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Eggs are Safe?

February 20, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Through the years there has always been those who love to eat eggs, and then there have been those who like to claim that eating eggs is not good for our bodies. It has been said that eating eggs raises ones cholesterol and makes one unhealthy. We have been told to limit the amount of eggs that we eat in a day or in a week, and we have usually listened to his advice. A new panel that came out now, though, suggests that eggs might not actually be bad for a person. This panel suggests that what we have been told all along might actually be wrong.
Bruce Karatz feels it seems that the cholesterol in eggs might not be the same as the cholesterol in our bodies that wreaks havoc. It seems that this information might have been off for years. Eggs create a different kind of cholesterol, and this cholesterol just might be safe for consumption. We may not have to limit the amount of eggs in our diet, after all.

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