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Isabel Dos Santos: Key Issues Which Needs to be Addressed in Africa to Spur Economic Growth

May 27, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

In the European parliament, Isabel Dos Santos addressed delegates about the challenges Africa is facing at “Africa Summit 2019” in Brussels. She said that digitization is the biggest challenge the continent is struggling with. To stay competitive, governments should empower the population by educating them on using the technology. The summit was organized by a European Parliament’s political party.

Isabel Dos Santos is a highly successful Angolan entrepreneur and businesswoman who has accumulated enough wealth to feature in the list of Africa’s richest women. She is the Africa’s richest woman with an approximate net worth of $2 billion. She is the daughter to the country’s former president called Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. Read more on

The president of Unitel pointed out after the mobile communications sector becoming successful in Africa, digital revolution is the next. Additionally, the e-commerce sector is growing at a fast rate and with time, there will be more ecommerce transactions and e-commerce that in traditional stores. Africans are also embracing digital banking and it is a matter of time before digitization reaches every corner of the continent.

Some of the key sectors that are affected the most by technology are urban planning and agriculture. The public transport in Africa is still wanting and it is characterized by lack of security, lack of comfort and unaffordable prices. According to Isabel Dos Santos, African cities should leverage technology to not only optimize costs but also impact the quality of people’s lives. She also pointed out that technology is high necessary for the agricultural sector to stay competitive. Isabel Dos Santos commented that focus should be put on advanced agricultural technology to not only optimize costs, but also keep the sector competitive. Additionally, the technologies will have a great impact if the population knows how to use and it is, therefore, the government’s responsibility to educate the population on these concepts.

Isabel Dos Santos outlined that the Africa’s technological development should respond to key challenges. The continuation of the attraction of investment, legal framework as well as creation of employment are the key areas technological development should focus on. The areas should be put on top of the priority list to make the continent more appealing as well as support talent.

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