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What You Can Do With Skout

February 9, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Skout is an app that you can find by going either to their home website, or you can browse the iTunes or Google Play stores and download it. You might take a look at skout and think “Why should I get this app? Aren’t apps for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and other dating site apps already in use and already doing all of this?” To some extent yes, but skout was designed on a completely different idea than Facebook. While Facebook is designed primarily for people who already know each other as friends in real life to connect and then grow their network, Skout is for total strangers to find each other and connect without the strings that Facebook might present.

The Skout user interface looks somewhat like a combination of Facebook and Twitter, you can set up your profile, and then see who is online. You can update statuses, upload and send photos, send virtual gifts or winks to people, start a live chat, play games, and just about every other feature you would expect in a social network or dating site. In addition, the app also has a shake-to-chat feature built into it for those who would like to start up a random off-the-wall chat with someone else they haven’t otherwise met yet. Overall, the design of this app while it is primarily geared towards cyber meetings and connecting people online, also is meant to help total strangers who might be closer to each other at any given time, such as in a school, bar, church, mall, or any other public place have a chance to break the ice and carry on a conversation in person.

Skout also takes online safety very seriously and while certainly there is no such thing as being completely safe in a virtual world, Skout does implement some measures to try and make things safer. One way they do this is to try and separate the teens from adults, and no children under 13 are allowed to use this app period. They also want to make sure that only a broad geographic location is listed on a user’s profile as opposed to specific information, and they closely monitor profiles for suspicious behavior, inappropriate photos or messages, spam, and other unethical uses of the site.

Certainly Skout may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to venture into the social media realm of something new, you just might want to try it. Getting started is simple, and once you’ve found your niche, you should feel right at home on it.

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