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Wes Edens One Of The Brains Of Fortress Investment Group

February 23, 2019 - Author: steph

Wes Edens is a businessman who has had his hands in the investment world and in the sports investment world. Wes Edens is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group and a part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks nba franchise. Mr. Wes has other sports investments along with the Milwaukee Bucks that he owns they are Aston Villa Football Club which is an English football team and an e-sports franchise called Flyquest. Mr. West is all so big on helping the community and is dedicated to philanthropy. His philanthropy not only benefits individuals around the world but industries such as healthcare as well. His healthcare philanthropic efforts is in the realm of improving healthcare delivery systems and finding more efficient ways to treat infectious diseases. For more information, check out Wes Edens on Youtube

Wes Edens is also an innovator helping to create a privately owned passenger rail system called Brightline. Mr. Eden also received a great education from Oregon State University and graduated in 1984 with a BS in finance and business administration. Wes Edens has been labeled as a business Leader by his peers because if his savvy and creative business investments. Wes Edens and The Fortress Group has acquired many different companies and turned the companies into huge profits over the years. Mr. Edens founded a company called New Fortress Energy in 2014. The goal of Mr. Edens and New Fortress Energy is to provide clean reliable energy while having a good economic impact on the world.

Mr. Eden’s also has established the first actual facility for New Fortress Energy down in Miami, Florida. The facility produces liquid natural gas which is clean alternative fuel. This liquid natural gas fuel is not just clean but it is also affordable. Mr. Edens has put a stamp on the world and is a true example of what it is to be a self-made billionaire with an extremely diverse portfolio.

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The Three Main Difference Between Consulting and Marketing Explained By Edwin Miranda

February 20, 2019 - Author: steph

Since Edwin Miranda has trained both, we decided to ask him about the main differences between the two. Contrary to some beliefs, the two are somewhat different in nature, though they can occupy the same space in their respective fields.

1) According to Edwin Miranda, money plays a key role. Those who are managing consultants are going to see a difference in their salaries by 30% or more. According to Edwin Miranda, the signing bonus they get can be much greater than a brand manager. Professional marketers do make a lot of money, but, according to Edwin Miranda, the consultant definitely comes out the winner here. That is why a lot of business majors go into the consultation area of expertise. They know they can make more money compared to your average marketing genius.

2) A marketing professional is where you will find the 8-5 hours. You will most likely work about 60 hours a week or more. The consultant has a more open schedule. They travel more because they are professional consultants. Some weeks you spend your time hopping from one company to the next. The other great thing is a consultant has the ability to make his or her own schedule. They are not strapped to an office desk doing the 9-5 grind.

3) A consultant spends his or her time doing more strategic work. The marketing professional spends more time doing theortical based work. That means they are work in a more products-based environment. The consultant has more of a chance to be hands-on. The other thing to consider is that a consultant works more as an entrepreneur, whereas the marketing professional works as part of a systematic team.


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Talkspace Gives People More Options

- Author: steph

Unlike other therapy options that people might have, Talkspace knows how to make the therapy process as convenient as possible. They spend a lot of time working to make sure people can get the help they need and that’s important to the way the company functions. They also know there are things they can do that might make it easier for them to help people with these issues. As long as Talkspace knows how to help people have a convenient experience, their business model will continue working. It will also help make it easier for people to get the help they need instead of having to deal with issues simply because they can’t go to a therapy office. Read more about talkspace at

It is important for Talkspace to always let people know they’re doing the best job possible and they’re giving their clients a lot of work to do. They also know they have to make sure they’re helping others and that’s something that might make it easier for them to create a connection between the people who are in need of therapy. It can be difficult for people to find a therapist that works for them, but Talkspace makes it easy by creating a platform of therapists clients can choose from.

Even though it can be difficult for people to find what they’re looking for and get more out of the options they have, they know they’re doing things the right way for everyone who needs their help. It’s also their goal to let people know what they can do and how they can make things better for the company. As long as Talkspace knows how to keep giving therapy sessions to people who are in need, they’ll keep coming up with new solutions the therapists can use for the text therapy app.



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Agera Energy Offers Guidance and their Expertise about Energy Usage to their Customers

February 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Agera Energy has become a popular name in the energy business since it inaugurated in the year 2014. The company has an extensive network in the country and operates currently in the 16 markets. Reaching out to millions of clients across the country, Agera Energy has made tremendous progress in just five years of its existence. The company also has a very responsive and attentive best customer service that the customers can bank upon.

It has a separate division for customer support and has some of the top customer support professionals in the business, who help the customers and find the solution they are looking for. Agera Energy also specializes in providing customized energy solutions to business and residential customers. Agera Energy aims to provide their customers with long term energy prices certainty that will help them to protect themselves against rising energy costs. They assess the current energy usage of their customers and set energy saving goals that would be useful to them.

