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Ryan Seacrest Entertains The World

June 22, 2018 - Author: steph

Ryan Seacrest at age 43, but looking younger, is a bi-coastal traveler. His New York residence is because he is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. He has often shared his syndicated radio show (On Air with Ryan) schedule with Kelly Ripa who has also appeared on his show which he produces. On the West Coast Ryan is the producer of the Kardashians and American Idol.

He is a Hollywood cephalopod with multiple tentacles that also extends into fashion with his own skin care line and a sleek clothing line. Ryan makes everything that he does look easy. Ryan said that his earlier mentor Dick Clark who told him that if people think you are relaxed and comfortable in what you are doing, they will portray you as just that.

Nothing of what Ryan Seacrest does is an easy gig. In all of his producing, writing, editing, and directing positions on his TV shows, radio show, et. al, he is handling moving parts that don’t call for a rest. Ryan is on runways jockeying for interview time with celebrities, listening and taking directions from other producers, keeping contestants calm and relaxed, and so on and so on.

He explains to how he carves out time for himself when he can. Ryan says that he tries to keep certain daily regiments like exercising. When he travels, he brings his trainer with him to keep that schedule. His family, significant other, and friends ensures that he eats well which he loves, especially on Friday and through the weekend.

The staff and contestants on his music TV shows say that Ryan Seacrest is a consummate professional with a heart. When something goes awry during a live telephone performance, the contestants say that Ryan just rolls with the punches, even inserting a joke to lighten the mood at the moment and projecting a sense of being in complete control.

Ryan founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a media center that is located in pediatric hospitals. Involving children and their parents in broadcasting programs helps in the healing of the children. The centers are called Seacrest Studios that provides patients programming through a closed-circuit network right into their rooms.

Follow Ryan here:

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Fortress Investment Group conveyance and its achievements

June 18, 2018 - Author: steph

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and best investment firms in the worldwide. It has contributed to the growth and development of a large number of private firms and other investors in the world through its investment services such as advisory services that are offered by its staffs that are experienced and have vast knowledge about finance and investment sector. The Fortress Investment group was started in 1998 meaning that it has extensive experience in the industry. It uses its expertise to ensure maximum satisfaction of its clients throughout the world, and this is one of the factors that have contributed to the growth of its market share over the years in the global market.It is easy to access the Fortress Investment Group Services since they have a variety of social media platforms where the clients can access them when they are in need.

Besides, the Fortress Investment group has a large number of branches in various countries.This has enabled the company to extend its services to a large population of their clients. Because of its reliability and credibility ion the investment sector, Fortress Investment can be regarded as one of the firms that have contributed significantly to economic growth and development of various countries through the provision of employment opportunities. And through the flourishment of multiple investments which leads to increase in the Gross Domestic Product of numerous countries where their clients are located.Fortress Investment has had a vast number of achievements since it was launched. One of the most significant results starting its shares in the New York Stock Exchange Market and it is at that time that it was regarded as the first largest private equity firm in the United States that was being traded publicly.

Besides, the firm has also won a significant number of awards some of them being the hedge fund manager of the year award by the institutional investor, the credit-focused fund of the year, management firm of the year by HFMWeek as well as the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year by the institutional investor. Any investor looking forward to choose the best investment firm focusing on liquid markets, private equity, traditional asset management, credit, and their investment advisory services, Fortress Investment group is an example of the firms that they should consider for those services. It has proved its credibility and reliability to many investors for many years meaning that when it comes to the satisfaction of its clients, it never disappoints.

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How Sheldon Lavin built a name in the field industry despite having background training in Finance

June 14, 2018 - Author: steph

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group joined the meat industry 43 years ago after having a successful career in banking sector. The CEO also owned a consulting firm before Sheldon Lavin joining OSI Group. He has and continues to play a major role in promoting the expansion of the company into the international markets. Under his leadership, OSI group has recently acquired several companies like the Flagship Europe and Baho Food. Through these acquisitions, Sheldon Lavin hopes that their company will bring their modern food processing to the new countries.

