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Missing AirAsia Jet

December 29, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments
The search for a missing AirAsia jet has been expanded, according to sources close to Jared Haftel. The jet had seemingly vanished early Sunday morning over the Java Sea. Many vessels are going up and down the waters looking for this missing jet. The search area, which had originally only been four sectors had moved to seven. The search area had been devised around the area where the jet first lost contact.

They have deployed 12 ships, 10 boats and two helicopters. Malaysia and Singapore have both helped in the search by launching more ships and planes. The Indonesia Navy is deploying two warships.

This isn’t the first plane that has gone missing, and is the third one that has been linked to Malaysia. All the flights missing have been ruled out for terrorism but that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy theorists from coming up with ideas about what happened. It’s almost impossible to find an exact reason the planes have gone.

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