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The Inevitable Destruction of Ferguson

November 26, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

The Mike Brown decision was finally announced. Darren Wilson was not indicted, and now Ferguson is burning. As usual, protesters took to the streets, riot police overreacted, and looters took advantage. These situations are becoming a media hyped self-fulfilling prophecy.

The destruction of Ferguson has been widespread, and Rod Rohrich can’t believe it. At least 25 building have burned and multiple stores were looted. The protests have also spread to multiple cities. New York City had protests and the Police Commissioner had fake blood thrown on him. There were also arrests and vandalism in Oakland.

The sad aspect of this situation is that there may be no answer. It is a fact that the black community has been mistreated over the years by the police, but that doesn’t mean we should judge the Mike Brown shooting within that context. A Grand Jury was presented with all the evidence and they made the decision to acquit Darren Wilson. Apparently the lynch mob disagrees even though they were not presented with all the evidence, which by the way is now available online.

A broader lesson that can be taught from this sad episode of event is that people need quit having such strong opinions without evidence. They end up becoming emotionally involved and when the actual evidence comes out they often believe it to be a conspiracy.

Everyone please take a step back. Let the flames die down, and please quit destroying the livelihoods of these small business owners in Ferguson.

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