Sheldon has succeeded in converting the organization into the international food suppliers it is now. The CEO first joined the meat industry around 43 years ago when the corporation was known as Otto & Sons where he served as the finance officer. He was among the key players when the Otto & Sons sought to invest abroad. During this period, Sheldon Lavin along other two sons was appointed as partners after their father retired. Later, Sheldon made a decision to join the company on a full-time basis. The decision was arrived at after being impressed by the firm’s business culture and the strategies employed by the company.

The OSI Group has over 20,000 staff located in various parts of the globe in more than 65 food processing facilities that they manage in seventeen countries. The company has low employee turnover due to the advantages of corporate family-oriented culture that ensures the long stay of the workers. In 1970, the company embarked on the quest to invest in international specifically in Europe and North America. By the year 1980, the company had entered the markets in South America and Taiwan. Later, the company opened up branches in Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, and China. With these expansions, Sheldon Lavin had achieved 100 percent of the firm’s voting control. The OSI Group as per now has over 60 facilities in around 16 nations in all continents. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

The CEO is a very active philanthropist who is involved in various charities such as Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, and Evans Scholarship Fund among many others. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has won vital awards such as the Globe of Honor Award presented to the group by the British Safety Council. The CEO has also won awards with the recently won being the Global Visionary Award awarded to him by India’s Vision World Academy.

For More info:

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Sightsavers Is Working To End Trachoma Globally

June 8, 2018 - Author: steph

Recently, the CEO of Sightsavers spoke at the TED 2018 conference in Vancouver, Canada. Caroline Harper addressed an audience that included hundreds of tech entrepreneurs, leading thinkers, scientists and activists such as herself. She had a pair of tweezers hanging from a chain necklace around her neck. It symbolizes a potentially debilitating disease called trachoma.

This disease is the leading cause of blindness in the world. It is not malnutrition, war or poverty that is the biggest cause of blindness, but rather a bacterial infection called trachoma. This bacterial disease is highly contagious. It is now estimated that over 180 million people are at risk for developing this disease.

Most cases of trachoma occur due to poor hygiene. INGOs such as Sightsavers are working alongside other NGOs such as the World Health Organization and local officials in countries where people are at risk of developing trachoma. The disease is simple to prevent and often easy to cure.

The main reason why trachoma continues to exist is that people in rural and isolated communities may lack access to proper sanitation facilities and clean water. They may also lack awareness and education about the importance of good hygiene. The infections can also spread rapidly and decimate entire populations with blindness.

Trachoma does not cause blindness right away. Instead, it creates scar tissue under a person’s eyelid. After multiple infections this causes eyelashes to grow towards the eyes. The eyelashes then rub against the cornea. After a while, the eyelashes can wear away the cornea and damage it. If the damage is severe then blindness results.


Tweezers are used to pull the eyelashes away from the eyes to prevent irritation in the eyes. The relief is often temporary. Killing the bacteria responsible for the infection and practicing proper hygiene is the only real way to eliminate and control this disease.


Trachoma is not a new disease either. The ancient Egyptians were afflicted with the disease. Carolina Harper of Sightsavers now says that we can eliminate this disease from the world in our time. The only thing stopping us is a lack of resources to pursue this effort.


Thanks to modern technology, health officials can now monitor, record and transmit data about trachoma and hygiene more readily than ever before. Support from international groups such as Sightsavers and the World Health Organization is also aiding efforts. With enough funding and outreach, it truly is possible to eliminate a disease the has blinded millions of people throughout the ages.

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Meet the Investment Genius: Louis Chenevert

June 7, 2018 - Author: steph

The success of Louis Chenevert is one that surprised everyone in the state. It led to the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) being named as the most profitable business in the USA. This was due to the wise decisions that Chenevert made for UTC. The legacy that he left in the company has led to many people reading about his mechanisms and applying them to their businesses. Even the current CEO of UTC finds it wise to apply some of his methods of operating a business to maintain the high standards of the company that Louis set.

Louis Chenevert says that among the factors that led to the success of the company is the fact that he chose the right team to complete his tasks. He says that no one can accomplish the goals of an organization without the support of a great team. He advises the young investors to invest in their team to see that they can diligently complete the tasks delegated to them.

