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Steve Ritchie Is Working To Improve Papa John’s as CEO

August 3, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

Pizza is not just a job for Steve Ritchie as the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s it’s a passion and it also has become his life since he started with the company in customer service. Papa John’s is not the first pizza company that he has been part of, he bought his own pizzeria for $16,000 when he was still attending high school as a senior. While he may not have ever gone to college, he has been able to learn a great deal during his time at Papa John’s and jokes about it being a university of its own.

Over the years since 1996, he has gone from taking orders over the phone, to a manager, a multi-unit supervisor before he became the owner of his own franchise. After becoming a franchise owner, Steve Ritchie then became the director of global operations and then Chief Operating Officer in 2014 before earning the position of President around only a year later. The pizza chain is one of the largest throughout the entire world and Steve Ritchie has a great deal of responsibility since he began getting promoted.

While Steve Ritchie may be a strong leader in the world of pizza, he insists that he is rather introverted and shy when isn’t working. He even went on to say that all of his best friends work at Papa John’s as well. Under their new leadership, Papa John’s is planning on becoming a company that is more inclusive by focusing on their team members. Steve Ritchie and his story are proof that you can move up within the company no matter where someone may have started out with them. The company is not just a place that sells pizza, Papa John’s is a part of their communities and so is Steve Ritchie.

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