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How Merkel Can Save the EU

January 26, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

FX Street reports that Billionaire financier George Soros claims to have proof that the EU (European Union) is about to collapse. In large part, he blames Greece for the failure. Greece was once a lucrative nation which garnered much financial interest from marketers all over the world. As of late, its social turmoil and broken political climate are great lessening it as a place of such interest. Soros says Greece is not entirely to blame for its own problems. He also blames EU’s failing policies. These have been chipping at Greece’ economy for years.

These chips and mounted and steeped Greece in its present deep cavern of depression. No these bad policies are about to do the same thing next to Ukraine. In the face of this, Soros says that Britain could likely opt to leave the EU. Britain is a huge part of the EU so its departure would be a humongous blow to the remaining countries. He and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also blame the current Syrian migrant problem on the EU’s decline. This is because the migrant problem is creating such chaos and lack of hope in the eyes of Europeans all over the continent.

Soros sees the Germans as a beacon of hope in all of this. Under Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany has become the dominant country of leadership throughout Europe. It is now taking control and responsibility for things long gone lax. Unfortunately, Merkel has not yet brought the public in line with this vision of responsibility and losing traction because many do not want Germany to assume it. Nevertheless, the New York Review of Books reports at that Soros and others are so confident in her leading that they have christened her “chancellor of the free world.”

She largely took these reigns after Vladmir Putin attacked the Ukraine. At the same time he became the head of the EU. In this position of power, she has recognized and taken steps to curb the demoralizing effects of the immigration fallout all over Europe. As mentioned, all of these changes by Merkel have not been to the liking of much of the German public. They have taken a strong stance against Merkel’s still not fully formed plan. Soros and others fully anticipate the fully formed plan that will surely take wake under Merkel’s sterling leadership.

Like Soros, Merkel clearly recognizes that unless she takes drastic measures, the EU could be breathing its last breaths. As its leader, Merkel has learned from the EU’s past mistakes and is leading it in another direction. In this new direction, she will be directly be dealing with EU’s difficulties in Greece, Russia, and Ukraine. She will also be dealing with in various ways the issue of the Syrian migration crisis and the decision by Britain over whether or not to abandon the EU. To Merkel, the Syrian migration crisis has the biggest degradation of the EU and will thus garner most of her attention. In any case, it is widely acknowledged that the EU needs fixing; Soros full believes Merkel is the woman to do it.

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