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Stranger Gifts Single Mother New Car for Christmas

December 30, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

Sam Tabar knows that raising a family in today’s economy is tough. Money just doesn’t, as the saying dictates, go as far as it used to. For single parents, the challenging of keeping one’s head above the water and a family afloat can be particularly challenging. For one single mother in Georgia, however, the burden just got a little bit lighter this holiday season.

Christy Ethridge arrived home just before Christmas to discover that Santa had come early this year, and in the form of anĀ incredibly kind stranger who had left a new car parked in her driveway. The mom of two teenagers actually heard the news from her kids first. Her 15-year-old daughter was home from school and noticed an unfamiliar car outside. When her brother, Evan, arrived home later, his attention was caught by a red bow on the hood. The teens called their mom, who told them to check it out. Inside of the 2006 Toyota Sequoia was a note that simply read, “Merry Christmas”, as well as the keys and title to the vehicle.

The gift came just when Ethridge needed it, as she’d been driving the same 1996 Ford Explorer for 18 years, and not only was it leaking fluid all over her garage and she was unable to pay for the repairs, but the old car wasn’t able to make it out of the country and had prevented Christy and her family from taking a vacation in 11 years.

Ehtridge says that she’s content now knowing the identity of her gift giver, stating that whoever it was must know her well enough to know this was exactly what she needed. She’s also grateful for the valuable lesson that this act shows her children – kindness works, so pass it on.

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