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Toyo Setal Truly Embodies Responsible Enterprise

September 5, 2019 - Author: steph

Perhaps, the most accurate definition of Toyo Setal’s role in terms of contributing to a green environment would be that the initiation of environmental conservation for its clients starts with it. The company is well-positioned to shape conservation efforts heading into the future while reducing the current carbon footprint. To understand this, you have to look at its operational objectives.

The main responsibility a client expects Toyo Setal to fulfill upon hiring them is to ensure that the client’s industrial enterprise is standardized and compliant with environmental protection codes. These are usually laid out by local authorities and vary from one jurisdiction to another. They accomplish this by deploying innovative solutions that harness technology to cover enterprise-wide local and ISO compliance concerns. See more information about Toyo Setal at Linkedin.

Toyo carries a lot of weight on its shoulders as far as sustainability is concerned. This is mainly due to their domain of operation which touches on oil and gas, chemical, mining, steelworks, and infrastructure industries: all of which have a high potential for pollution. They use a number of tactics to enable their clients in the above areas remain environmental-friendly.

These tactics include afforestation to revamp forest cover and transferring indigenous trees to special preservation zones. Further, they work hand-in-hand with surrounding communities by availing to them environmental education and programs such as compensation for planting tree seedling lings. When necessary, proper plans are made to move endangered species to safer ground.

On a more technical level, they also do environmental scanning and monitoring. The reason for this is to ensure factory noise is below acceptable decibels, both raw materials and by-products have zero pollution effect on nearby surroundings and communities. Toyo does this at regular intervals by collecting samples from waterways, inspecting the regional animal and plant life, and monitoring the emission levels by vehicles and factory machines in a particular client’s premises.

The selling point for a company the caliber of Toyo Setal is openness, strong advocacy for green-manufacturing, and an aggressive approach towards upholding sustainability. To materialize such a tall order, Toyo Setal has a robust team of diversified professionals to attend to both their Brazil and foreign markets.

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James River Capital Reveals Funding Opportunities

- Author: steph

An article was recently published on Premier Gazette titled, “How Entrepreneurs Can Fund Their Business: Tips from Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Captial.” The article describes the advice of the founder of James River Captial for new business owners. Paul Saunders began his career in finance and investing after studying at the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago where he completed his B.A. and M.B.A. Saunders had a number of different roles before starting his company including in investment banking and trading. He worked with the Commodity Department at A.G. Becker and the Corporate Finance Department at Warburg Paribas Becker.


One of his suggestions for new entrepreneurs is a business loan. There are a number of different kinds of loans available, but Saunders suggests the Small Business Administration loans and bank loans. These loans have low-interest rates. Unfortunately, the approval process for a bank loan can be lengthy. SBA loans tend to be more expensive, but entrepreneurs can get the loan much quicker. To qualify for the bank loans and the SBA loans, you have to have a strong credit score. Lines of credit are also available when the lender approves a pool of funds for your business. The entrepreneur will only have to pay interest on the funds they actually use. Once the business owner has paid back the money with interest, the funds will be available to use again. If the entrepreneur has a low credit score, they can use equipment financing. The loan will be paid back in monthly instalments for the upfront cost of the equipment. However, the equipment becomes collateral for the loan.

Paul Saunders also suggests local loans for business owners. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide information on funding your loan locally. They may suggest the business development centres at local universities that also allow business owners to meet other entrepreneurs and investors. They also provide information for local loans and will even assist in the application process.

Venture Capitalists are another investment option, though there is often more pressure. Venture capitalists want a high return quickly. Business owners should be well-prepared to pitch their business idea.

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a2 Milk and Jingdong Stregthen Partnership with Massive Campaign

- Author: steph

Jingdong Worldwide expanded its partnership with renowned ANZ region dairy brand a2 Milk Company. The strategic partnership being strengthened will help assist a2 Milk in getting higher quality dairy products to the market in China. There are online and offline marketing campaigns and other marketing strategies being explored.

