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Taylor Swift Time Travels on New Album

October 30, 2014 - Author: steph - 1 Comment

Taylor Swift has been going through a change since the popular crossover album “Red” moved her to the Billboard pop charts. She once stated that the felt like she had to pick a lane, and the new album is confirmation of the lane she chose.

The sounds of the 80’s are definitely here on tracks like “Welcome to New York” and “How You Get the Girl.” She manages to stir up the synthetic sounds of the 80’s as she abandons her signature guitar on most of the album.

The tracks were produced by heavy hitter Max Martin, and he appears to be a perfect fit for the direction that Swift was headed in. Most critics would agree that she could have continued down the same path that the “Red” album lured fans on. She already had a successful formula. All she had to do was duplicate this. It was in iconic 80’s pop star fashion that she changed directions and tried something new.

The “1989” album has more catchy songs designed for heavy rotation on radio. I picked up the album for Marnie Bennett and can’t wait until she hears “Out of the Woods”.

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  1. by Stephen

    Taylor Swift makes the most of current opportunities. The “Shake It Off” single guidelines the radio. On “1989” Taylor experiments by returning to something old. It is good to understand that myassignmenthelp essay which might not be far from the truth and it’s important for all and sundry to understand what is needed to be done.

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