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Man saves 96, loses job, and Thanked Years Later

May 23, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments
In 1985 a number of people were trying to get away from the new communist regime in Vietnam. They had survived the Vietnam conflict, which was supposed to stop the spread of communism, and now 10 years later they had to escape. One of these groups that were desperately trying to get to freedom was stranded in the open Pacific Ocean. There were 96 people desperately clinging to life on a small boat with two broken motors. Most of the people on the boat were children that were put on the boat by their parents in hope that their children would escape this life of horror. The capatain of this boat was a man named Peter Nguyen.
Jeon JeYong was captaining a fishing boat on that 14th day in Novemmber and came upon this helpless boat bouncing up and down in the swells. Jeon had strict orders by his company not to pick up or aid any refuges. In addition to that, any of his crew that aided them would also be punished. There was a storm heading their way and the captain made the decision to put all 96 people into his boat and get them to safety. He saved those refugees that day. Jeon and his crew lost their job and lived jobless for many years. Finally, after all these years Peter thanked him and they have become good friends according to Ivan Ong.

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