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James Dondero Well-Know Businessman and Philanthropist

August 28, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

James Dondero is amongst the top financial executives in the country today known as his grip and clear understanding of the financial market. Over the years, James Dondero has worked hard to make his mark in the financial industry and has even worked with the top financial corporations like American Express and JP Morgan. Presently, James Dondero serves as the President of the famous financial firm in the United States, Highland Capital Management. It is a firm that he co-founded and helped tremendously in ensuring its success over the years. Today, Highland Capital Management offers a diverse range of financial products and services to the customers and also provides financial consultancy services to the consumers. The company has a pool of financial experts, who ensure that the enterprise’s products and services are custom-tailored to meet the requirements of the end users.

James Dondero has helped in building Highland Capital Management from scratch, and he has been able to do so because of his long-term vision and foresightedness in the financial market. James Dondero is also a certified managerial accountant as well as a chartered financial analyst. He has also studied economics and finance at the University of Virginia. James Dondero has achieved massive success in the finance industry in the past three decades he has been associated with the industry. Other than the Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is also related to the other main companies like CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank.

James Dondero understands that for any financial corporation to be successful, it has to have a vision and a good understanding of the financial markets. The strategic inputs provided by James Dondero have helped Highland Capital Management to be highly successful in the last few years. Few other companies he has been associated with include the American Express and JP Morgan, where he worked during the initial years of his career. It helped him develop a good understanding of the financial markets as well. James Dondero is also known for his philanthropic efforts in the community and has donated generously to various local charitable organizations for the welfare of local communities and empowering people in need.

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