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The Career Achievements of Scott Rocklage and his role at 5AM Ventures

March 23, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

Scott Rocklage is a renowned chemistry expert who has participated in research that facilitates healthcare. He has been working for 5AM Ventures since 2003. The firm promoted him in 2004 to serve as a managing partner, which is the position that he currently holds. He has been working in the healthcare sector for more than twenty years and has held administrative offices in various organizations. His long service in the industry has allowed him to acquire sufficient experience. Scott’s leadership at 5AM Ventures has been successful since he has assisted the firm to develop medicines that have been certified by the FDA and they include Teslascan®, Cubicin®, and Omniscan™.


Before Scott Rocklage was hired by 5AM Ventures, he was employed by different companies. He was Nycomed Salutar’s CEO and president as from 1990 to 1994. Scott then moved to Nycomed Interventional, Inc where he served as the CEO, chairman, and president. In 2013, Citadara Therapeutics appointed him to act as the chairperson of its board of directors. He has been serving Novira Therapeutics as its chairman as from August 2012. Scott sits on the Whitehead Institute’s board of associates and also heads the board of Rennovia, Inc. Other companies that he has served as a board member include Semprus, Achaogen, Pulmatrix and Variation, WaveRx and Relypsa. The doctor holds a degree and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively.


5AM Ventures is a firm that was established to fund innovative science enterprises. It mainly focused on supporting businesses that address healthcare issues and that that have a potential of offering good returns to the investors. Most of the inventions that the firm has invested in deal with science and medicine. It assists companies to develop new approaches that can be utilized in examining, stopping, and healing different medical conditions.


The funding firm provides an opportunity for its board members to take part in short-term roles. It always accounts for all the money that it receives from investors and strives to ensure that they make profits. 5AM Ventures has branches in Massachusetts, Boston, San Francisco, and California.


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