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Lime Crime’s New Mystery Makeup Release

May 8, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

The Lime Crime makeup company is releasing a new eye palette! The new eye palette is a makeup mystery as of the moment. The Lime Crime brand teased with a picture of the new palette in shadow with the light of the sun behind it in a pink and purple cloud sky. The image is available to look at on the Lime Crime Instagram social media page to those curious to take a look for themselves.

The heavenly image has made fans of the beauty brand wonder if the new palette is going to another Venus palette. The Venus palettes have done well for the Lime Crime brand. The past palettes were called Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL. The shades were varied between each palette, so the new palette shades are a mystery. The palette is believed to be potentially called the Venus III by regular users of the brand.

Fans of the brand have wondered if the shades of the new palette will look anything like the clouds in the sky around the shadowed palette and the sun. The sky is a combination of pinks and purples. Perhaps the shadow may be a mixture of these types of hues. The shadow hanging over the palette to keep it from view may also be hinting at the color of the shadow being a part of the eyeshadows.

To get in the know on what this new palette will look like, you can sign up on the Lime Crime’s website to get updated immediately when the company decides to release more details. Or you can wait a week to see the palette for yourself on the brand’s website and social media pages. Expect to be delighted by the new shades no matter how you opt to find out about it.

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