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The Creative Mind of Fashion Trendsetter Doe Deere

August 17, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

If you are familiar with the self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns,” Doe Deere, then you are familiar with her brightly colored makeup line, Lime Crime, which is a trendy product assortment that is bold and expressive, just like her personality and style.

When she was 17-years old, Doe Deere migrated to New York City with her family from Russia. As a child, she always had dreams of accomplishing great success, which included becoming a musician and performing all over the world. What is impressive about Deere’s visionary mindset, even at an early age, was the fact that she never let her passion for becoming a rockstar interfere with her entrepreneurial spirit. For example, when she was 13-years old she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates for extra cash. This initial business venture taught her valuable lessons about the sales process and the value of good customer service, for she was constantly faced with the challenge of having to convince her classmates that buying a temporary tattoo was a good idea. Fast forward to the future, and she has already accomplished her goals of touring the world in a successful band, and now, she is operating a successful indie makeup business that sells vibrant makeup and nail polish colors that are packaged in unicorn-inspired designer themes.

Doe Deere attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, which is credited toward her attempts for changing the monotony that exists within the makeup industry. She claims that as a makeup consumer she was tired of having to choose from a limited selection of product colors and styles, so she created her own dynamic product line, which includes lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, glitter, and nail polish. What she did not realize when she started her makeup business was that many girls and women share the same fashion taste as her. This niche market of girls and young women currently represent the largest percentage of her annual sales.

The creative juices that radiate from Deere are abundant and impressive. As a young woman who is currently married to her former bandmate, she has learned a lot from her life experiences. These experiences have taught her valuable lessons about life, and they have given her a good understanding of the importance of balancing the entertainment/art industry and the business world.

Deere has an arsenal of intangible tools that has prepared her to successfully run a makeup company that is in a very competitive industry. As an innovator, Deere implements thoughtful business practices, such as selling animal cruelty/free vegan makeup products. Deere is also a major advocate for free thought and freedom of expression, which are ideologies that are reflected in her products.

Deere’s ongoing motto is “go where you love,” which means to follow your heart and chase your dreams. In her opinion everyone has a gift to present to the world. She encourages people to get in tune with themselves and find their purpose in life. In her opinion, the key to happiness is living in harmony with all things that exist in the universe.

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