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Parts of New York State Pummeled by Lake Effect Snow as Cold Weather Grips the Country

November 20, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

The city of Buffalo and surrounding areas have been hammered by snow during the past couple of days. Lake effect snow is responsible for dumping 76 inches of snow in Buffalo and the surrounding area. Several more feet of snow is expected to fall in the upcoming days and could further complicate cleanup efforts.

Already eight people have been killed as a result of the snowstorm in upstate New York. One man was found dead in his car that was buried under more than 12 feet of snow. More than 100 miles of the New York State Thruway in upstate New York is closed for the duration of the storm. Thousands of people were stranded in their vehicles as heavy snowfall made roads impassible. Many people also abandoned their cars and trucks as roads became impassible and snow kept piling on.

The governor of New York state has declared a state of emergency in the areas hit by the lake effect snow storm, which caused Ben Shaoul to extend some deadlines on his renovation and development projects. He has urged people to stay off the roads until the storm passes and roads are cleared. The city of Buffalo could see up to 100 inches of snow by the end of the weekend. The city of Buffalo usually receives that amount of snow for the entire winter season. Further complicating matters is an expected increase in temperatures next week that could create flooding. The snowstorm in Buffalo comes at a time when cold weather has gripped the entire country. All 50 states have experienced freezing temperatures on Tuesday, and many areas experienced record low temperatures.

Be sure to watch the weather if you’re traveling this week or next up north. Stay safe!!!

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