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Susan McGalla as a Perfect Example for Women Shinning in the Business World

August 15, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

In the recent past, many women have been successful in their careers and have made it to the top in their respective professions on Nevertheless, quite a good number are still lagging behind as they do not know the practical measures they can apply to be successful in their careers. Nowadays, lack of women in the boardrooms, unequal pay, as well as inequality at workplaces is a discussion of the past although there are small discussions about these drawbacks. The government and non-governmental organization have taken various steps to curb such challenges.

Despite the male domination in the administrative posts, some powerful women have proved their prowess in leadership, and their ability to take up any challenge that comes their way. Women are known to have a superb diversity of personality that helps them carry out various roles on Bloomberg. Stout women are taking a lead in the corporate world and are taking leadership positions in companies. These women also establish their ventures and manage them efficiently.

The business world has numerous powerful women, and others are still on the rise. In the past, the business industry was populated mostly by men and was a no-go zone for women. Today, there are significant changes as we see women such as Susan McGalla shine in the business world. Such women are great role models and are willing to assist other women to rise to the top of their careers. They display inherent skills that are crucial in the administrative positions they hold. Women are good at networking, which is a vital element in the corporate world.

As a successful businessperson, Susan McGalla knows what it takes to be at the top and to maintain that position. She believes that confidence, passion, versatility, and hard work are essential traits to attaining pleasant results in life. For Susan, nothing comes on a silver platter. She understands that it is up to the individual to know their potential and powerful traits and use them to be extraordinary. Susan knew that she was endowed with greatness and was the only one who could unlock the box that had the priceless commodity.

Susan established the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC situated in Pittsburgh. Susan McGalla has great expertise in the retail and clothing industry that have attracted prominent dignitaries in the finance sector who seek insight into matters dealing with branding, talent management, marketing, product merchandising, etc. From 1986-1994, McGalla worked at Joseph Horne Company. McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, where she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire firm. She set out to become a private advisor for the financial investment and retail sector. In 2011, she became Wet Seal’s CEO but left the company to become a consulting expert. See:

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