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Myth That Coffee is an Energy Booster Gets Busted

December 29, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

People drink coffee to get the energy they need, but check out YouTube, this is in fact a deception. The truth is caffeine tricks the person into thinking that the body is not tired, so listen up Sam Tabar, this one affects you.

According to Business Insider, caffeine has the ability to fool the receptors found in the brain, just like adenosine, which is a compound that builds up in the brain when a person is awake for a longer period of time. What happens here is that adenosine attaches itself to the brain’s receptors that results to slower synaptic connections, therefore making a person feel tired.

Caffeine does the exact same thing by attaching itself to the receptors. Caffeine fights adenosine off and the compound cannot establish itself into the brain’s receptors. The person, as a result, does not feel tired – until the brain lets go of the caffeine molecules. In this case, adenosine will make its way back into the receptors and the body will experience what is known as “post-caffeine crash.”

Unfortunately, as caffeine is consumed over and over, it may seem like the body is so used to the effect. This is because the molecules find it difficult to bind with the brain’s receptors. This explains why regular to excessive coffee and soda drinkers discover that their favorite drinks are no longer capable of helping them to stay awake and be more active like how they used to. While coffee and other drinks with caffeine do offer energy, it is merely a trick that does not last very long.

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