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Genucel and Women Aware 5K

January 31, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

Women Aware, a nonprofit organization situated in Middlesex, New Jersey, supports victims of domestic abuse in the area. The organization was founded in 1981 and offers food, shelter, and recovery programs for women. County residents also have access to emergency shelter and abuse recovery programs.


Chamonix’s Genucel and Women Aware organized the Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race and Charity Walk for the first time. This 5k was a display of community support for victims of abuse and served as a fundraising effort for the organization.



Physical activity, such as walking and running, has shown to alleviate the symptoms of mental trauma within victims of abuse. This is a form of self-care that all survivors of abuse can utilize to their benefit. This a proven method of recovery.


Walking not only improves your physical condition, but it also is an effective antioxidant therapy. This improves the self-esteem of abuse victims, as well as their self-image. Exercise keeps you looking fit and improves your general physical appearance. Walking just thirty minutes a day helps with the health of your skin and also your general immune system.


Genucel also contributes anti-aging products geared to keeping you looking young. Its products are released in 60-day packages that are based on scientifically tested plant stem cell technology. Even though their products focus on a person’s looks, the company understands that there is more to people than just that. Genucel by Chamonix works to support Women Aware and other organizations that work to fight domestic abuse. Victims of physical and emotional abuse will often exhibit physical symptoms like increased wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and loose skin. This physical marks can negatively affect an individual’s self-image. Additionally, mental stress is not unknown to physically manifest itself in survivors of abuse.


Chamonix’s Genucel and Women Aware are working every day to prevent future domestic abuse, and help the victims of today. As community awareness continues to progress, victims will feel the support they deserve. Both Genucel and Women Aware are making efforts to help survivors overcome physical and mental reminders of their history of abuse.


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