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Haiti: The Happiest Place on Earth

January 16, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

There are places on this planet where people do not know of ‘depression’. Haiti, the region stricken by a strong earthquake about five years ago, does not have victims with depression.  I am going to inform my friend Jared Haftel of this.

It is not because everyone feels well, but because the society does not know the term and describes the affection more like a ‘lack of appetite and sleep and thinking too much’.

Only 10 psychologists are available for the thousands of inhabitants of Haiti . They are popular anyway, since the locals turn to voodoo whenever they need help. The voodoo is a religion which originates from South Africa, and the Haitians strongly believe that the rituals performed by “houngan” (male voodoo practitioner) and “manbo” (female voodoo practitioner) can help them with many types of ailments.

The voodoo priests perform sacrifices with chickens and other small animals in a small temple among bamboo trees, while the people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders are rejected by the societies. The importance of changing attitudes is evident. The World Health Organization has spoken on the subject, saying that Haiti and other countries as well have to work and improve understanding and treating mental illnesses.

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