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The Success of Organo Gold

April 27, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

One of the most influential individuals in the world is Bernardo Chua who is the proud owner of Organo Gold, a coffee company that sells health oriented products. Organo Gold specifically delivers products to individuals who find an active lifestyle to be of extreme importance. Facebook shows that Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman that has created his company in the style of a multilevel marketing company in order to attract all individuals to his delicious and new product. Organo Gold was started in 2008 as a gourmet coffee company and since then has attracted millions of consumers to tryout all the coffee options the his company sells that also promote healthy living.

What makes Organo Gold a unique product is the fact that it was created under the premise to promote health living around the world to consumers that would otherwise not be educated on the importance. With the incorporation of a secret ingredient, Organo Gold has grown at an exponential growth as more and more coffee consumers learn of the healthy benefits that this product provides. Bernardo Chua, and his team of experts hope that within the next few years, Organo Gold can continue to be incorporated into businesses around the world.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the special ingredient that is used. This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and has been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years. Scientists have confirmed the many health benefits of Ganoderma and have found that this ingredient increases oxygen levels within the body. The increased oxygen levels not only promote weight loss and a better sleep cycle, but it also enhances the immune system to be stronger than ever. Organo Gold products are enjoyed by consumers early in the morning for a energy boost, in the afternoon, and even at night for a relaxing cup of hot chocolate. The company of Organo Gold is very versatile and provides special products for all points in the day.

With the popularity of Organo Gold, it comes as now surprise that Organo Gold is exponentially expanding around the world. In recent news, Organo Gold has expanded into Turkey which is a new milestone for Organo Gold. This marks Organo Gold’s 39th country that the company has become incorporated with. Bernardo Chua and his company are excited to be involved with Turkey due to the fact that Turkey now provides direct access to countries in Europe and in Asia.  GoLifePro has the full story on Bernardo’s historical move.

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