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Matthew Fleeger

September 30, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

The Fleeger’s have long been dignitaries in the gas and oil industry, which is why Matthew Fleeger, the son of a business mogul, felt it was his duty to uphold the family’s prestige. As a collegiate, Fleeger realized his aptitude for finance and marketing. In the hopes of making good use of his innate talents, Fleeger earned a degree in business. Coincidentally, a career in the business industry was precisely what he was striving for. Upon acquiring sufficient knowledge in his trade, Fleeger set out to put his expertise to the test. As an attempt to diversify his skills, Fleeger graciously accepted numerous job opportunities in his desired line of work.

With ample experience under his belt, Fleeger’s self-confidence was bursting at the seams. Fleeger boldly immersed himself in his domain, navigating the intricacies of business affairs with aplomb. As a result, he brought his business ideas to fruition. In 1993, Fleeger created MedSolutions, a company responsible for the disposal and management of wastes. Using his dad as an example, Fleeger made shrewd business moves while remaining conservative. His efforts soon paid off, and companies were champing at the bit to acquire MedSolutions.

Employing the negotiation tactics he’d learned in college, Fleeger made the settlement of a lifetime when he sold MedSolutions for an astounding $59 million. In the 15 years that Fleeger governed MedSolutions, he undoubtedly got a taste for success. Even still, he was drawn to the idea of returning to his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western. After the acquisition of MedSolutions, Fleeger did just that. Given Fleeger’s previous triumphs as the founder of MedSolutions, Fleeger’s father felt confident relinquishing some of his responsibilities to Fleeger. Fleeger is currently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western and continues to thrive in the face of entrepreneurial endeavors.

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