Business School.

10. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business: expect to pay $131,000 every year, and have a 710 or better on your GMAT. Only 10.8% of students graduate from The Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Follow Ricardo Guimarães on Twitter.

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How Important Is Online Reputation Management

February 5, 2016 - Author: steph

A World Economic Forum study has determined that 25 percent of a company’s market value can be tied to their reputation. Yet many companies are not prepared for this situation, especially when it comes to online review management of customer ratings and reviews that exist on third party websites.
With half of the planet’s population online, brand recognition can become a key component of how a company is perceived. Online reputation can determine conversion rates just as much, or maybe more than factors like search engines and content.
The dynamics that impact on conversion includes:

Social Media–Social media has grown so much that there are more than 207 sites around the world.
Total Control–Generation Y customers want to be in control of the purchases they make.
Opinions–Review sites can make or break a company’s reputation.
Security and Privacy—This is a major concern for online consumers.
Online Reputation Management can be a way of paving the way for an organization to be seen as positive, and a company you can buy from with confidence.
Failure to react to negative reputation factors can create a disaster for a company. An example is MNC, a food and beverage company that was slow to react to negative publicity regarding its environmental policies. This gave the impression that the company was complacent, which resulted in highly negative backlash, MNC was forced to suspend activity on their public web page to counteract the impact of the backlash.
With online reputation becoming such a vital factor it has spawned a new industry. It’s called online reputation management specialist. Once such company is Status Labs. One of their specialties is to keep a company;s online reputation constantly on the positive side of the ledger, Status Labs will manage search engine results in order to enhance their client’s status on the internet.
The company has grown to the point that they represent 1500 clients, which includes Fortune 100 brands and public figures.
If negative information is out there about a client Status Labs can develop a plan to remove such negative content, and replace it with more favorable search engine results.

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Philip Diehl on US Money Reserve and Gold Industry

February 3, 2016 - Author: steph


Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, did a podcast recently where he delved in to the gold market and how to get started investing. He asserts that gold bullion coins are the best, and most approachable way to get started investing in precious metals. The coins, particularly those distributed by US Money Reserve, are backed by the United States government so customers are guaranteed to get what they paid for. This is not always the case with other forms of gold, which are not considered legal tender either. Recently, some gold rounds that came in from overseas distributors were discovered to be counterfeit. The weight and purity of each coin will be at the exact level that they order or their money back.

US Money Reserve is known industry-wide for their superior return policy, going above and beyond to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied. This commitment to customer service starts at the top. From his time as director of the US Mint Diehl has always obsessed over doing everything for the customer. He eventually led the government operation to receiving customer service score on par with the best in private industry. Now, he has taken those ideas and brought them to US Money Reserve. It shows at all levels of staff in the company from the sales force to the back office workers.

Diehl recommends that investors use gold as a form of wealth insurance. The precious metal has been used for thousands of years to do so and he sees no reason why this trend will not continue. Although there are always short-term peaks and valleys with any investment, Diehl encourages those who invest in gold to embrace a long-term horizon.

There are a few factors that Diehl believe will make gold a very attractive investment in the coming years. Primarily the rise of the middle class in BRIC countries will create a strong increase in demand for gold. Also, rising political uncertainty worldwide will force a rise in the desire for a safe place to store wealth.

Finally, Diehl believes that the dollar has reached its peak and will begin to decline in the coming years. When this happens it will force the price of gold down in other countries and give buyers a great opportunity to get in at very low prices.

Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter for constant updates on the gold and precious metals markets.

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Withdrawal of the Olympic Valley Incorporation to the Glee of Andy Wirth

