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Uber in PR Nightmare

November 21, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

The past few days have not been a public relations success for Uber. The company that bases its consumer model on offering a car service is struggling to turn their public image around. The problem started when information was leaked about Uber wanting to “dig up dirt” on people who questioned the company.

This strategy was promoted by an executive at the company. He said that while people were allowed to criticize Uber, the company was doing nothing in retaliation. He thought that should change. A female journalist who wrote a few unfavorable items about Uber was targeted. The executive said that Uber should find out what skeletons she has in her closet so that they could silence her.

Now it emerges that this was not a one off incident. This is disturbing for someone like Mark Ahn who has used the service. In a move that is more aligned with politics than business, Uber hired someone with the specific task of finding out information about their competition. The goal was to get enough facts about the opposition they could use to cast them in a bad light.

Uber is working hard to compete with taxi services in different cities. Their model is a successful one and has worked brilliantly in Los Angeles. However, offering a great service does not seem to be enough for Uber executives. They want to put their opposition out of commission in the process.

The public will probably not take kindly to these revelations about Uber and their executives.

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