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Seattle Genetics Founder Clay Sieggal Talks Medical Breakthroughs On His Blog

March 31, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

Clay Siegall is the current President, COO, and CEO of Seattle Genetics. His pharmaceutical firm which has successfully developed safe and effective antibody-drug conjugates (ADC’s). ADC’s like ADCETRIS, are designed to attack and kill the cancer cells specifically. Dr. Clay’s WordPress site recently published a medical blog post titled, ‘Paralyzed Man Uses Thoughts to Control His Own Arm And Hand.’ The topic drew in our attention especially with all the talk on the news recently about the future of medicine powered by technology.

Elon Musk’s Vision

Billionaire investors led by Tesla Inc. Owner and CEO, Elon Musk have poured an infinite amount of funding towards combining man and machine. All for the betterment of humanity faced by deadly scourges such as cancer. Again, not to digress much, the story on the blog talked about a man who had lost all control of his arms following a car accident. For the next eight years, the 56-year-old Bill Kochevar would remain confined to a wheelchair.

Rethinking Possible

Technology, fortunately, came to his rescue and aid and he could use his arms once more, thanks to robotic sensor technology. In a nutshell, the technology works with the help of advanced algorithms, robotic arms, and electrodes. Impulses are transferred from the patient’s mind via the skill to the arm muscles. Corresponding algorithms lead to particular movement, and there you have it. Yay! Disability no more.

Have You Had an HPV Shot?

In another interesting post, the reader gets introduced to a research findings controversy trending among the leading global oncologists. HPV is a deadly scourge currently estimated to affect 26,000 women in the U.S alone. Researchers are quoted advocating for the use of HPV vaccines to prevent not only the usual culprit; STI’s, rather prevent a long list of other cancers out there.

Dr. Clay’s Role at Seattle Genetics

Asides being one of the co-founders, Clay Siegall is in charge of the day to day decision-making the process of Seattle Genetics. The B.S Zoology graduate of the University of Maryland plays an active hands-on role in the development of the drugs and vaccines they have in the works. He attained his Ph.D. from the esteemed George Washington University.

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