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Tatoo Removal Cream

February 17, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments


Have you or someone you know, ever gotten a tattoo that you later regretted and wished that there was an easy, inexpensive way to remove it. Well thanks to recent studies and innovations there just might be a way to do that. PhD student Alex Falkenham at Dalhousie University claims to have developed a cream that can eventually remove tattoos from people’s skin quickly and efficiently. He calls this method “bisphosphonate liposomal tattoo removal” and it is still in the research stages of development. However, he hopes that it can go on to be a widely accepted option for tattoo removal in years to come.

The cream works by penetrating the cells of the body and killing only the cells that have been pigmented by the tattoo while leaving the surrounding cells unharmed. Current laser treatments on the other hand are much less discriminatory about what cells they destroy and can leave scarring or blisters in some cases. As for cost, Alex says his cream should be much cheaper than current tattoo removal methods which can cost $75 per square inch per session. In most cases three to five sessions are needed, really ramping up the cost of the procedure.

Right now Alex is experimenting on mice with the treatment so he has no idea how many treatments would be needed realistically. However, he says that estimated costs would be around $0.45 per square inch per treatment, much less than laser removal, a shock to owner of Solvy, Alexei Beltyukov

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