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Luke Lazarus, the Reputable Consultant Who Helps in Building Successful Companies

June 3, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

Luke Lazarus track record as a consultant has been earned through the two decades he has spent helping businesses to succeed by partnering with them to manage growth, build business plans, and by even offering advice to CEOs.

He holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School which he earned at just 24 years old before embarking on establishing four successful firms but later sold them to concentrate on helping businesses achieve their goals. As a seasoned veteran in the business world, he helps to bring businesses back on track and to redefine their projections.

The forces that are unleashed in the market make it difficult for all startups to thrive and from statistics, 90% of them succumb to these market pressures. These are the companies that Luke Lazarus is dedicated to saving using elegant solutions.

He developed a unique approach to consulting for startups that puts emphasis on establishing an emotional connection with all stakeholders and focusing on systems and analysis.

So far, he has helped many struggling companies to become multimillion-dollar IPOs. In his efforts to help these companies to survive, he has earned a reputation of directness and straight shooting such that some have found it overbearing. His response is that his responsibility requires him to be brutally honest and realistic. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

One area that he has severally confronted entrepreneurs on is lack of skills and knowledge. He expressed that although many entrepreneurs are intelligent and talented, it is only a few of them that have skills in arts of high finance, seeking out investors from around the world and brand messaging. \

What Luke Lazarus does is help the startups shape their operations in such a manner that they can attract venture capitalists and angel investors. The venture capital engagements are not as entrepreneurs think they are and is the reason it has remained to be an area of challenge for those companies that want to grow. The fact remains that without capital, it is almost impossible for a new company to grow to a mid-sized level.

He expressed that startup owners just engage in reading business articles about businesses securing financing and they incorrectly conclude that securing financing is all about putting together a speech, setting up a presentation and organizing a meeting and when this plan fails they give up.

According to Luke Lazarus, self-financing is a myth, and companies that are incapable of securing the capital are facing a risk of insolvency in the near future. Therefore, Luke Lazarus helps to shape a startup in a manner that it captures the attention of a venture capitalist and the deal gets closed. He compares this endeavor to highlight videos, in that they have to be attention-grabbing, otherwise, the opportunity to seal the deal will be lost.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

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