Original Partnership

A2 Milk was introducing its milk products to China during 2015 and chose to be first place to launch the party store in China online. The Chinese market is a top priority for the company and several Chinese parents purchase the milk formula distributed by the company. The formula was designed to be digested more easily by children.

Jingdong’s Marketing Efforts for a2 Milk has spent the last 4 years using unique insights for the preferences of consumers and the Chinese market to created customized marketing solutions for a2 Milk. The brand recognition has increased among Chinese consumers. The annual 18-day anniversary sales festival’s peak saw a2 Milk as the top selling Jingdong brand. The best-selling product was the baby milk powder and sales have increased more than 200% compared to 2018.

Brand Competitiveness Plan

The month-long program is an extension of the Super Brand Day program. It gives marketing solutions that are comprehensive to brands in order to increase sales and brand recognition. helped a2 Milk identify consumers who showed interest in the company’s products in a specific amount of time without placing an order every day during the month-long campaign.

Coupon Campaign

Those who had a high potential for becoming customers were sent coupons. The return on investment for the campaign month was almost four times higher than normal for the coupons. The Jingdong platform saw fans of the online store for a2 Milk pass a million users with the coupon campaign. The company has also done a campaign where QR code’s where used to follow the delivery stages of the products and gather information about the logistics. has seen increasing popularity for the premium dairy products of a2 Milk Company in China.

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Organo Gold and Coffee Choices

September 4, 2019 - Author: steph

Organo Gold has never been a company that takes failure. It’s a company that Bernardo T. Chua prizes in a big way. Organo Gold is connected to all sorts of invaluable personal wellness components. Organo Gold makes personal care products that span all sorts of classifications. It makes teas and coffees that do as well. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Staff members at Organo Gold in quaint Ferndale, Washington have a lot to say about coffee and its many taste options. People who want to boost coffee pleasure frequently listen to these professionals. They know about all kinds of coffee choices that are on the market.


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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden: The Number One Choice for Cosmetic Surgery

- Author: steph

Revered for her gift, Dr. Jennifer Walden is well-known throughout Texas and New York City as the go-to plastic surgeon for any cosmetic surgery. Currently a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, she owns and operates two top notch surgery practices and medical spas in Austin, Texas; and one in New York City. All three of her medical practices are well-staffed with nurses that put your mind at ease giving you the utmost attention (Walden, 2019). A testament to her skill is the countless reviews Dr. Walden has received over the years. Rated 5-stars by nearly a thousand satisfied customers, Dr. Jennifer Walden has Reviews on over a dozen websites all recommending her as the plastic surgeon to see first in Austin and New York City if you want the most amazing results (Walden, 2019).


Praised by over a thousand satisfied customers, Dr. Jennifer Walden does nothing but her best work for each procedure resulting in positive reviews; majority of which give her and her practices 5-stars for high quality patient care and remarkable results. According to two of her yelp reviews Dr. Walden is a talented artist keen to what you need, even if you are not certain of what you want the outcome to look like. Those who trust in her judgement are surprised at how well Dr. Walden hits the mark of reaching perfection (C.F., 2019). There will be no need for revision surgery as Dr. Walden’s procedures will give you the natural look you want that you will love for several years (A.G., 2018). There are also Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews on Google and RateMDs that also attests to her skills and the supreme difference between her and other plastic surgeons. There are also Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews on that also attests to her skills and the supreme difference between her and other plastic surgeons. As stated in a review on Google she is extremely perceptive your wants and needs, meticulous, and a perfectionist that ultimately results in spectacular results (C.F, 2019). For anyone in Austin, Texas or New York City interested in receiving cosmetic surgery know that Dr. Jennifer Walden is the best in the field of plastic surgery who is highly recommended.


  • Walden, Jennifer. (2018, November 25). Source: Yelp [Review of Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC by A.G.]
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  • Walden, Jennifer. (2019). Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC Female Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Jingdong Believes Brick And Mortar Stores Are Sticking Around

August 31, 2019 - Author: steph

The blog on discusses many different topics, and one of the topics that it focused on recently was the topic of brick and mortar stores. There are a lot of stores that are going out today, but the Jingdong social blog discussed how brick and mortar stores are going to stick around, in general, as time goes on.

