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Why newer lip balm products are better

August 15, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Lip balms have been expanding into niche products that are more varied and different than ever before and which promise greater relief from chapped and dry lips. The focus for new lip balms has been on more natural and organic ingredients that provide more relief than those petroleum jelly based products that made up the first generation of lip balms.
These petroleum jelly based balms were good at providing moisture to lips but not in keeping lips moist. The initial moisture floats away and needs to be reapplied constantly. Further, there were many artificial additives to these balms which served as an irritant for some users. Newer lip balms eschew these ingredients for a higher quality product.

There are many new lip balms on the market that have many properties that are attractive to users who want long lasting moisture. One of the very best is the Evolution of Smooth which is marketed as EOS on its label. Why this particular brand stuck out to us is due to their high quality ingredients and great application.

EOS used high quality oils in their lip balms including jojoba and coconut oils which provide long lasting moisture that does not fade. EOS only includes all natural ingredients that are primarily sourced organically. This adds to the quality of the balm and helps to insure a good application and moisture barrier.

Of course a brand wouldn’t be able to call themselves the Evolution of Smooth without having a smooth application and it is with this that EOS really shines. Their applicator case is unique and very sanitary and provides for a smooth application that is particularly soothing to the lips. Finally, EOS is available on luckyvitamin in many flavored that can appeal to anybody’s tastes.

There is no need to stick to those old fashioned lip balms that are little more than petroleum jelly. Try the new lip balms out there but start with EOS who really shines. For more info, visit their Linked In and Facebook page.

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