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Entrepreneur Doe Deere Shares Personal Endeavors to Success

July 29, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

The road to success is never easy, as entrepreneur Doe Deere explains in an interview with Ideamensch in July 2015. Deere’s personal endeavors to success started with her desire to start a fashion line in 2004 and eventually launching a cosmetic line in 2008. She is the founder and chief executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics and produces vibrant and attractive bright colors of nail polish, eyeshadow and lipsticks. Doe was born in Russia and moved to New York at an early age where she was raised. The move to New York was the best place for the young entrepreneur to pursue a career in the fashion and makeup industries.

Doe Deere was asked questions about the mission of Lime Crime Cosmetics, her inspiration to start the cosmetics line, marketing strategies, overcoming obstacles, mentorship to women owned businesses, and advice to future entrepreneurs. The mission of Lime Crime Cosmetics is to prove to thousands of women that cosmetics can cover blemishes and form a sense of “freedom and self-expression.” The obsession with bright colors, including the vibrant lime, is the inspiration of creating the cosmetics line, according to Deere.

When asked about marketing strategies, Deere stated that selling online in an e-commerce environment was her strongest focus. Her line wouldn’t be as successful today as it is without online sales.

In 2014, Lime Crime Cosmetics endured a security breach because of cyber hacking. Personal information of customers was stolen. Doe had to regain the customers trust by hiring a team of security professionals and partnering with Norton and Trustwave. Trust was eventually rebuilt that resulted in the company overcoming such obstacle.

Since launching the cosmetics business, Deere became a mentor and supporter to women who own businesses and private enterprises. She often speaks at organizational events like PHAMEXPO and Vegas Nay’s Star-dust Tour. Her followers on Instagram can seek advice about entrepreneurship and other desired topics. The greatest advice Doe gives to those individuals with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, is to “trust the gut” which leads to guidance and the development of intuition.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is continually growing because of Doe Deere’s management skills. The company’s growth is due to her belief of loving and respecting the employees, merchants, and partners. She treats her employees with great respect, which is a magnificent management tool to work in harmony with the same goals in mind. To learn more about Lime Crime Cosmetics and Deere, visit the Ideamensch website at

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