While there are modern advancements that are being made that might make some think that these stores would go out, Jingdong says that the stores will use those advancements to their benefit and keep in operation. The blog post that was shared on talked about how brick and mortar stores are able to use some of the new advancements in cutting edge technology to change the way that they operate.

Jingdong believes that technology can be used to help a new retailer stay ahead of its competition. They believe that it is something that can help some brick and mortar stores stick around while others go out. They believe that those who embrace technology and use it to their benefit will be able to keep their stores running even as time goes on and people spend more and more time in the online world.

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Ashley Lightspeed Shares The Increasing Interest in IRL Platforms Among Startups And Consumers

August 28, 2019 - Author: steph

Ashley Lightspeed, a partner at San Francisco’s Lightspeed Venture Partners, focuses on investing in startups in the consumer products area. The team at Lightspeed doesn’t just invest in startups but also partners with them. She helps these companies as a growth strategist who works directly with consumers to find out what their needs and wants are.

Over the past decade-plus, people have flocked to online platforms to socialize with others. This includes social media and gaming platforms. This has resulted in many people having less connection to the people in their real lives. Ashley Lightspeed says the pendulum is now starting to move the other way. People want to form real connections with others and don’t want to just interact with others online. Read this article at to learn more.

She calls this the switch from URL to IRL. Technology still plays a role, though, just as a convenient way for people to meet in real life. There are a lot of opportunities for startups that facilitate real-world contact where people can learn new hobbies, share their passions, or just hang out.

Mental health researchers have been increasingly raising concerns about social media and gaming platforms. These are intentionally designed to be addictive because the more people use these platforms the more the platform holder makes. Some people have zero real-world contact with others for days because they are playing a multiplayer video game online. Some people check their social media accounts dozens, even hundreds, of times a day during which they are oblivious to what is happening around them.

Ashley Lightspeed says one way for startups to gain market share is to explore new areas that connect with consumers. She sees the emerging new space for startups to be successful is developing an IRL platform. Her company is investing in and helping these types of startups prosper.

To know more about Ashley Lightspeed, visit at

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Getting Help with Your Finances with Colbeck Capital Management

- Author: steph

If you’ve been wanting to hire a financial company to help with debts, assessments and investments, it is time to consider Colbeck Capital Management. The Colbeck Capital Management firm has been in the business since 2009. They have worked diligently to provide their customers with the financial help that is needed. You will love what they can do for you and why they are working with all of the different options available. For a lot of people, having help from Colbeck Capital Management has been all they needed to ensure they are happy with the work being done.

How to Begin Getting Help from Colbeck Capital Management

Because Colbeck Capital Management has over 10 years of experience within the field itself, you can feel confident in choosing them for this specific need. The company has worked with individuals and business owners alike. You will find that they help out in ways that you never thought possible. You can easily get to know how they work and just how different they are when compared to some of the other companies available to you. This company is a great option for individuals who want to get the help that they need when it is required. You will love having this type of help and can truly feel good in what it is able to do for you.

There are a lot of benefits and reasons for you to use Colbeck Capital Management. Not only does the company have a lot of experience when it comes to finances, but they can work with both individuals and companies alike. This means getting the help that you need without it being a real problem. You will enjoy having this help when it is needed the most and know that it is going to be a great choice for all of your needs. You will love having the problems solved for you and know that you are choosing Colbeck Capital Management to do the work.

