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Lacrosse Training, Flight Experience, Photos And Videos Of Jon Urbana

February 12, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Jon Urbana is a man who has achieved great success and prowess in many industries. The list of his accomplishments is long. It is worth taking a moment to think critically about his life because it is an inspiring journey that Jon has taken us on with his videos and photography documenting his journey each step of the way. Jon Urbana has received recognition for his experience and training in aviation by the FAA. He has also led incredible business ventures, such as the training camp for lacrosse that he co-founded in Colorado.

Video And Photography

Jon’s short films are available on his Vimeo account. They document some of the most extraordinary sights that Jon has seen, so it is worth taking a look at because you will definitely see something new on his Vimeo. His Twitter content¬†ranges from natural sights of moose and flying through the clouds to more artistic videos that are creative and genius in their design.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Photography is one of the many creative outlets that showcase Jon’s skills in perception and visual imagery. He showcases his work on his Instagram. If you are interested in seeing his visual imagery, his Instagram is chocked full of delightful pieces. He has an amazing way of capturing the simplicity of cooking and foods that no other photography can match.


Aviation Career

Few pilots are lucky enough to receive the same recognition as Jon Urbana received at a young age. He was acknowledged by the FAA, which is one of the highest acknowledgments that a pilot can receive. How Jon found the time and patience¬†on Product Hunt to get his pilot’s license while keeping busy with so many other engaging activities is beyond understanding. He was recognized by the FAA for his safety procedures and background clearances, giving him a spot in the Airmen Certification Database.

Business Ventures

Lacrosse has always been a joyous pastime for Jon Urbana. He played lacrosse growing up. He found that a lacrosse training camp was needed in his home state. He founded the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youth training opportunities.

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