As we grow, we get to experience many things, and we may feel there are better ways to handle the way we do our jobs. For Louis Chenevert, if he was to make any changes in the way he does his work, he could treat the internal politics of the firm differently. He further explains that there are two groups in the company; those aligned with the agendas of the company and the other group that is always against the agendas of a firm. Chenevert advises the young investors to ignore the latter group and move on with the focused group. He ends by saying that the naysayers always join in when the project is successful.

Louis Chenevert says that many factors led to his success as the CEO of UTC. He says it is hard to point out one of his attributes that facilitated this. However, he says that for one to be successful, they have to have relentless focus.

Louis Chenevert is currently pursuing his interests and spending time with his family. He is living a semi-retired life and working as a financial advisor at Goldman Sachs.

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Milan Kordestani – Founder And Owner Of Milan Farms And An Innovator

June 6, 2018 - Author: steph

Born in Stanford, California, Milan Kordestani spent a good part of his life there. After his parents divorced, Milan Kordestani migrated to London with his family in 2009. While in London, England, he attended the Eaton Square School. Returning to the Bay Area in Stanford, California, in 2010, he continued his early studies and graduated in 2017, from Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton.

At the tender age of 10, Milan Kordestani rode horses. While riding a horse on a riding trail one day, he was thrown off the horse. Not allowing the incident to deter him from riding horses, he mounted a horse and rode back to the campgrounds. Milan Kordestani was not terrified by the incident like other children would. Betts Coup (from the National Horseman), says that Milan Kordestani possesses a form that is natural when it comes to riding horses. He works hard and is dedicated to the sport of riding horses. Milan challenges himself with a desire to ride horses that are world-class. He has a strong desire and a determination to win blue ribbons.

Milan Kordestani has accomplished, in a small amount of time, goals that are of a great magnitude in the sports of horse racing. In a few years, Milan Kordestani began taking riding instructions in Atherton. An accomplishment that Milan Kordestani achievement was when he won the first leg of the triple crown in 2015, on his horse named CH His Supreme Reflection. After that accomplishment, he won a ranking (fourth-place) at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. Nationally, he achieved the 3rd. place title on a national level of the American Royal. This was the third leg of the triple crown.

Becoming second at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in 2016, in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure category was quite an accomplishment for young Milan Kordestani.

Milan Kordestani’s accomplishments include founding Milan Farms. This was done in high school during his sophomore years. The company, Milan Farms, produces chickens, saffron, and eggs by connecting with many farmers nationwide. Milan became the first to use saffron to produce a spice called hydroponically, using microfiber sponges.


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The Thrill of Running a Successful Marketing Campaign With Talk Fusion

June 4, 2018 - Author: steph

One thing that is thrilling is starting a business. One of the most thrilling aspects of this is the thought that one is actually doing this. However, the next thrill is a much bigger thrill. This is the thrill of succeeding. One of the reasons that this is a much greater thrill than just starting a business is that it is the validation a marketer needs. However, the path to success from starting can be a really hard path. Therefore, it is important for people to find a tool that is going to help them. Fortunately, they have a tool in Talk Fusion.


One of the reasons that people should use Talk Fusion is that it has the right type of features that marketers need to get to the next level of success at a quicker rate. People who have the skills to make videos and send them are going to be the ones that are going to get the clicks. This is the same even with social media marketing. If one takes the time to record videos and release them online, then they are going to have a much easier time connecting with customers that are going to buy the products or services they are promoting.


One of the best things about making the sales and earning a living from one’s own business is that it solidifies that he is competent and able to make money without having to be at the mercy of a tyrannical boss. He can set his own hours and work at what he likes doing. He’ll also have an inspiring story. With Talk Fusion he will be able to share his story and inspire others to do something that is very similar to what he has done. Talk Fusion encourages people to be creative. Learn more:

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Lessons I’ve Learned from Anil Chaturvedi

May 31, 2018 - Author: steph

The stock industry has recently risen allowing miners and bankers to gain. As the other markets rose with s one point zero three, the Indian one rose even higher; this happened before the opening of the US financial market.

The rise caused by high technology which has brought about speculation of low payment by those who have invested heavily. The reduction of inflation with a six point five percent from eight point four three percent.

Allocation of three hundred million dollars by the World Bank released it as funding for renewable energy for India. As India prepares to work with the Europeans, it makes it easier for both parties to trade.

