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Walmart Bakery Makes and ISIS Inspired Cake

June 30, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

A Walmart in Louisiana is apologizing for making a cake inspired by the ISIS flag. A man went into the Walmart store asking to have a cake made to mimic the confederate flag. On the cake he wanted the words “Heritage not hate”. He was later notified that the store would not make this cake. Walmart has recently stated that they will no longer carry confederate flag merchandise.

The man, Mr Chuck Netzhammer, then decided to order a cake that mimicked the black and white ISIS flag. The Walmart bakery did make this cake. Upon receiving his cake he uploaded a video of it online. In the video Mr. Netzhammer discussed the incident and the fact that the ISIS is killing innocent Americans.

According to Amen Clinics, Walmart has since apologized for the cake. Stating that their associate did not know what the cake symbolized, they apparently had no idea that it was the ISIS flag.

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