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Printing Guns Can Get You Arrested

October 28, 2014 - Author: steph - 1 Comment

Back when 3D printers became mainstream concerns of the dangers seem to have been washed away with all the massive potential. From medical purposes to simple enthusiasts, 3D printing has found ways to improve lives.

One of the big concerns that came up in a discussion I had with Sultan Alhokair was the possibility that someone could use it to print something dangerous. Something could be printed like a knife, a bomb, or a gun. Recently a Japanese man has done exactly that and fabricated designs to print five guns. Two of the ones he made are functional and capable of firing real bullets.

Unfortunately he released the models and instructions on how to make these guns on YouTube before his arrest. This could lead to those designs getting into the wrong hands. Hands that could use and improve this technology for criminal purposes.

The man has sentenced Friday, October 24th and received two years in prison for his actions. He was arrested last May. He currently resides in Japan, a country who is strict in its gun control policies. So it’s surprising that he would take such a risk and blatantly advertise it online.

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  1. by Addisyn Ricky

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