India has a favorable market, Europe wants to risk doing business in Asia; if it works out well, both can gain immeasurably. Big companies like Amazon have increased a lot since its entrance into the Indian market.

Companies in India who want to start a business should first brand and put up prices that are reasonable. It also applies to companies who went outside to trade and now want to come back; they should take key measure in implementing their strategies to have a good market share.

Indian companies have offered their customers low prices for their product which comes with a discount; this makes it difficult for the market to grow. Lack of branding has also resulted in this; most companies don’t brand their product.

The AECAL has taught business owners on how to brand and price their products, to create room for healthy competition. With the use of a smartphone, more than five million users can access a product online by either ordering or view it, business owners will also be able to track market prices of different products and will be able to decide on how to sell their product.

Tax in

India’s tax needs to be regulated as there is potential in the market. Anil and his investors have done trade in various types of business in India and currently focusing on the e-commerce industry which is doing well in Asia.

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Ryan Seacrest and His Battle With Weight Loss

May 30, 2018 - Author: steph

Ryan Seacrest is well-known in today’s pop-culture because he’s been the host of the popular show American Idol, produced many hit TV and radio shows, and is a host on KIIS FM, featuring “Ryan’s Roses” in the mornings. Ryan Seacrest was born in Dunwoody, Georgia, and what many people don’t know is that growing up, he was an overweight child. Seacrest, now 38 years old, has been able to lose the weight and uses fitness as a way to remain healthy, slim and less stressed throughout his life.

He recently did an interview with Men’s Journal to share how and why he incorporates fitness into his daily life. Seacrest mentions that scheduling his workouts for the week is essential and doesn’t like to cancel them. He needs to exercise throughout any given day to allow for a more productive week. Sometimes when at work, Seacrest will do brief, light workouts in between commercial breaks, such as push-ups and quick exercises with light weights. Something Seacrest has found to be useful is keeping lockers with a change of gym clothes at his hotels to allow him to fit in quick workouts.

As far as the gym goes, Seacrest spends a minimum of 5 hours per week at the gym. He has a variety of fitness trainers that help guide him in his favorite circuit and core workouts. Seacrest loves to swim and, on some weekends, will go swimming for relaxation and exercise. For healthy snacks, Seacrest enjoys drinking vegetable juices and eating nuts such as almonds or cashews. On the contrary, he also mentions that his favorite cheat meals are things like penne pasta, tacos and pizza. Seacrest opens up about how he grew up as a “chubby kid” and that he was teased for it. Since he remembers the negative feelings that resulted from being teased, Seacrest strives to remain healthy and fit in his adult life.

Seacrest’s Official Social Media Accounts:

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Robert Deignan career path to the start of ATS

May 28, 2018 - Author: steph

In the career path of Robert Deignan started off when he was among one of the people that participated in the co-founding of Fanlink. The start of the company was not for long because after two years of offering their services it was closed. In 2012, he joined iS3 he was providing his services in the company as the executive vice president in the firm, in the company, he worked for nine years and later he left the company. The services that he offered the company was the start of the great things because of the experience that he gained. In the company that deals with proving their services to the people that need digital support that is called Inbound Calls Experts in each, he helped in co-founding.

After a while, the company changed the name, and it’s what is referred to as ATS Digital services now, and Robert Deignan is the CEO of the firm. Robert attended high school at Thomas Aquinas where he studied until he got accepted at the University of Purdue where he attained a degree in organizational leadership. He has worked so hard in getting the needed experiences in the professional and individual life that has helped in his growth. In 2011 that was when ATS was founded this is based in Boca, Raton Florida.

The company is wholly concerned with the products and services that they will offer the customers because they want them to be at the highest level. For the laptops or computer of the clients at ATS, they will ensure that they keep them stable and safe. Because of the services that Robert Deignan offers one of them being leadership that company has been able to deliver just those services. The one thing that will be remembered by so many people is that services that he created and enabling the company to the first one to be given the certification by the AppEstreem Corporation. He cares a lot about the community, and he shows it by offering things to the charitable contributions. As much as the people are accepting technology, the more the company is expanding on daily bases.

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