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Agora Financial is the safest place for investors to grow their money

- Author: steph

As an investor who might be worried about investing money and at the same time wants to make a good investment requires good knowledge and reliable information about the right source to invest. Agora Financial is the most stable and trustable investment advisor that educates about credible sources in terms of investing money.

Agora Financial ensures effective financial planning by supplying authentic information to the investors since investors are always seeking to invest their hard-earned money in the best way for long term purposes and not everyone is trustworthy or provides the correct information. The company has helped millions of investors to meet their demands in all aspects of making good money.

Agora Financial is a leading Publishing Company which offers advisory services as well. Millions of readers trust Agora Financial to study about various areas of the market. The analysts at Agora Financial are professionals in their field who continuously analyze the current and past market situations and support multiple growth strategies to deliver unbiased investment advice to the investors.

Agora Financial generates valuable insights from top-notch publishers like The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and many more.

Safe and secure investments are an outcome of reliable information that Agora Financial is happy to share with their consumers who seek financial guidance to protect their money and wealth and invest them in the best possible way where it could grow as a sign of healthy investment.

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The RealReal Transforming Social Media

February 13, 2019 - Author: steph

Social media has taken over our lives. We post family photos, share with friends, like and share posts we like and is now where we gather style inspiration from. Gone are the days of flipping through a magazine to learn the latest trends and best stores to shop out. We now live in a time where a brand can start from social media and garner millions of fans. That is exactly what The RealReal has done.

The RealReal is conquering a competitive billion dollar arena. The company is in the luxury resell space. This industry has exploded with growth over the past few years. Many shoppers are craving for vintage pieces by some of the most iconic fashion houses on earth. But today’s average shopper does not necessarily need the new designer bag. Instead, shoppers don’t mind buying gently used items and after a while passing them onto someone else. The RealReal has captured this culture by creating a digital marketplace and multiple storefronts where customers can experience this type of shopping experience.

The luxury reseller uses its social media to give customers a chance to peek inside of what the company has to offer. They offer luxury brands at a much lower price. They offer clothing for all four seasons. Their stores and websites go beyond just a few clothing pieces. The RealReal meets the needs of its customers by selling them fine jewelry, footwear, accessories and offering amenities at their California and New York City stores. This company has transformed social media by meeting the needs of their customers who want the major labels but not the big price tags. There is an entire culture surrounding luxury resale and The RealReal has successfully found a way to tap into this lucrative market with their game-changing business model and social media presence.

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Technologist Serge Belamant: Blockchain Debit Card

February 9, 2019 - Author: steph

Serge Belamant created the first version of blockchain technology in 1989 when the possibilities were still unknown. It just so happens that he also holds the patent for that technology and has contributed significantly to many innovations in the finance sector. His creative inventions as an applications and software developer have helped increase accuracy, transparency and security of transactions across many financial institutions. Born in Tulle, France in 1953, his business achievements started early in life when he moved with his family to South Africa as a teenager. He attended Highlands North High School for Boys in Johannesburg and earned an exemption pass for university. Belamant then attended Witwatersrand University, where he studied engineering, computer science and applied mathematics. He later studied information systems after transferring to the University of South Africa.

At a young age, Serge Belamant was offered his first job at Matrix, a civil engineering firm, where he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams that were located throughout the RSA. The purpose of the applications was to identify optimal water levels in dams to mitigate future droughts. He also had an opportunity to lead a team while working with the Council for Scientific and his Industrial Research during a Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project. Serge Belamant contributed significantly to the success of companies throughout his career, including Control Data where he was named Analyst of the Year twice and DATABANK where he developed the VIB network that was purchased by Volkskas.

Valued for his technical acumen and expertise in the financial industry, Belamant worked as a consultant for Bancorp and developed a 10-step program that analyzed risk and tested the sustainability of a business. One of his biggest career achievements was his work with SASWITCH when he was called on to resolve issues with real time switching and the processing time of transactions within the RSA banking system. He approached this project with optimism and a forward-thinking mindset, achieving success by developing a new National ATM switch. All of his professional experiences cultivated the expertise needed to launch and drive the success of Net1 Technologies, which ultimately became a publically traded company under his leadership. Today, Belamant is still inventing blockchain technology as the founder of Zilch Technology Limited.


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Sandy Chin Shares Her Love Of Books With Her Son And His Classmates

- Author: steph

Sandy Chin is helping to make a group of elementary school students become better readers. When she learned that not all of the parents of children in a New York City school could afford to get them books, Sandy Chin took action. The faculty at PS 11 encourages the children to read books over the summer, however, many students could not take advantage of this opportunity. Some of the families in the school district of the William T. Harris School, the other name by which PS11 is known, reside in housing projects. The cost of books was out of their reach, and Sandy wanted to help.


