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Lilly Pulitzer For Target Sells Out In Record Time

April 20, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Women’s designer Lilly Pulitzer announced that she would be partnering with Target to offer some of her fashion for the retailer. With the release of her line at the store this weekend, fans were disappointed because her line sold out in just minutes.


A favorite of sorority girls everywhere, Lilly Pulitzer’s designs are fun and often floral. Pulitzer partnered with the retail giant to add an affordable line of 250 pieces ranging from $2 to $150, respectively. The unveiling of the line was enough to bring out the masses to local Target stores. Stores across the country had lines of girls and women wrapped around the building and snaked into the parking lot.


Within minutes of the store opening, the mass crowd of women went into the store to snatch up the Lilly Pulitzer gear, leaving nothing but bare racks behind. Many of the people waiting in line for the nice summer threads were left broken-hearted and distraught, since there was literally nothing left. Fear not though, ladies. there are a lot of other good brands from great designers. It was so bad that Lilly fans even crashed Target’s website over the weekend. Target issued the following statement on Twitter, “Due to the overwhelming excitement for the #LillyforTarget collection we are making adjustments to our website. Stay tuned for updates.”


While other people were forced to leave Target empty-handed, others couldn’t help but brag about their triumphs on social media. There was also some drama over people buying up all of Lilly’s fashions to resell them on eBay and Amazon for much higher prices than in the store.

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