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Kylie Jenner Seen Without Lip Liner

November 24, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

The questions about Kylie Jenners lips have been buzzing for weeks now. Kylie Jenners lips look totally different then they did just a few months ago. They seem a lot bigger and fuller than usual. Everyone is thinking that maybe the 17 year old Jenner may have had lip injections. But recently Kylie was pulled over and she didn’t have any makeup on, revealing her natural lips. It’s hard to tell if she has had something done to her lips because they did look bigger than they were a year ago Andrew Heiberger feels, but they are not near as big as they were when she wears her lip liner.

This does answer the question that Kylie is very good with her lip liner and lip stick, but it doesn’t answer if she has in fact done something to help improve the look of her lips. Kylie is only 17, and her lips could have changed some. So the question still remains, has Kylie Jenner had her lips done?

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