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Isabel dos Santos Aims To Set New Standards In The Area Of Philanthropy:

August 2, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

Since the days of her youth, Isabel dos Santos has had a great deal of ambition. This ambition has led her to a great deal of professional and her financial success in many different industries with investments across the globe. From telecommunications to the energy sector and the banking industry. Her home country of Angola, as well as the country of Portugal, have been prime hubs of activity for Isabel dos Santos throughout her professional life. She recently announced her intentions to remain strongly committed to her business interests in Portugal and she also recently achieved re-election to the Board of Directors at Unitel. This is the leading telecommunications operator in the country of Angola. Before this recent series of board elections, Isabel dos Santos was also the Chair for the Board of Directors with Unitel.

The fortune that he has built up over her business career has led to her to the prominent status of the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa and she does not take this distinction lightly. Isabel is known as a successful entrepreneur who puts her fortune to use in advancing many humanitarian causes. She is also a staunch advocate when it comes to empowerment of women. Isabel dos Santos is proud of her status as a recognized figure in the women’s rights movement in Africa and abroad. She is also an individual who advocates that the entrepreneurship base in Africa should make it a point to give back to the countries that they operate in.

Isabel wants to see the quality of life improved worldwide and this is an issue that she is willing to be outspoken about. Isabel dos Santos feels strongly that there is opportunity for female entrepreneurs in Africa to succeed but there are also a lot of old stigmas that continue to pose problems. She works to be a strong example of what women can do in business in Africa if they persevere. Isabel certainly had to persevere to get where she is but her outstanding determination carried her through. She also had strong support from family. This has helped her to forge a strong desire to see the women of Africa get more opportunity. Click here.


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