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March 5, 2018 - Author: steph - 1 Comment

The RealReal, a online brand that sells high-end fashion products, recently announced its intention to expand its in-store experiences, also known as pop up shops, in an effort to duplicate the success of their 2016 pop-up in New York, which reportedly brought in two million dollars for the company. According to Allison Sommer, director of marketing for the company, the average order is six times greater in-store in comparison to online. Their most recent pop-up in San Francisco led to a 500% increase in online buyers over the last year. The RealReal has had much success with these shops, as they believe pop-ups give them a chance to legitimize their brand, resulting in more buyer-seller relationships for the company.

The brand plans on expanding its shops to places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many more in the weeks to come, which will be something to pay attention to, seeing that the company is exploring new markets. The RealReal understands the importance of customer relations, as they continue to try to provide clients with top notch expertise and an even more impressive in-store staff. Since its founding in 2012, The RealReal has obtained 7 million members internationally, as they continue to be the most-funded amongst online luxury resellers. The company has managed to obtain over 120 million in venture funding, making it easier for them to effectively plan these coveted pop-up shops. The company’s CEO, Julie Wainwright, recently expressed her satisfaction with the direction the brand is heading, crediting customer service and quality for the success of the company. In the world of luxury apparel, it can be difficult to survive with the constant conditions of the economy, but TheRealReal has a formula that seems to keep them ahead of their competitors. 2018 has a lot in store for The RealReal, and it should be worth seeing.

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  1. by Dana Jonah

    The fashion industry is one that is experiencing a lot of changes and the competition level has also increased making actors in the industry to sit up. Perhaps can offer more insight on what this fashion firm is actually doing because for what is most important is accessibility to product and some of these industries has failed in that regard.

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