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The Journey of Kevin Seawright to Newark, NJ

February 12, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Kevin Seawright transitioned from public service to private enterprise as Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. His years of experience and unique talents are having a positive effect on the city of Newark. His ability to think outside the box allows him the flexibility to take advantage of Newark’s natural assets. Working directly with city officials his economic growth plan is showing results.

The plan involves using financial funds as a stepping-stone to city growth. It includes extending small business loans to individuals, expanding high-speed internet access and building on the cities strategic location with improved port railroads and highways. Over 3,000 students benefit yearly from an aggressive summer employment program that sets the stage for them to get more involved in future development projects.

Kevin Seawright has a long history in economic growth and development. At the age of 12, living in Philadelphia, his family encouraged him to become involved in a Philadelphia youth program to better the community. He experienced the satisfaction of changing inner city lives for the better. That satisfaction and sense of accomplishment remains his strongest motivation in his current position.

Prior to his transition into the private sector, his interview with Local Talk News showed Kevin+ served in a variety of government positions in Baltimore, Maryland. His experience in operational management, human resources and recruitment efforts helped him develop his straightforward management style. He worked on revamping account management programs, engaged in collective bargaining, created educational programs and managed millions of dollars.

His broad spectrum of management expertise taught him to embrace traditional programs that prove successful. However, it also taught him the flexibility to develop and use creative new solutions that work better and more efficiently than the old ones in spurring city growth. Kevin spoke of his willingness to continue participation in formal and informal educational opportunities helps keep him on the cutting edge of management practices. Creative new methods and advanced technology keeps him at the top of his game.  In addition to everything else, Kevin is a huge lover of music, and that continues to fuel his creativity in his job.

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