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Securus Technologies Contributes To Public Safety Through Wireless Containment Units

January 15, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

Time and again, we have seen numerous cases of contraband cell phones being found and confiscated in prisons. While some of these cell phones have been smuggled in by relatives of inmates, the others have been dropped into the prison compounds using drones. No doubt, the prison authorities are doing their best to ensure that these contraband devices are confiscation as quickly as possible, yet the results of a slip even for a few minutes can have catastrophic implications.


Since completely stopping the smuggling of cell phones into prisons is a mammoth task that cannot be achieved easily, a radical yet innovative technology-based system has been put in place which will allow civilians to sleep well at nights without a worry.


Securus Technologies and Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer in South Florida are dedicated to ensuring public safety by using a wireless containment option to stop calls from connecting while they are made by inmates from within the prison compounds. A few years ago, Robert Johnson was attacked in his home by an inmate who made a phone call from within the prison to arrange for this attack. This incident has led the ex-corrections office to be dedicated to the cause of eradicating this problem once and for all.


Robert Johnson still battles with the pain and scars of undergoing 23 surgeries to save his life due to the six gunshots that were fired at him within his own home. He also believes that there have been dozens of other cases reported every few days that were the direct result of inmates getting hits on civilians while the inmates were still serving time.


According to Robert Johnson, who now works as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies, technology is the only way forward especially if it has to work effectively on a nation-wide scale. At this point, 3 Florida prisons have implemented the use of Securus’ Wireless Containment Systems, and across the country, over 1.7 billion calls made by inmates in prison have been successfully blocked. The Securus’ Wireless Containment Systems ensure that the calls get blocked as soon as they are dialed and sent to the network which in turn significantly reduces the number of casualties that can occur as a direct result of inmates using phones while serving time. Securus Technologies have invested a mind-boggling figure that exceeds $40 million into their Wireless Containment Units, and the company aims to be both a time saving and the most effective method to eradicate using contraband cell phones within the compounds of prisons.


The jury is still out on the outcome of using this technology, yet due to the impressive results that were seen in a short span of time, we believe that this move might, in fact, be the key to ensure public safety swiftly and efficiently.



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