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The New EOS Vegan Lip Balm

September 26, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

EOS is a product that many people fell in love with, but just as you thought they couldn’t get any better, they come out with a brand new product! Their pastel orb shaped lip balms were a hit, but they’ve now created a new vegan lip balm. This lip balm has the same sphere shape, but the lip balm is clear. There are only two scents for the vegan lip balm so far which is vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. This product is animal byproduct-free and made from natural ingredients. The product launched on the 4th of August and sold out on that same day. People already fell in love with it. They sell for $5.49 a piece and will sell in stores such as Walgreens,, cvs, and target. This new vegan lip balm is already a huge success. People love it! For more info visit

The creators of EOS wanted to make a product that people would love and remember, they didn’t want to just create another typical lip balm. EOS came up with a new and unique sphere shaped lip balm with beautiful pastel colors. They also come in several different flavors for whatever you desire. Everyone fell in love with this one of a kind lip balm!

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