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Talkspace Has Been Receiving Some Fantastic Reviews From Its Many Users:

July 6, 2019 - Author: steph

One thing that is certain about the revolutionary mental health counselling app Talkspace is the fact that its users really like it and they are not afraid to express their satisfaction in this revolutionary new service that is making mental health counselling more accessible and convenient than ever before. Reading through reviews that Talkspace users have left online will quickly show how Talkspace counsellors have a true ability at understanding how to help their patients to work through the struggles that they might be facing at the moment. It is not uncommon to find Talkspace users providing high levels of praise for their counsellors in this regard.

Check out to learn more about Talkspace.

High levels of praise for the level of professionalism that Talkspace counsellors exhibit is one thing that users regularly comment on but another area is the fact that Talkspace users love how convenient the service is. It really does provide them with a level of access to counselling services that would have been unheard of just a decade before. This really is a huge part of the goal that the Talkspace founder had when the coming was started. It is all about providing new levels of access to the counselling that mental health patients need.

Talkspace is the service that has changed the concept of the way counselling services are delivered to patients in the area of mental health. The service is an app that can be accessed by way of text or video on any of today’s mobile and home-based devices. Talkspace users can then communicate with certified mental health counsellors in a convenient manner that allows them to receive the help that they need wherever they are. This service really is changing the game in a dramatic manner when it comes to how this important counselling service is delivered to today’s patients. Read:

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Can Betsy DeVos Resolve America’s Education Problems?

- Author: steph

In the past, different administrations have tried their hands at education reform. In the beginning after Ronald Reagan’s report in the 1980s, standardized testing was introduced. It was thought that if schools could be measured for their performance that they would set up a standard. However, this led to many public schools losing funding over poor test scores. Over the years, schools that continued to perform poorly repeatedly received less funding, which only seemed to make the programs worse.


In addition, there were other problems, such as teachers losing salary because of the lack of funding, which meant that they had to supply students with books and school supplies from their own salaries. These problems have been compounded by other policies such as “No Child Left Behind” and “common core method.”


In 2017, Betsy DeVos became the 11th US Education Secretary. She began working with state education leaders to lead reforms in educational choice. She believed that if parents and students could pick schools instead of be forced into failing schools that they would be able to achieve greater results. Many of the problems with failing schools are that they don’t have any funding to support the students, and by placing students first with educational choice, DeVos believed that she was providing a quick way out for underprivileged communities.


However, it wasn’t seen that way by many in the education community, particularly in public education. They condemned educational choice as “private choice” and stated that public funding would be used to pay for for-profit education. DeVos said that it simply wasn’t true, but this didn’t deter many from criticizing the programs without even knowing if they were taking public money.


DeVos still champions education choice and uses philanthropy as the way to pay for the programs in many states. Louisiana and Florida are the top states for educational choice. In fact, DeVos pointed out that Florida has the most programs out of any state currently. In the Sunshine State, students can even use educational choice to enroll in homeschooling and virtual school programs if they are dissatisfied with the school where they are zoned. If a student wants to go into another program at a different school, they can apply for a magnet program. Finally, students can apply for a tuition-based scholarship to go to a private school or charter school if they are accepted.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

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Paul Herdsman Has Found A Way To Cultivate His Passions Into Business Success

July 5, 2019 - Author: steph

Paul Herdsman has attained impressive levels of success in the world of entrepreneurship and as an executive leader. His consistent ability to move through a number of different business roles has helped Paul Herdsman to garner consistent levels of success in his professional career as a businessman. One sector that he has found particular success in is that of the customer service realm.


Through his company NICE Global, Paul Herdsman helps his clients with areas such as retention of customers and customer satisfaction. Paul Herdsman is also an expert at helping clients to develop their businesses and to improve their abilities at marketing their brands.


NICE Global provides full-service business solutions including customer care, low-risk business ideas, tips on succeeding in business and increasing revenue in business. Moreover, the company prides itself on its ability to help a business grow


One thing that Paul Herdsman understands is the necessity of having a good team in place when looking to garner success. Paul also understands the importance of providing a good amount of support for that team of staff members. Staff retention and maintaining a high level of morale and team spirit are important factors for success that Paul Herdsman understands. The fact that he understands this has helped Paul Herdsman to build NICE Global into a successful firm that has experienced a steady level of growth and expansion over its history.