February 1, 2016 - Author: steph

The epic drought has made life difficult for the communities in Lake Tahoe. Additionally, the small enterprises and the winter resort have also suffered due to the drought. In addition to the natural calamity, political difficulties have also emerged. The incorporation battle over Olympic Valley has caused more tension for Squaw Valley resort and the winter sports.
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC has received help from Mother Nature through the early storms and the cold climate. The help saw Squaw and other neighboring resorts open earlier than was intended. The new developments have been a relief to Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski. The incorporation backers have also eased off and officially withdrawn their incorporation bid. This information was published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.
Prior to the withdrawal, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had spent a huge amount of time and resources in opposing the move. The move would have led to decrease in services and increase in taxes for business owners and residents. Andy added that the incorporation would have resulted in the isolation of Olympic Valley from the pool of resources that is shared by the north shore communities.
The incorporation supporters accused the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings of having selfish agendas. The incorporation had proposed plans of building a gondola that connects Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley area. In the proposal, there were plans for developing the commercial and residential real estate.
The backers claimed that the Squaw Valley Holdings were afraid of being answerable to the town Council and chose to go direct to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for land use issues. Despite the claims made by the incorporation organizer Fred Ilfield, The Local Agency Formation Commission of California decided that the town was not financially viable for the project.
Andy Wirth is an alumnus of Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. He holds the position of president and Chief executive officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Through Andy’s effort, the ski area has become the top tourist destination globally. Mr. Wirth has also involved himself in community service and environmental projects around the Lake Tahoe area.
Andy suffered a sky diving accident that saw his arm torn off from its sockets. Andy co founded the Wounded Warrior Support. The Iron man team was formed in honor of the Navy Seals and the team contributes funds to the Navy Seal Foundation. Andy is the chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Presents a Wonderful Illusion

January 28, 2016 - Author: steph
In the world of Michael Jackson impersonators Sergio Cortes stands out as a giant because he has become such a prolific performer on stage. When he makes a decision to go on tour he brings dancers and background singers. He also hits the stage accompanied by musicians. This is not the ordinary MJ impersonator. This is someone that is much different. He is doing his very best to bring the essence of Michael Jackson to the stage. It has become his livelihood, and he knows that he is going to help heal the pain of those fans that have lost one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

As a man a lot of time trying to perfect the moves of Michael Jackson, Sergio has become a very interesting person to watch. In many interviews he has stated that he has studied Jackson in many ways that the average impersonator would fail to take notice of. Most people that have worked as a Michael Jackson impersonator will only perform a couple of songs for appearances in the same place. They do not move from one location to another. There are few impersonators to travel the way that Sergio Cortes has been able to for his MJ tribute tours.

Cortes has become someone that is big in the social media world. He has followers was both on Twitter and Facebook. All of this comes from people around the world that are spreading the news about this one-of-a-kind impersonator. According to R7, Sergio has done his best to keep the illusion alive on and off stage. When he’s on stage she wears the wardrobe that people can recognize from the Michael Jackson videos. He also has the dance moves there are spot on with what Jackson did when he was alive. There is a greater impersonation, however, that is happening when Sergio is not on stage.

They are a few MJ impersonators that actually look like Jackson so Sergio has the upper hand on all of the competition. He bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson, and many fans that see him just have to take a picture with him. They make a point to discuss his appearance on line as much as his actual performances on stage. The fact that he looks so much like the entertainer that is impersonating makes this an even better illusion to the fans that loved Michael Jackson.

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Brad Reifler’s Debut In The Business World

January 27, 2016 - Author: steph

Brad Reifler has no doubt achieved a lot when compared to his peers in the financial capital management niche. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Management, a well-respected advisory board that provides expert professional guidance in the Forex and commodities markets. Being in the business for not less than 30 years, Brad is qualified, passionate and very committed to his job. He graduated with a Political Science and Economics degree from Bowdoin College and after graduating, he started his first company named after himself, Reifler Trading that had a special emphasis on matters related to global derivatives.

Out of being in a position to manage very well, the company carved a very strong niche for itself and the biggest futures company of that time, Refco had to buy it. After selling his maiden company, Brad did not look back. This is one of the many reasons why many refer to him as one the most serial businessmen of the commodity markets and Forex worlds.

He went ahead and started Pali Capital and for not less than 13 years, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. His magic touch in business management did so well such that he was able to make over $200 million in profits. The company also had offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and Australia.

He is currently an adviser and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory, a company that is offering rather unique services. It provides specialized and unique advice to traders in the Forex and commodity markets. Contrary to what many similar companies do, Forefront Advisory does not advice on the most appropriate investment decision a trader has to take.I t takes into deep consideration the trader’s insight and combines it with the market experience it has to offer training that will enable the trader to make a better informed decision.

Reifler has also written extensively on matters related to the financial, Forex and commodities worlds. His articles speak extensively on the different investment degrees have been featured extensively on major publications like Yahoo Finance, Reuters News and even Market Watch.

