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Joseph Bismark and the power of positive thinking and happiness

July 22, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments


Joseph Bismark is an important man in the business world but feels there is something more important in his life and that is that he 36-6has an important mission in life, for him and everyone else to be happy. He believes in the power of positive thinking and making your mind stronger, he feels that that is more powerful than anything else you can do, whether it is a self-help book, a lecture, or anything else you might try. It is a very simple concept that is easy to accomplish, one that he is the first to admit he had to learn himself. He believes that having control over your mind and your body is one of the most important things you will ever do. 

As he says, many people search for power their whole life as their key to happiness, not knowing that they already have that power inside of them already, which will then encompass happiness as well. All you have to do is take away all the negativity and as you remove that, you will get down to the treasure that was there all along which is positive thinking and the power that goes with it. It is similar to a treasure in the ground; you have to dig all of the mud and dirt to get to the treasure. Eventually you will dig all that away, find the treasure, remove the mud and dirt and clean it off then what do you have? a beautiful treasure. It is the same concept, you have the power to your own happiness, and all you have to do is take away the negative thinking, when you do that you will find the positive thinking inside of yourself, when you find that, you find happiness. All you need to do now is take control of your life and go out and do all the great things you have the power to do, now go out and do them.

Here are the principles that he lives by to be happy, try them and see how happy you can be. 

1)Understanding People- see things from the other person’s point of view, see how another person sees something, whether it is a certain aspect of business or something in life, this can help you grow as a person and help you be a better person. When you understand people and make an effort to work with other people, when you have humility and listen to someone else’s opinion, it will help you become the person you need to be. 

2) Treat All People with Equal Respect–he says he found that the key to making his business successful was to treat all people with equal respect. It isn’t easy, but doing so helps you be a leader and help the positive atmosphere around you grow. Listen to your heart and it will help you to know how and take the time to listen to other people’s opinions.

3) Inspire others to take charge-take charge of your life, it is a decision you have to make and decide for yourself and encourage others to do the same.

For more of this inspiring article go to Joseph Bismark’s WordPress

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