Paul Herdsman asserts that a large amount of his professional success has come from his ability to operate in a self-aware manner. He regularly does a self-inventory about what areas he excels in. Being able to cultivate these areas has helped him to become a consistently successful individual when it comes to his professional activities.


One thing that Paul Herdsman realized early on is that he is passionate about developing systems that help in the delivery of excellent customer service. This has been of huge benefit to him during his work in building up NICE Global into a success story. The success that he has experienced has set the company up for a bright future full of continued success.


Go Here to follow him on Twitter.


Additional reference:


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Alec Sellem Bring Reforms in Gold Mining Business in Africa

July 3, 2019 - Author: steph

Alec sellem is a notable investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founding chief executive officer of the London based company, Sellem Industries. The French native has achieved myriads of success. He has built a reputation for himself through gold mining and refining venture. Alec Sellem scales the heights of his company by keeping right the operation activities and creating a conducive working environment.

Alec Sellem Passion for Entrepreneurship

Alec Sellem Company runs mining activities in Senegal and Sierra Leone. His consistency zeal, enthusiasm, passion, and talents have steered him in breaking new grounds. His faultless leadership skills are what set him apart from others the rest. Sellem industries are known highly known for using bespoke methods and safeguarding the interest of the local communities.

Alec Sellem passion for investing in gold business grew while trading gold for his friend. As a visionary business leader, he developed an incite after realizing an immensely gap in the industry. Pragmatic and ambitious, Alec Sellem ventured into business. His success is irrefutable proof that he is a man of action.


Arguably, Alec Sellem revolutionized the way business is carried out through dialogue. He successfully managed to bring together all the stakeholders; government, local community, and the private firms in establishing a plan to avoid discord. He noted that to ensure things are running according to his plan, he goes on the ground overseeing the progress the ongoing projects.

To avoid pitfalls, Alec ensures there are no loopholes while laying down the plan. Besides, through discussing the idea with the like-minded people, he usually generates more insight and examines the ideas before implementing.

Philanthropy Work

Alec Sellem compassion and empathy for other people is undeniable. He actively supports marginalized communities through charitable activities. He has profoundly impacted the lives of thousands by providing quality education to the children. Besides, he has built schools and provided job opportunities to hundreds of inhabitants and strongly supported peasants’ farmer through agricultural incentives.

Learn More:

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Dr. Ioannides Is Treating Skin Conditions With Vitamin D

- Author: steph


The different types of skin conditions


There are many types of skin conditions. Some are itchy and red. Others may be scaly or inflamed. Whatever the case, these conditions can be uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing. If you have a skin condition, it may be an indication there are internal problems. You don’t have to live with these conditions. There are treatments. Dr. Tim Ioannides has treated many conditions of the skin. There is hope.


Whether you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, rosacea or atopic dermatitis, it is possible to get relief from the symptoms. Some treatments include topical creams and supplements. See a dermatologist to find out what kind of skin condition you have. This will determine what may trigger your condition. It can help you adjust your diet and possibly be prescribed a topical ointment.


The Vitamin D Deficiency


Dr. Ioannides has treated his patients with vitamin D. Dr Ioannides has had great success. We get some vitamin D from diet, but most of it comes from the sun. Many people are deficient in the vitamin and don’t know it. People who don’t get enough sun, have digestive issues, or are in the older age bracket are at risk for this deficiency.


Ten to fifteen minutes of sunshine along with a high dose of vitamin D3 is recommended by Dr. Tim Ioannides when treating skin conditions. This approach has helped many of his patients. It is an inexpensive and easily obtained treatment that has changed his patients’ lives. See This Article for more information.


Dr. Tim Ioannides


Dr. Tim Ioannides has a deep compassion for his patients. He is focused on improving their lives through his treatment. Taking his time to get to know each patient assists him in finding the problems so he can treat them in a way that is most beneficial to them.


