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Is Airplane Travel Making You Sick?

February 24, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Airplanes have pressurized cabins and for obvious reasons fresh air does not flow in and out of the plane while it flies across the sky states AnastasiaDate. Passengers are forced to breath the air inside the plane cabin, but is that available breathing air pure, or might it contain toxins that can make passengers sick?

The recent death of a British Airways pilot prompted the coroner, Stanhope Payne, to make a public call for urgent action to take place to make airplane cabin air safer for travelers and crew.
The suspected problems is not new, it was dubbed aerotoxic syndrome years ago and has been blamed for the death of pilots in the past. Aerotoxic syndrome is blamed for the more than one occasion when an airline pilot has passed out during flight and the co-pilots have to take over the flying of the plane.
The air inside the pressurized cabin of airplanes is constantly re-circulated during flight. Filtering systems are in place to filter the pressurized air before re-circulation, but a malfunction is always possible and toxins can be introduced into the cabin air that lead to sickness and possible death.
The autopsy of the British Airways pilot revealed he had been exposed to organophosphate compounds in the airplane cabin air. The coroner filed a ‘prevention of future deaths’ report to help make the breathing air on-board airplanes safer for crew and passengers in the future.

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