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EOS Flavors That Will Transcend Time

July 13, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Style, is best known for its line of fun lip balms that come in a small orb style container. They are known for offering luxury lip moisturizing balms at an affordable price as well as being a disruptor in the lip balm industry and moving us from the always awful tube-shaped “sticks” of lip balm into something that is actually fun to apply and does your lips a world of good.

Of all the flavors EOS has put out, there has not been one that doesn’t stand up to the brand’s rigorous standards. Here are 3 flavors that will stand the test of time. More related interesting articles here on

First, there is the Sweet Mint. Mint has been thrown in the faces of consumers for about a decade now. Need better breath? Let’s chalk you full of mint flavor and hope no one notices how overbearing it is! EOS’s Sweet Mint is just that, its subtle mint for those who don’t want to smell like they just ate a handful of mint leaves and the sweetness pairs perfectly with the overall soft and creamy feel of any of EOS’s lip balm products.

Then, there is the Passion Fruit. In a nice purple orb, Passion Fruit is by no means the most widely popular EOS balm, but it will surely be around for years to come. The flavor is bright and playful and frankly, delicious and will continue to be delicious and have an incredible scent that prompts people to ask “what smells so nice?” for years to come.

And then, there is the Strawberry Sorbet, see also here on Be it summer or spring, or even winter, strawberries are always delicious and a staple of Americana. EOS’s Strawberry Sorbet mixes that delicious berry flavor with the sweetness of sorbet for a perfect flavor that will be around long after this summer’s strawberry ice cream has melted. Order now!

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