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Using the Securus Technologies System to Catch the Bad Guys

May 12, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

I work as an inmate fugitive hunter, and my task force is always making use of the latest technologies to try and gain a competitive edge on the suspects. In order for the inmate to make it on the outside, they must have some type of network in place or they will not last a day before tripping up and getting caught.


The best criminals have been planning the escape for a long time, and once outside the jail, they use every resource they can to get as far from the jail as possible. In the past, we have always been in reaction mode, allowing many suspects to get out of the state or country before we ever picked up on their trail. This is the frustrating part of the job, but things have taken a turn for the positive recently with the implementation of the Securus Technologies inmate communication system in our jail.


I was brought in to train on the LBS software and get familiar with how it works. Even though we had suspects already on the run who were not using the phones any longer, there was still chatter with some of the inmates. When a high-ranking gang member escapes, they still are in communication with those in jail, and that is where we first heard some chatter on one suspect we were hunting for.


After his escape, the next day the LBS software picked up on a conversation between two gang members talking about the whereabouts of the suspect and how things were progressing. Although in code, the software was able to give us key information as to another escape that was planned and where these two were going to meet up. We stopped the one escape, and we intercepted the escapee waiting for his partner to arrive thanks to the software.


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