There are a lot of reasons to give Colbeck Capital Management a try for yourself. The company can work with you and for you when it comes to making the most out of your financial needs. You will want to give Colbeck Capital Management a try for yourself and see why the company is one of the most sought-after options for individuals wanting to experience the help that they need. Knowing that this is a viable option can seriously help and give you the care that you require right now. The most important thing for you to remember is that you are choosing a good option for each of your needs. You will be able to get this as a choice for your own needs and know that the company is great for you. You will love being able to make use of a firm that cares about their customers and all that they are able to do for you right now as well. Be sure to hire them for any and all of your own financial needs. Read more about Colbeck Capital Management:

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Toyo Setal Earns Two Major Awards

August 27, 2019 - Author: steph

Brazil’s Toyo Setal is a joint venture. Japan’s Toyo Engineering Corp. and Brazil’s Setal Oil & Gas formed this venture to work together in the oil industry. This includes building facilities to refine heavy oil into light oil and petrochemicals. The venture is based in Sao Paulo and counts among its major clients the oil and petrochemicals giant Petrobras.

Toyo Setal builds onshore and offshore facilities. The construction of these projects is handled using their proprietary EPC Portal. EPC Portal is an online information management platform that incorporates all disciplines that are needed to complete a project. It minimizes the amount of time it takes to retrieve information, reduces work duplication, and provides better predictability and reliability while a project is being designed and built. Read more on Wikipedia.

The EPC Portal was recognized for its success ensuring projects are completed safely, sustainably, and profitably. At the 2014 AVEVA World Summit held in Berlin, Germany, it earned the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration”. This was a recognition of its advancing integration technology in the engineering industry.

On April 8, 2019, Toyo Setal was presented with an award from Petrobras. Within the category of “Engineering Works”, they won the award “Best Suppliers of Petrobras in 2018”. This award was given for their work on the FPSO P-734 project. This is a flagship offshore project near Rio de Janeiro. The project produces both heavy oil and natural gas from the Santos Basin’s Buzios field. 150,000 barrels of heavy oil are produced a day and six million cubic meters of natural gas.

This oil is shipped to Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro. It is processed at the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ) which Toyo Setal also built. There is a hydrogen power plant, two petrochemical plants, and a substation. Including design, equipment, and materials, this project cost $1.2 billion to complete.

Across Brazil, there is a growing demand for both light oil and petrochemicals. 250,000 cubic meters of hydrogen can be processed per hour at COMPERJ. It produces 165,000 barrels of petrochemicals daily. Toyo Setal completed its work on this project in the middle of 2016.


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Renowned Attorney Jeremy Goldstein

August 26, 2019 - Author: steph

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC is a law firm committed to advising CEOs, compensation committees, corporations in corporate governance matters, corporations in executive compensation, and management teams.


This is especially because issues always come up in the conditions of sensitive situations and transformative corporate events. Jeremy Goldstein, a New York lawyer, will be hosting a fabulous gala on the 21stof may. It shall be a wine and dinner charity event named Mental Illness.


The venue for dinner will be at the Normad Hotel Roofdeck, starting from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Attendees will pay $5,000, but they will get a delicious meal in return. Since it will be a wine and dinner the best wine vintages by E. Guigal will be served, these include La Landonne, La Turque, and La Mouline.


The event will be beneficial to the fountain house, a charity that gives help to people with serious mental illnesses to live normal lives. In 1944 when many people were affected by mental illnesses the Fountain house was founded, they formed a support group to help others. The group was called” we aren’t alone.”


Though the issue began being addressed in 1944, mental illness is still a big problem today countywide. The sad truth is mental illness is still stigmatized, and this has led to the growth of the group formed in 1944.


After graduating from the school of law at New York University, Jeremy Goldstein got into a New York law firm. He noticed that consulting firms for executive compensations were ending their partnerships with more prominent companies, and Jeremy, decided that any law firm can do likewise.


Mr. Goldstein is at the helm of the most significant corporate transactions since the past ten years. One of them was Goodrich’s technologies` acquisition. He was also the corporation of the bank of America attorney in corporate transactions.


He was also involved as a lawyer in corporate transactions for AT&T wireless services/Cingular wireless corporation, Unocal/Texaco corporation/ chevron corporation. Combined with his practice as an attorney Mr. Goldstein spends time speaking on matters of executive compensation and corporate governance as well as writing.


Currently, he is leading in the list of executive compensation lawyers of the chambers and Legal 500 USA Guide for Americas Leading Attorneys’ in Business.


To learn more, visit

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