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How Sanjay Shah Built Solo Capital

July 5, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Being a success in capital marketing is a feat within itself, but being successful while building a successful capital marketing business, and managing a handful of other businesses is a wonder. Sanjay Shah has made the news more than once for his smart money windfalls, gambling on the markets and making bold moves when he knew that he could realize a potential windfall. Even so, the founder of one of the most successful capital marketing businesses in the United Kingdom wasn’t always a success, making a career switch for the better in order to do what he really felt passionate about.

In 2011, Shah was able to set himself and his business up for a significant financial gain that was only garnered as a result of a market drop. Shah took a risk and made the necessary moves to ensure that if the drop happened, he would be in a position to realize incredible gains. Before the one time gain, Shah had already built Solo Capital into a respectable business that served many clients and had dealings and investments around the world. Shah was able to build his business into the successful company that it was through smart trades, training reliable members to manage portfolios alongside himself, and on the back of previous businesses he formed and the knowledge he gleaned from working in all areas on the investment arena.

The many roles and hats that Sanjay Shah has worn over the years is perhaps the biggest takeaway from a recent piece about him and his business. By diving into the industry that you want to be a part of, it is essential that you learn all that you can, gain experience in as many roles as possible, set up networks, and learn how to gain the trust of the clients you wish to work with. Shah was able to do a lot of this with amazing ease, and he did this because he took the time to build up his own personal success in the market before trying to manage a portfolio based on the wealth of his clients.


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