He also continues to play his role as a very outspoken member when it comes to helping people make better and more sound investment decisions. The world no doubt needs more people like him. People who believe and achieve, people who can be relied upon to walk the talk when it comes to delivering on matters that others deem complex.

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Good Reasons for Hiring a Wikipedia Writing Service Abound

- Author: steph

Creating a Wikipedia page to support an overall online marketing strategy is a good plan for entrepreneurs. Putting the writing task in the hands of an amateur is not a good idea. A far better approach is to contact a solid Wikipedia writing service to have the work done. There are only upsides to working with a professional writing service.

Anyone with the enthusiasm to write his or her own Wikipedia page may get kudos for self-motivation. The problem is the finished result has to be acceptable to the Wikipedia community of editors and readers. Sometimes, the best way to achieve the result is to turn the task over to a professional with experience and talent.

There are two entities at work and both have different goals. The entrepreneur is looking to promote a business. Wikipedia is interested in publishing factual content. These goals can come together or they could conflict. Which goal is achieved is going to be based on the finished result. 

Material that is too overly promotional or veers into advertising text is banned under Wikipedia’s rules. The content can have promotional value by presenting information to the public, but any direct sales pitches to the public are just not allowed. A writer who understands how to make a business look good while not violating terms.

Basics do count as well. The content does have to be well-written, effectively composed, easy to read, and comprehensive. Stuffing the page with a lot of random facts is not going to appeal to readers. The best Wikipedia entries are one that have a nice, smooth flow to the wording. Even though the site is an online encyclopedia, a lot of people want to be entertained by what they read. A good Wikipedia writer knows exactly how to produce an entry that does so.

Get Your Wiki is a service that serves up full-service Wikipedia writing and editing. Monitoring this is available. Monitoring means the page is frequently checked on to make sure no harmful edits are made. Since Wikipedia is an open-source community, anyone can edit the text. Monitoring the page is necessary to cut down on spam or unhelpful content. Get Your Wiki can do this and more.

Spinning one’s wheels to create the perfect Wikipedia page is not a smart plan nor is it a good use of time and resources. Outsource the work to those in the know instead.

Get a glimpse into their services from this review:


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Jon Urbana’s Blog Celebrates Art and Culture

- Author: steph

Jon Urbana is never going to slow down when it comes to keeping his blog filled with interesting content. Photo art always makes a grand appearance on the former lacrosse player’s profile for personal expression. The arts really do take up a lot of space and this is a good thing, especially after his amazing run at Villanova where he led the lacrosse team to so many wins it’s hard to keep track. Anyone with a love for intriguing visuals will find Jon Urbana’s flight career worth checking up on.


Photo art of food is capable of being very visually stunning for Urbana, the man behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Speaking of which, Jon Urbana announced that you can now register for 2016. The announcement first came to light through a LinkedIn update, but word quickly spread to Twitter and his other social media channels (

Just look at “Il Tagliere” for proof of that assessment. Yes, Italian cheese and cured meat does have a visual splendor when photographed with an attention to aesthetics. Creating such photo art is not easy, which is why the material rises to the level of being called art. Fine art is not the only culturally-rich subject on Jon Urbana’s Twitter. He likes to promote his audio work and these files are not exclusive to just music, but they also find themselves on Jon’s CrunchBase biography. A link to a SoundCloud file highlighting a seminar series on the Vikings is shared with readers of the blog. A little bit of history is recreated on the file and the history is worth revisiting.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

A website that Urbana updates does not only highlight fine foods. Fine beverages get a nice display from time to time. “Cold Cream with Coffee” rests on top of a fine wooden table. The way the photographer captures such simple imagery as he raises money for Earth Force is original and affects those around him on a powerful level (Bloomberg Businessweek).

Who would think the way beverages are packaged has artistic potential? Upon seeing the photo of “Boxes of Ligurian Wine“, the question is answered in the most definitive manner possible. The boxes might seem mundane when examined individually. Stacked in the way they are in the photo and captured in a brilliant manner by the photographer, things change. The boxes become pure art.

Anyone with a craving for “Fresh Pasta with Egg” might find a craving for great photo art satiated. The brightness of light in the photo really does bring out the wonder of the simple breakfast.

No one ever knows what to expect on Jon Urbana’s blog. That is a very good thing.

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