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Ryan Seacrest and His Battle With Weight Loss

May 30, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

Ryan Seacrest is well-known in today’s pop-culture because he’s been the host of the popular show American Idol, produced many hit TV and radio shows, and is a host on KIIS FM, featuring “Ryan’s Roses” in the mornings. Ryan Seacrest was born in Dunwoody, Georgia, and what many people don’t know is that growing up, he was an overweight child. Seacrest, now 38 years old, has been able to lose the weight and uses fitness as a way to remain healthy, slim and less stressed throughout his life.

He recently did an interview with Men’s Journal to share how and why he incorporates fitness into his daily life. Seacrest mentions that scheduling his workouts for the week is essential and doesn’t like to cancel them. He needs to exercise throughout any given day to allow for a more productive week. Sometimes when at work, Seacrest will do brief, light workouts in between commercial breaks, such as push-ups and quick exercises with light weights. Something Seacrest has found to be useful is keeping lockers with a change of gym clothes at his hotels to allow him to fit in quick workouts.

As far as the gym goes, Seacrest spends a minimum of 5 hours per week at the gym. He has a variety of fitness trainers that help guide him in his favorite circuit and core workouts. Seacrest loves to swim and, on some weekends, will go swimming for relaxation and exercise. For healthy snacks, Seacrest enjoys drinking vegetable juices and eating nuts such as almonds or cashews. On the contrary, he also mentions that his favorite cheat meals are things like penne pasta, tacos and pizza. Seacrest opens up about how he grew up as a “chubby kid” and that he was teased for it. Since he remembers the negative feelings that resulted from being teased, Seacrest strives to remain healthy and fit in his adult life.

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