Dr. Ioannides is involved in numerous organizations. He is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. He also volunteers at his alma mater the University of Miami School of Medicine.


More about  the good doctor on


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Neurocore Is Helping People Change Their Lives Through Better Mental Health

July 2, 2019 - Author: steph

Neurocore has grown to be a national authority when it comes to applied neuroscience at their 9 centers devoted to brain performance around the United States. While clients often come to them for help with different mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD, many professionals also go to Neurocore for help making their brain perform better in general. The premise behind the process at the company is that people are able to retrain how their brain works without having to use medication. Instead, through their process, they are able to figure out how their brain is misfunctioning and work to fix it through their own mental ability. Many people have already found that the treatments at their centers have made a huge impact on their lives and their ability to function.


Neurocore is a privately held company that has centers in both Michigan and Florida. The protocols that they use involve neurofeedback and are considered state of the art in their industry. Their services are available to both adults and children as long as they are five years of age or older. Through the optimization of the brain, Neurocore believes that it is able to help people live happier and healthier lives through better mental health. Using training that is based on reward, the brain can learn habits that are better and create neural pathways that are stronger. By doing this, clients have been able to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of different mental disorders.


While the technology behind Neurocore is advanced, the study of neuroscience is something that has been around for generations. While we are learning a great deal about how the human brain functions through advances in science and technology, there is still a great deal that we have yet to learn. There have been great advances in science that allow for better readings of feedback from the electrical activity of the brain which is making it easier to identify different strengths and issues that people may be facing on a mental health level. With so many people around the world struggling with mental health issues, Neurocore is helping people live better.

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Ted Bauman Doubts The Monopoly Label Of Amazon

- Author: steph

Amazon is one of the biggest names in online retail in the United States, but Ted Bauman does not believe that it is the monopoly that some people suspect it to be. While the company is surely going strong right now, he does not think that this means that it has no vulnerabilities. Ted Bauman points out the rise and fall of Sears that gained a great deal of popularity after introducing the Sears catalog to their customers in the United States. People enjoyed the convenience of being able to purchase things from home instead of having to pick them out at the store, but they still managed to fall after not being able to keep up with the expectations of their customers as online shopping became more popular.

Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Within the next 3 years or so, many experts expect Amazon to control about half of all online retail, but this still does not mean that the company is untouchable. It’s important to keep in mind that Walmart still has a considerably higher amount of revenue from their online and in-store sales. In addition, grocery stores such as Kroger are still going strong and now includes options such as curbside pickup that many of their customers are enjoying. With convenience becoming even more important in the digital age, it’s important that Amazon and these other companies keep up with the changing demands of their customers in the United States. While Amazon may sell almost everything, there is still competition.

Ted Bauman is one of the financial experts with Banyan Hill Publishing and he is best known for writing and editing The Bauman Letter for the company. He does his best to keep his readers informed about the issues that could potentially impact their financial situations while helping them make investments that will serve them well now and in the future. Currently, Ted Bauman has more than 100,000 subscribers that receive The Bauman Letter monthly. The strategies that he shares with his readers include personal, legal, and innovative for people who are looking to make their lives more free of government regulation.


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NexBank proves value of the partnership perspective in financial services

- Author: steph

NexBank Capital uses its credit creation and expansion powers to exceed ratings, outlooks, and growth projections. As a conduit for value-investment, the firm has secured a list of awards for financial excellence. Ranked as one of the nation’s strongest community banking businesses, NexBank Capital seeks to deliver top notch services to individual, institutional, and corporate clients.

When it comes to commercial banking, the asset manager’s season professionals are known for strategizing and execution. In an effort to fuel success for its customers, NexBank stays committed through every step of the funding process. The firm tailors commercial lending strategies to each unique situation. Various lending approaches begin with partnership in mind.

Meeting long-term goals internally and externally relies on providing solutions with flexible options; an aspect of client service that NexBank applies with consistence and dedication according to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s annual ranking. Out of the best performing banks in the State if Texas as well as nationally, NexBank is renowned for equity, efficiency, and opportunity acquisition.

