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How Writing Can Help Everyone: How it Helped Yeonmi Park

November 19, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Those who know about Yeonmi Park know that it can be very hard to recover from half of the stuff that she has gone through. One thing that helped her recover from all of the trials that she has underwent from her childhood up was to write a book that shed light on the problem in North Korea. North Korea has been a dictatorship for a long time. Yeonmi Park was born as someone with no rights as she has written in her book “In Order o Live”. This book provides some of the most gruesome pictures of what happened.

The book also talks about her escape with her mother which turned out to be just the beginning of her nightmare when she ended up being trafficked. She spent a good chunk of her life after that trying to fight off her owners and keep them from violating her. The book also has gone into some of what she has had to do in order to survive.

While it was hard for Yeonmi to experience everything that she has experienced, it was also hard to write it down and to talk about the current state of North Korea. When Yeonmi Park at appeared and made her speech, she did find it hard to keep her composure. However, other people in the room were breaking down. For one thing, it has proven to be a bit challenging for Yeonmi to adjust to her new living conditions. She has learned what it meant to be free. Yeonmi has just looked forward to watching what she wants without getting in any kind of legal trouble. However, she was also allowed to express herself freely.

This is one thing that Yeonmi Park has found rather encouraging. She has seen that people were able to talk freely about anyone and anything including their president or the one in charge. This is what helped inspire her to make a change for more people. She has seen the blessing of her freedom. She wants others to truly experience the freedom of other countries. She understands what life truly is and she wants that for others as well.

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