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The Achievements of Marcio Alaor

January 21, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments
Marcio Alaor is a Brazilian known for his experience in investments. He is the vice president of BMG, a private company owned by the Pentagna Guimares, and he is among one of the banks management personalities. Academically, he boasts of a degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate in the education sector.

Marcio Alaor, a philanthropist and a kindhearted who rarely asked for political favors in return for his services have seen the inauguration of a square under his name. The food court “MARCIO ALAOR ARAUJO” is a generous tribute to the man whose efforts has seen the development of the rural sector. He received this award at the 33rd annual Agricultural Exhibition. His contribution has resulted in the creation of exhibition parks that marks his close relationship with his homeland. Even though his homeland does not have land that favors agriculture, he managed to make the municipality the largest milk producer in the entire region of Central West of Minas Gerais. The executive support to the Santo Antonio do Monte farmers helped in the transformation of a warehouse initially intended to store grain into an incentive for the people to pursue their dreams.

He has also been the principal reason for BMG success in the ever-changing economy of Brazil. He has created a team responsible for the development of strategic plans aimed at helping clients achieve their dreams. Marcio Alaor previously a shoe shiner has scaled the ladders to being one key player in ensuring the survival of banking. Marcio works under Ricardo Guimares, the president of BMG, who coordinates all the operations including loan distribution. Due to his efforts, Banco BMG signed an agreement with Itau bank to expand the firm. By his contribution, the bank will attract more investors and customers by venturing into businesses that were not accessible before. The partnership will also result in getting the bank exposure. By doing so, BMG will take the lead in the stock market and place it in a better position as compared to other banks in the country.

Marcio Alaor knowledge is extensive, and this allows him to think differently and invest wisely. He points out that Australia’s economy is an exception to the global crisis. He argues that Australia an isolated case that faces no recession is the ideal place to invest. Marcio goes ahead to prove that in the early 90’s when the world was experiencing vitality, Australia was able to control inflation and a system that regulated interests rates were making it grow even with the economic crisis. His knowledge and study in Australia have helped him implement measures such as fiscal stimulus exempting small business from tax and offering them loans with low interests.
Alaor is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and investors, and his strategies are being used in most banks to establish the control of BMG.

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