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Quality products that make you look awesome

August 23, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Proper grooming is important because one is mostly judged by the physical appearance. You should make a good first impression every time you meet new people. Some of the benefits that make up provide include:
 Treats skin irritation
 Lessens wrinkles
 Prevents skin breakouts
 Boosts confidence

Lime Crime is among the top cosmetic producers and distributors all over the globe. We provide our clients with an opportunity to look good and feel wonderful. We are an experienced team that has great love and passion for make-up. The founder and CEO of Lime Crime Doe Deere created this company years back from a few hundred dollars and today we are leading in the cosmetic industry. All it took was a dream and enough determination.

We offer quality cosmetic products that are safe to use for all skin types and color. We understand that everyone has a unique and different personality. This is why we have a variety of products that suit different tastes and preferences. Our products include:

Enhance your look by using Lime Crime wide color range of lipsticks. Choose the color depending on your moods or occasion or the color of your outfit. The lipsticks contain moisturizers that preserve and improve the natural state of your lips. They also contain sunscreen to protect your lips from harmful effects of ultra violet rays. The colors include crybaby, poison berry opaque, cenrifuchsia opaque, and coquette among others.

Lime Crime eyeliners
Get our wide range of eyeliners from our website. Eyeliners improve the overall outlook of your eyes. You can even cover up sleepy and tired eyes with the perfect eyeliner. You can also make your eyes look bigger with our liquid eyeliners. To achieve the Doe-eye look, add Lime Crime mascara at the top and bottom of your lashes. The only limitation to achieving that awesome look is your creativity. Examples of eyeliners to try out include reason liquid and rhyme among others.

Nail polish
We offer a broad selection of bold and gorgeous colors. Lime Crime nail gels are self-leveling and easy to apply. The polish dries within seconds giving you that perfect nail appearance. Our gel polish does not contain harmful chemicals that weaken nails. The polish is easy to remove by using nail polish remover if you want to switch to another color. Examples are lavendairy, parfait day, crema de Limon and many more.

You deserve only the best that the cosmetic industry has to offer. Experience change in a positive way today by trying out our variety of products. For more information or questions, please visit our website or contact our customer care desk.

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