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Soros Criticizes Trump’s First Days in Office, Calls him a “Would-Be Dictator”

February 3, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

As President Donald Trump continues to draw criticism and outright ire for his cabinet picks, prolific use of Executive Orders, and overall unorthodox approach to governing, he’s finally beginning to enrage the super wealthy who are growing enraged with him.

As reported by Bloomberg, billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros was in attendance at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland and, ad he has in the past, took the opportunity to vent his frustration with politics in the United States and how it will affect the rest of the world. Though not the first time he’s shared his opinion on President Donald Trump, he wasted no time reiterating his belief that Trump is a con artist who’s abuses the hopes of voters so he can seize the opportunity to exercise his own intentions as a “would-be dictator.” He went on to say that this attempt by Trump will inevitably fail.

Soros, who is a Holocaust survivor and was a refugee from occupied Hungary, has noted Trump’s disinterest in an open society, something he has championed through his philanthropic work for decades. To him, Trump is interested foremost in running a dictatorship or a “mafia state” on Politico. This is bolstered by those selected to fill positions in the White House, who Soros sees as “incompetent extremists” who are “unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world. Their many ambitions fly in the face of what Americans actually want from their government.

But Soros has hope. He believes that what will ultimately stop Trump are the systems of checks on Forbes and balances in the United States government, which could act as a hurdle for Trump when implementing legislation or orders that would harm the American people.

But how this potential dictatorship will actually form remains a mystery to Soros. He claims that Trump is impossible to predict, unlike previous presidents, because he hasn’t thought most of anything through, not during the election on NYTimes, not now that he is governing. But for his personal role in it, Soros says that he plans to keep his business and his person as far from the White House as he can possibly manage. He encourages other businesses to do the same.

Beyond the United States, George Soros sees a Trump presidency as a boon to Chinese market. With him in power, Soros sees China stepping up as an acceptable “leading member of the international community” in a way they otherwise couldn’t have.

It should come as no surprise that George Soros is politically opposed to Trump as President. Not only had Soros lost about $1 billion in bearish bets made with the anticipation of a Trump loss in 2016. Another personal investment Soros made was to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As he’d done in 2008, Soros supported Clinton’s 2016 run for the White House both rhetorically and financially to the tune of millions.

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