The summer months are typically filled with activities for kids that do not include reading. Some children will go all summer without picking up a book. Sandy Chin learned to love reading at a young age, and she wants these youngsters to experience the joy of reading as she had in her childhood. Sandy’s son is a student at PS 11, and he reads many books that he gets from the library as well as books of his own. Sandy believes that children learn to cherish things that they themselves own, and she sees this in her own child. Sandy and a group of volunteers decided to sponsor a book fair that became known as “Books, Boxes & Bodies” to reinforce the importance of reading over the summer.


They were successful in collecting an enormous amount of donated books for all reading levels. The books were sorted by the children’s age and reading level and were given out for free as part of the summer reading program. The students were delighted that they had books of their own to bring home, and reading became another enjoyable summer activity for them. Reading over the summer can help better prepare a young student when school reopens in September.


Sandy Chin is successful in her career as a portfolio and risk manager. She puts a balance of research and planning into the financial decisions she makes in an organized manner. Sandy attributes her own self-directed achievements and fulfillment in her life from all she has learned from reading. Read more about Sandy on


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An Insight into the Achievements of Dr. Saad Saad

February 4, 2019 - Author: steph

 Dr. Saad Saad is a medical professional. He is situated in Eatontown, New Jersey. His fame accrues from his prowess as a pediatric surgeon. The skills that Dr. Saad Saad possesses have attracted a huge client base. Humanitarian groups such as the Saudi Royal Family have expressed an interest in the services that Dr. Saad Saad offers. The Saudi Royal Family has saved many lives courtesy of the services offered by Dr. Saad Saad.

Other humanitarian groups such as the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) have also sought the services of Dr. Saad Saad from time to time. The PCRF was established in 1991. The not-for-profit organization sought the services of Dr. Saad Saad for the first time in 2002.

For starters, Dr. Saad was tasked with helping a 15-year old boy who had a gunshot wound. Dr. Saad Saad flew the young boy to the United States where he performed the surgery successfully. He carried out the surgery in early 2003. Since the surgical procedure was complicated, it took seven hours. Dr. Saad repaired the internal injuries, and he also patched up the holes.

In the West Bank, there was another case of a child who had been born with her intestines exposed. The doctors in the region tried to offer their assistance, but their expertise and knowledge was limited. As a result, Dr. Saad Saad had to chip in. In May 2010, he performed a surgery on the girl.

Through the help of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), the girl was taken to the U.S. where Dr. Saad Saad was able to perform the surgical procedure. Dr. Saad Saad performed the surgery by covering up the exposed area using a “Fig leaf cover.” The abdominal area was no longer exposed. Additionally, the girl was also able to recover successfully.

In June 2013, Dr. Saad Saad was tasked with helping out a boy who was a casualty to an explosion. The boy’s leg was paralyzed. Although the boy was fond of sports, he could no longer play soccer since he was subjected to a wheelchair. Nevertheless, a nerve transplant would ensure that the boy could walk again.

Dr. Saad Saad intervened by looking for a surgeon who specializes in nerve transplants. The boy’s recovery process took place in 11 months. After that, he was able to walk again. He also continued to play soccer.

The main reason why Dr. Saad Saad travels to Palestine is to offer assistance to the less privileged. People develop different medical conditions from time to time.

Nevertheless, not everyone can access specialized forms of treatment because of their financial status. Dr. Saad Saad travels to Palestine to offer his assistance to the people who are unable to seek the services of a medical professional.

Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

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Rodrigo Terpins is a Rally Car Driving Expert

February 1, 2019 - Author: steph

As one of the top rally car drivers in the world, Rodrigo Terpins knows a lot about the industry and how he can make things better for people in the industry. He also felt he would be able to make things even better for people who needed his assistance. Since he spent time figuring out how to show others what they could get from these opportunities, he had a lot of hope for the future and a lot of hope for the people who needed to see what rally car driving was really about. As long as he knew what people wanted to see when he was racing, he felt good about it and good about what he could do to pursue more positive opportunities in the future. It was also important for him to show people they didn’t have to choose between fun or other options just because they wanted to be rally car drivers.

Even though Rodrigo Terpins knew what people were looking for and he wanted to help them with these options, he still continued working to help people with the options they needed. He felt he could show them more about rally car driving and help make the industry even better. He also felt there were positive experiences that came from being in the industry and he pushed to make these a possibility. For years, Rodrigo Terpins knew what it was like to be the best and he wanted other people to see how they could do things with that feeling.

Rodrigo Terpins liked giving others a chance to do more and be more in their own industries. He wasn’t just interested in rally car driving but he was also interested in sustainability efforts in other industries. Rodrigo Terpins showed a lot of different people he could try things on his own and make sure he was doing everything the right way so he could make the timber industry even better. He also fought to make sure he had all the right options to give other people what they were looking for when they were a part of the industry.


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