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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Helping Stop Prostate Cancer

December 19, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

Holding free prostate screens are one method in how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is helping to stop prostate cancer in its tracks. Prostate cancer is a leading killer of men in the United States today. With earlier detection, this cancer care institute hopes to drastically lower those figures. Since most prostate cancer symptoms go unnoticed until late in the game, Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently is urging all males middle aged and older to undergo a safe, simple and painless prostate screening to hopefully detect any cancer before current treatment options expire. Labcorp and assorted numbers belonging to the NFL Alumni also participated in last Fall’s free prostate screening drive.

Most healthcare providers working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America got into this field because of a personal experience with cancer. This could be a family member or close friend that influenced their decision to join the ongoing fight. Many others are just caring people who see a need to help others less fortunate in a very practical way. These devoted employees range in age from young to almost retired. Their specialties allow the organization to provide expert care in drug therapies, radiation treatments, dietary concerns, mental and/or emotional health support and so much more.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always been among the first to jump on a new cancer treatment option. This motivation to think outside the box is part of the reason why Cancer Treatment Centers of America leads in innovative therapies. They also are dedicated to promoting further educational information learned in their many diverse departments. From holistic nursing care to just discovered research pertaining to a cancer care new treatment, this institute serves as a reminder to never give up where cancer is concerned. Many come to CTCA for renewed hope.

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