Based on, the firm’s win vs. loss ratio puts it in the top 3% amongst its Commercial banking competitors. Net charge-offs percentages on average loans remain consistently low, indicating that the leader in financial services makes sound decisions in marketing and customer relations. The firm is a champion proponent of mutual benefit, hinging its profitability on how much value is created at the end of each transaction.

NexBank concerns itself with helping businesses adapt to the dynamic nature of how cash flows, credit lines, capital improvements, and acquisition funding can affect commercial strategy. NexBank has a track record of maximizing the outcome of deal structures to assure that clients exceed their own expectations and projections. NexBank stands on decades of professional experience. Leading managers understand the power of company culture on solution development and customer interests.  To see more you can checkout








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Vijay Eswaran and Future Proofing Yourself

- Author: steph

Vijay Eswaran would see that dividends are usually in the form of cash. Now, a dividend is not always great. A company can be on the decline and offer a high dividend rate because it needs to bring in more capital to support its operations in some form or fashion. Interestingly, as a company increases its dividends, more individuals might buy the stock, increasing the price and providing even more strength to the company.

A variety of corporations provide dividends, these companies include Apple, Microsoft, and others that may have more to go.

Dividends provide individuals with money now while also showing investors that there are different ways that the company can increase goodwill, incentivize demand and push further demand. Dividends can be good for financial strength.

There are those companies who decide to go a different route. They will choose to reinvest earnings into the company and potentially make great decisions that increase shareholder value.

A company that is growing in a fast manner will not want to pay dividends. It doesn’t make any sense for such a company to give out dividends. This indicates that the company thinks there are better prospects in allocating capital to growth instead of settling down. For companies such as this one, growth is what matters. It is not settling down and having the cash go out of the business it is increasing the overall value of the firm and not compromising the future for today.

The fact is that mature firms may also increase their prospects by withholding the dividend. The mature firm like Microsoft has been able to increase prospects whilst giving out dividends and this is something that is an interesting feat.

Vijay Eswaran would know that these type of firms are classified as companies that are growing in a fast-paced manner.

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Luke Lazarus Exists And He Isn’t Hard To Find

July 1, 2019 - Author: steph

By his 33rd birthday, he had created and sold four companies.

Around Australia’s southeastern coast, Luke Lazarus is known for his insightful business plans and ability to manage growth among various companies. Throughout his career, he has helped dozens of companies go from small-time start-ups to large multi-million dollar IPOs.

Growing up, he was the model student – straight A’s and a star athlete. By the time he graduated, Ivy Leagues were sending him offers. He chose to stay local instead, earning an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

By the time Luke Lazarus sold his fourth company, he found himself financially independent. Even if he never earned another dollar, he would be set. Money was no longer driving him – he needed to look inside himself. What he found was a desire to share his knowledge.

Creating Success

The vast majority of start ups fail. Of the ones that don’t – most never make it past five years.

Someone running a successful start-up is a rarity.

Having more than one is rarer. Especially if they were created by the same person. Someone like Luke Lazarus isn’t just hard to find, he may as well not even exist. But he does and he’s not hard to find. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Struggling companies around Australia turn to Lazarus for help. His experience makes him an expert in turning around failing businesses. This same experience gives him a unique approach to consulting.

His advice emphasis analysis and systems. It emphasis emotional connections with the customer. With the stakeholder. Clients that follow his advice find themselves succeeding. They become a rarity.

Raising Capital

Most entrepreneurs are intelligent and motivated.

They also lack financial sense. They can’t market themselves. They struggle with securing capital from investors.

The realities of venture capital and what they believe it to be are two wholly different things. According to Luke Lazarus, this disconnect is a major stumbling block for companies seeking stability.

Companies that can’t secure adequate funding are doomed from the start.

A prevailing myth among start-ups is the ease of finding this funding. Far too many believe that a quick speech with a PowerPoint presentation is enough.

It isn’t.

One of Lazarus’s main goals in his consulting is helping start-ups find investors. By shaping the way they look to potential investors they drastically increase their chances of securing the funding they need.

On the off-chance they don’t, listening to Luke Lazarus puts them in a better position to succeed.

Connect with Luke Lazarus on LinkedIn

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

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